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~Reaching her quarters she thinks back at all thats happened since her arrival to the station~
"Personal log stardate 130309... It's been a awesome learning experience n' t'crew are awesome!" Turns off gravity floatin' continuing her log upside down, "So... the station is still under construction, n' this is a first for me... workin' n' stationed in a space station!" Bounces of t'wall, "Okies endin' this till next time! n' lettin' t'adventures begin!" :D
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~In Lt jg Ruaelle’s quarters, she sits in t’center of t’room meditatin’ trying to resolve n’ control whats runnin’ through her head~
“Personal log Stardate 130405… More meditation hours n’ still more personalty traits of t’others pop up more often now since my mind meld with t’alien Q’ram.”
Goes to t’replicator and orders, “Vulcan Mocha , extra strong”
Sips her coffee n’ continues log, “I do notice t’meld getting’ much easier n’ still feels Q’ram’s presense … or more like Ru Q’ram. Scary thought another merge! “ Ruaelle thinks back younger times, walkin’ through halls of a starship, It’s t’USS Andromeda. Ruaelle stops at a door and enters what was her quarters is now an old constitution class staship but it seems familiar. Lookin’ around t’corridor to an organic like walls that seems to be growin’ to form.
Ruaelle shakes her head to clear her thoughts knowin’ that wasn’t her memories, “tryin’ to continue this log… here we go”. sips her coffee, “Station’s construction is still on hand n’ still we still investigatin’ t’alien ship I see it… wait more like feel it’s presense nearby”.
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=^= Silent within Ru’s quarters at Pathfinder Research Station=^=
Tryin’ to relax her thoughts, but something keeps pullin’ her thoughts elsewhere…
Ruaelle gets up from her interupted meditation n’ goes to the replicator, “Vulcan Mocha, hot”.
Begins to record certain happenings, “Stardate: 132004 Personal log:”
Sips her coffee, “Since the La'varan ship mission I feel the others personalities influence emerge n’ also have gaps in my memories. For instance, I would goto bed n’ end up elsewhere on t’ship, or in ops and end up in t’shuttlebay”. Puases for a moment, “I have been having dreams of events takin’ place or been travelin’ through places I don’t recall. In addition havin’ urges being drawn to things n’ people… Maybe ask t’Doc to do another check up again”.Ru’s mind starts to wander, but then drinks her coffeen’ continues t’log, “I think of home lately, Whatever is causing this is stripping away at my calm n’ logic. I programmed the stations computer n’ sensors to monitor me”.
Pulls up t’family picture n’ smiles, “It’s Been awhile…” ends log till next time.
Ruaelle walks to desk and sits, “Computer, open a communications to… Home“.
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=^= Ru’s quarters at Pathfinder Research Station=^=
Ru relaxes and gets ready for USS Banshee’s checkup n’ send off, “computer dim lights n’ a Vulcan Mocha”.
“Ruaelle”, she hears a whisper. Quickly responds, “computer scans quarters for any life forms, exclude me!”Computer replies, “none detected”.
“Computer need vulcan database seach for Spyvok”, computer takes a moment n’ info pops up, but not what she expected. “this can’t be right, saids he’s a doctor?” Ru keeps probin’ and a message pops up, “RESTRICTED ACCESS”.
Ru very confused still staring at t’screen n’ thinks, “whats in his memory shows different?” Then one word comes to mind, “V’shar”. Ru continues to delve in n’ out of no where types a password and is in t’V’shar database! As quickly it shuts down !
“This needs moreattention, a mystery. Computer supplemental log”, sips her vulcan mocha n’ continues her logs, “Supplemental Personal log: getting’ ready to head to t’Banshee! Always excited to see t’launchin’ of any vessel, she’s a great ship. Her refit is finsihed, last system checks n’ t’ship is good to go”. Drink t’last of her Mocha, “That’s all for now n’ still need to figure out this mystery man, end log”
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The planet unknown, the collected lands about just called “Havens” is where a small space craft crash landed. Within are the bounty hunter dead and its passenger alive.
Zabrina Zarco looking at the woman in the grass, "Greetings"
RuaelleLionheart a bit dizzy looks up at t'two women, "Sacha..."
