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science officers reprot of mission on septenber 30th

Posted: 171002.1432
by jackray toocool
jackray toocool biotechnical engineer/active science officer filling in for gijsan broek who was in sick bay at the time with hives/ I had to double up an work as the humans say , as the mission toke place we where in the area of space know as sector 3 about five light years on the von vox maping are of space for safe travel and scanning some area of space with the
ships science scanners plus other scanning aray and hal got a reading of a plant in the far end
the co odder to change heading to go to the planet that scans pick up as big as a moon,
as we got to the plant and wet in to stander orbit, my scans show it to be a Y class plant
with 90% more gravity and air with some sulfur mix and full scans show the ground was louded with metal ore /98% iron /87% gold and other kinds like tin and cobalt / tungsten and titanium jest to names some/ the water was a dark purple and the land has yellow places may be high in yellow gammas mix of other chemicals not listed in ufs files. we mapped the star system and the obit of the planet plus lift a bowie with all informant so U F S fleet can send a science ship to do more work / an surface work too, I hope we get back to the place soon/ as for engineering all was good and we did have any troubles get back. commander jackray toocool biotechnical engineer end of erport