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Susie657 Resident
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UFS Civilian


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SD 150528

A Starfleet personal log....I thought I was done with these long ago.

Four years away from Starfleet has softened me. Have I lost my edge? Only time will tell I guess. My decision to resign my commission was a mistake. I should have kown that trying to rekindle an old relationship was doomed to fail. That's one thing I have become expert in...failed relationships. Maybe I should have run away to Bajor and joined a monastery, but no, Starfleet is where I belong, in a relationship or not.

So, this is my first log since returning to active duty. I have been posted to a starbase undergoing an extensive refit. It is predominately a research station and has been named Pathfinder...I guess in honour of the old Pathfinder Research Facility that used to be on Pinastri. This will be my new home for the forseable future at least. I have today been formally introduced to Captain StJohn the CO, and LtCol McConach the XO. The CO is certainly a character, and her working relationship with the XO would, at least on the surface, appear to be...... unconventional.

I have yet to meet the security chief, a certain Commander Hyland, and await the detail of my assignment.
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