Zabrina Zarco steps down from her horse to inspect this strange device and then turns to look over to both women; one is dead, "Is this a friend of yours?"…” the jungle animals will finish off your friend”
Zabrina Zarco looking to the woman, "What is this thing?"
RuaelleLionheart looks to t'burned dead body confused, "who is this?"... "Who are you?"
Zabrina Zarco introduces herself, "I am Zabrina of the Black Raiders and this is my sister in arms is Austin"
Austin nods, “and who are you?”
RuaelleLionheart holds her achin' head, "where am i?"
Zabrina Zarco replies, "You are in Sunhaven, our homeland”
Austin steps forward, “You are at the edge of the jungle, your big bird lost flight it seems, and your friend is dead…”
Zabrina Zarco finishes Austin’s sentence, “and partially...eaten”
RuaelleLionheart looks to what's she talkin' about n’ see’s t’crash site, "this bird is… was mine?"
Austin points to the dead body, “she's dead, your friend!”
Zabrina Zarco whispers to Austin, “I think she is injured and disoriented..."
Austin shrugs at Z..confussed about the stranger, “She may need some medicine”
RuaelleLionheart looks to t'dead body not knowin' who t'person was or is, "I do not know... her"
Zabrina Zarco examines the space craft and finds the cockpit, "There a places to sit in this thing… Did you ride in this device?" turns to Ruaelle, "Are you hurt?"
RuaelleLionheart staggers to stand n’ looks to t'strange woman, "I don't know..."
Austin quickly glancesat the bruises and cuts, “I think her head is messed up sister”
Zabrina Zarco looking her over, not seeing any visible weaponry, “You are in danger here...there are wild animals...and savages"
Austin nods in agreement with Zabrina her sister, “You cannot stay here....less you want to die as the other there!”
RuaelleLionheart still confused looks towards both of them, "Savages? where am i?" looks up to t'stars, "what planet is this?"
Zabrina Zarco not understanding, "Planet??...what is a planet?”… "You are in Sunhaven, in the lands of the Havens"
Austin trying also to make Ruaelle understand saids, “ this is our home...” nods to the desert over my shoulder, “over there!”
Zabrina Zarco looking up at Aus, and silently lipping the question..."Planet?"
RuaelleLionheart tries to remember but nothin' as her memories are a jumble, " Haven?"
Austin draws closer, “We don't know of this "Planet" you speak of… it is not around here”
Zabrina Zarco continues with many more questions, but there is no answers, "What is your name?"… "What are you called?"
RuaelleLionheart gets fustrated tryin’ to answer t'question but can't, "I don't know?"
Zabrina Zarco notices the name on the bird that fell from the skies, "There is script on this"Tries to pronounce it, "Vi per"
Austin looks at the woman then at Z…
Zabrina Zarco looks to Austin, then back to Ruaelle, "Viper" extending her hand to ruaelle, "We will call you Viper!"
RuaelleLionheart looks at t'name on the space craft, "…n' you say this is my name?"
Austin turns to Zabrina, “Viper?....what is a Viper?”
Zabrina Zarco pulls her up "Yes, you are Viper.." nods and smiles
RuaelleLionheart rises with Zabrinas help n’ nods, "Viper.."
Austin smiles, “Yeah...Viper...that fell from the stars”
Zabrina Zarco wonders who inflicted the wounds on her looking around vigilantly! Signals Ruaelle to follow, "We will take you to our encampment...and treat your wounds"
Austin asks Ruaelle, “ Are you hungry? we have food an drink”
RuaelleLionheart hears and looks toward Austin responding, "yes .. hungry"
Austin examines the space craft one last time, “ they ride their 'birds' to death.... such a shame.” shakin her head, “it is a strange feathers! I never see one like that it also has a hard skin”
Zabrina Zarco nods, "Yes...” kicking the bird, “ is most certaily dead, but dragons have no feathers." Looking it over one last time, and shrugging
RuaelleLionheart wonders as she touches the space craft it’s hardcold metal, "Strange bird"
Zabrina Zarco composes herself, "It is dead...and she is hurt!"
