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Just starting this finally, more coming.
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Doctors log Stardate 140213: Dreamer Emery reporting

Things are a but confusing, trying to balance my normal duties along with this investigation. That isn't even mentioning my own personal situation back on Earth.
I hope the Science team can narrow down an antidote from the samples we have provided soon. I don't want to lose my patient, I want to send her home safe and sound.
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Doctors log Stardate 140213:Dreamer Emery reporting.

I am sorry to have to report that there was an emergency at Pathfinder yesterday.
Captain Quron Dagger was exposed to chemicals meant for the chemical sterilization of areas of the station. After he was beamed to sickbay it was discovered he had lost both his arms at the shoulder. He was quickly stabilized, and given 5cc,s of Alkysine to help pervent futher nuerological damage. There does not seem to be any damage to his cognitive function. Unfortunately the damage was already to the extent it will be impossible to regenerate his lost limbs. Preparation is being made including placing implants into his shoulders to support servos for cybernetic arms. The engineering department will be on hand to create his replacement arms most certainly.
Sera has offered any assistance i may need from her as well. As the senior Medical Officer it is my duty to look after the health and well being of the crew. To that extent I have given Sera permission to run her systems more efficiently until we are able to further asses Captain Dagger's condition. She relies heavily on him to help her monitor and maintain her functionality and energy levels and consumption.
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Reporting in for April roll call. More log posts to come.
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