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Kazia Ravenheart
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Computer, start the log of Xanthe and note date and time of the recording..

The computer recites back giving the command of the date and time

I've not long been assigned to Pathfinder having my transfer papers signed and acknowledged by Starfleet Command. I've had a few things gone on that I can not, or yet, don't have the heart to say, that had taken me from Starfleet for over three years. It's cut close to heart that I don't feel the want to share in my log, if I could, i'd have an inhibitor to not think about it.

Walks to the replicator and had asked for a coffee, one expresso she would watch how the computer responded and dropped a cup to fill with the dark brown mix in a plain black mug. She walked to grab two sachets of brown sugar, tearing them over her mug and watch the grain spill in. Taking the rubbish to the bin, she grabbed a spoon from a drawer and mixed to desolve the substance. Moving to the sofa, she sat in her favourite corner where she kept position of the door.

I don't know where to start. I have seen both my CO and XO, they say that my classes are hindered from my jacket for a while and they need to consult with the academy to put all information on file, which is fine.
I haven't been inducted by my chief of Security or received the SOP yet, a manual of guidance for what i'm specifically assigned to do on the station, or ship, like how some companies would have a pre-written statement and change peoples names on it to personalize.

Picks up her mug and blows over the hot expresso to down it in a couple of gulps. Moving her lips to savour the flavour, feeling the hot fluid stream down her throat she wiped her lips using her index and thumb. Setting it down back on the mat from whence it was picked up, except she played with the handle pushing it round and further into the middle of the table.

I went on an away mission, I think I was the only person to check my EVA gear fully, or that I have OCD. I wasn't tasked with anything, or to monitor space for any potential hazards, let alone we pulled up on a half beaten station, or huge ship right close to debris and asteroids. Instead, like a herd we followed the Captain and First officer to investigate this huge area, filled with corspes that I could only imagine had been there for a few weeks by the degradation of body. With radiation lingering, we had to be pretty quick with preliminary scans, I guess science will have a field day with all the bumph.

Grinning to herself she laughed

With this, the start, i'm going to just play follow my leader. I intend on doing nothing much until i'm actively ordered, I mean, I come without the special titles, so it's not for me to badger or belittle the chain of command. It's pretty much drilled and logic doesn't need to dictate how we operate under our chiefs as supposed to what should be said and done. For if, if this was Earths history, I would do what my pay grade would say, but if I worked and put more effort in, the more would be expected and possibly the non total support because I already have a chief, so I gotta watch not to stamp on feet, hence I'll be playing on the straight an easy route of duty.

she pauses for a about 10 seconds

I totally understand the day to day duties of running a station takes priority, but as a newcomer to the station on the twenty-four seven, i'm about lost. I've been around, trying to figure my way round a huge station and to gather my Starfleet provisions that should be presented. I haven't been assigned anything from the armoury section for where my weapons are stored.

"Computer, end log and save" she said as she grabbed a moment to close her eyes to rest
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