Austin listens to Zabrina, “ok.ummm...Viper.” She helps Ruaelle get ready for the travel, “come to our camp we will feed an care for your wounds”
Zabrina Zarco taking your arm gently..."Come"
Ruaelle accepts both there help unknown she mind scanned them and found no treachery of any kind. Feeling safe around them she noded her head with agreement, “okay.” Ruaelle looks back at the wreckage and the dead woman with a mystery. As they continue through the jungle avoiding the dangers, they make it to the desert sands. The sands signal that the three are close to there destination. When reaching the Camp Ruaelle known as simply ‘Viper’ is lead to a tent and told to sit.
Zabrina Zarco saids, "sit...I will prepare water for your wounds." Zabrina Zarco dabbing your cuts with a warm, wet cloth, “Are there people who seek to find you?"
RuaelleLionheart looks to Zab as she tenderly tends to her wounds and washes away the dirt away. Again she dips the cloth in the large bowl of water parting her hair wiping her forehead and cheek, but soon Austin dismounts from her horse…
RuaelleLionheart smiles, "Lesek.. Zab"
Zabrina Zarco stops for a moment and looks to Austin, "Stand watch on the hill Aus… Viper may be in danger from others."
Austin nods, “ok!”
blushy pleasurewench outside the tent, “greetings miLadies”, curtsy.
Austin turns quickly, “Blushy”, blushy pleasurewenchblushy pleasurewench smiles shyly at Lady Austin.
Zabrina Zarco looks back at Blushy..."greetings... stay outside please"
blushy pleasurewench gulps, “y...y..yes miLady” quickly steps outside, hearing the warning in Her voice
Zabrina Zarco comes back with food, "Here is food, it slowly"
blushy pleasurewench whispers, “i.. i didn't mean to do anything wrong, miLady Austin...” whimpers.
Austin counts the tale to Blushy, “that woman is hurt....we found her in the jungle!”

blushy pleasurewench heaves a sigh of relief, “ohhhh!” she remembers, “ohhh yes miLady.. i did see an Elf Womyn inside...”
Austin continues, “ Z is treatin her wounds we don't know what troubles her head though”
blushy pleasurewench is very curious, “ohhhh is She.. umm sick?”
Austin replies, “She is not well...but she will get better in time.”
Zabrina Zarco finishing up dabbing the wounds, and reaching for some herbs for Vipers wounds. Blushy pleasurewench fiddles with her waistband to find some herbs and meekly offers them to Lady Austin. Zab offers a bowl of stew with plenty of meat.
RuaelleLionheart sniffs t'bowl smelling t’burnt meat she turns and rejects it, "no meat"
Zabrina Zarco looks startled at the statement, and then nods, taking the stew back
blushy pleasurewench hears and is startled, “ohhhh”
blushy pleasurewenchblushy pleasurewench hears whispers inside the tent.. obediently remains outside...
Austin quick thinking as she see’s what just transpired, “ wait here..I'll be right back!” blushy pleasurewench nods. Austin tells Blushy to keep watch for strangers.
blushy pleasurewench gulps, looking nervously around, “ y..yes miLady”
Zabrina Zarco suddenly realizes, "She does not eat meat, sister"
Austin returns, “ perhaps these will help!” a bowl of vegetables.
Zabrina Zarco tells Austin, "Bring it in here please, she is hungry "
Austin places the food to the tent and places it at the table near Viper
blushy pleasurewench wonders what's going on inside... is sooo curious.. nervously bites fingers outside...straining to see inside the tent. While Viper(Ruaelle) looks at all and the plate they brought in.
Zabrina Zarco taking a root and biting it...showing her it's ok to eat, "It is good...and it will fill your belly, Viper"
Austin smiles at the woman, “a plate of fruits an roots...foods from the jungle.” handing her a vegetable from the bowl.
RuaelleLionheart see's t'plate n' watches Austin pick from it slowly leaning towards Viper handing her a vegetable. Slowly reaching for the vegetable Viper starts eatin', "good"
pleasurewench tippy-toes to the tent and peeks in, surreptitiously
Zabrina ZarcoZabrina Zarco looking up at Aus, smiling a nervous smile, "Her wounds are only minor..."
As blushy pleasurewench watches the Elf Woman eating vegetables... Zabrina Zarco turns to Aus, "We must assess our situation here, We have a elf woman, who seems to have ridden on a strange bird...."
Austin saids, “but her bird is dead sister... she has no way to fly now.”
blushy pleasurewench notices green paint over Her body, “they look like bruises...?” thinks, “that's silly.. green bruises?” giggles silently to herself, but strains to listen, “ ooohhh the bird thing!”
RuaelleLionheart continues to eat glancin' at woman peekin', "Na' Shaya"
Zabrina Zarco: "She does not remember anything, and her eyes dart as if she fears something or someone". Zabrina Zarco looks up!
blushy pleasurewench jumps, “ooops!” she stands ramrod straight outside the tent, not wanting to move an inch, “sissirelease”
Zabrina Zarco comes to realize one thing, "If someone is chasing her, then we may soon have a battle on our hands"
blushy pleasurewench feels hir knees shaking
Austin nods, “yes, I'll go keep watch sister”. turns to leave the tent.
Zabrina Zarco stops Aus and saids, "Take that nosy wench with you"
blushy pleasurewench whimpers silently, trying to tippy toe out, falls over the tent hook
Austin runs smack into Blushy! blushy pleasurewench gasps, “ i..i..
Austin stares at blushy and, “ BLushy!!!”
blushy pleasurewench nervously and speechless, “ i..”
Austin quickly ask Blushy, “ what are you doing?”
blushy pleasurewench tries to respond, “ i was k..k..keeping g..guard” still shaking, “h..h..honest”
Austin seriously stariing her straight at her, “spyin on us?” Aus points, “guard is on the hilltop!”
blushy pleasurewench barely uttering a single word, “n..n..noo, p..p..please miLady i.. w..w..wasn't” whimpers and goes to her knees and lowers eyes and obediently follows Her
Zabrina Zarco shaking my head, turns to Viper watching her eat slowly, "is there anything you can remember, Viper? anything at all?"
RuaelleLionheart(Viper) tries to think of anything n' says one word, "Ha- Kel" Zab continues to watch Viper and she smiles back. Zab prepares the softest pillows and blankets for Viper to rest so her bruises can heal. Later that day Viper finally falls to sleep from fatigue and quickly falls to a deep sleep. Zab returns to look on and covers Viper in a Blanket.
Zabrina Zarco tells the others, "she has gone to sleep and I hear the rumblings of a force gathering in the distance "
blushy pleasurewench cautiously approaches Them, not wanting to displease Them again, “a f..f..force? ohh Goddess!”
Austin returns, “ I went out to check...there is a group of stangers with the Amazon's!”
Zabrina Zarco knows now things has gotten bigger, “ We need our leader here.”
Austin nods, “I don't know when he'll be back, we could sure use some others though”
Zabrina Zarco looks to the east, "Then the two of us will have the battle of our lives, sister, if they come here"
Austin replies, “I know sister”
pleasurewench bites her fingers nervously, “b.b..b..b..bbatt... ((today is a good day to die! Qapla!))
Austin turns to Blush, “Blushy...can you shoot a bow or use a sword?”
blushy pleasurewench shocked and nervously, “a b..bow? umm... ..sword?” Squeaks! “i.. i can w..would that help?”
Austin holds her forehead, “ sighs… could dance them to death”
blushy pleasurewench adds, “ i can also tend to wounds, i'm good with herbs and things”
Zabrina Zarco shaking my head, “ Yes, you can dance over our dead bodies when the battle is over
blushy pleasurewench lowers eyes, “ b..but i'm not a warrior... i'm not even a Woman...” whimpers.
Austin, “ we will think of something”
Zabrina Zarco is preparing for what is coming telling blushy, “then you need to leave this camp, for a war is eminent here and we know not what we face”
blushy pleasurewench says in a small voice, “i don't want to leave You Two... i'm Your pet... and p..pets don't leave...” pleasurewench mumbles and sighs and lowers eyes standing behind Them.

Zabrina Zarco stares into the distance, deep in thought, "They do not know she is here...that is in our favor"
Austin nods, “yeah”
An Idea stirs within Zabrina Zarco, "Should they come looking, searching...I will cover her with a hide"
blushy pleasurewench, “nods”
Austin also agrees, “Can we can keep her hidden for awhile hopefully”
blushy pleasurewench ask, “ would They want to kidnap Her, milady Zabrina?” Looks back at the tent, “poor thing had green paint on her... They must have smeared her...”
Zabrina Zarco said to Bushy, “I do not know what they want or what she runs from. Smeared her??"
blushy pleasurewench wonders if, “ maybe to mark her for something?”
Zabrina Zarco is quick to point out, “There are no marks on her"
blushy pleasurewench nervously speaks up to Zab, “ well... Isn’t the green paint on her some marking? Ohhh, She appeared to have very faint bruises, milady.”
Zabrina Zarco turns to Blushy and repeats, “There is no green paint on her... your eyes are crazy”
blushy pleasurewench whispers, “ She seemed to be hiding it from you I peeked in, I saw that when”
Zabrina Zarco turns her back to Blushy, “ pfft”
blushy pleasurewench lowers her head, “y..Yes milady lowers eyes… I’m just a silly boi… thank You milady”
Zabrina ZarcoZabrina Zarco turns away from Blushy's babble
blushy pleasurewench looks back at Lady Austin, “ I did see the green paint... honest, milady Austin”
Austin said, “if she crashed on the big bird... She would have scraps an bruises Blushy”
blushy pleasurewench “ohh so the bird might have had the green paint?” lowers eyes, “ y… yes milady” whimpers as Lady Zabrina looks back at me, “sobs.. y..y..yes milady… I’ll tell no one...”
Austin gets up close to Blushy, face to face, “AND if the word gets out...we'll know who said!”
pleasurewench gulps, “ y..y..yes milady.” whines holding her arms up before her eyes shakes in her knees
Austin, “this is very serious Blushy...we have to help this woman....”
blushy pleasurewench nods, “ y..yes milady”
Austin reveals more to Blushy, “she knows not who or where she is”.
blushy pleasurewench listens, “ohhhh , She has no memory?”
Zabrina Zarco: "keep an eye on that savage, I see him moving about"
Austin counts to Blush, “she in a strange land with strangers all around... not know who to trust”. Sees movement off in the distance and keeps a close eye at the target.
blushy pleasurewenchnods, “ ohhh y..yes milady”
Zabrina Zarco Stand down off the hilltop, “he will shoot at you”
blushy pleasurewench feels her eyes dart around... “sissikarta, n...n… nooo”
Austin, “ here’s the chimps going wild with chatter”
blushy pleasurewench panicky looking around and cowers, but hears nothing... Quickly gets back up in embarrassment, “is he gone?” smiles embarrassedly heh, “sissirelease, I… I was waiting in hiding... Of course”. Blushy remembers, “milady Austin.. i have to make sure that the Moonhaven tavern hasn't been raided.. I’ll be back as soon as i check on it...”
Zabrina Zarco whispers inside the tent to Viper, “Stay in the crate, hon… A search party is near We've hidden you in a crate...
Austin comes in to relay current status, “There are strangers headed this way, be still and quiet we'll see what they want.”
Ruaelle Lionheart nods and agrees to be very quiet, while outside they deal with the strangers. Later, they redress and color her hair to further hide her presence from others and the ones that search for her.
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Lt Jg. Rauelle thoughts, “Months have passed by and still no memory has resurfaced since that day I landed on this planet ‘Haven’. Everyone here has been nice and has nurse me back to health, but still feel a pull towards something… something I have to do. Every time it is within my grasp… it fades. The sound of footsteps n’ its Xen Enyo, “fresh veggies?”
Ruaelle Lionheart nods feeling the hunger n’ emptiness, "yes I’m very hungry"
Xen Enyo, "Well then eat up"
Ruaelle Lionheart quickly grabs food to eat n' thanks him, "Lesek.."
Xen Enyo looks to Ru wondering what did she just say, "Lesek?"
Ruaelle Lionheart smiles n’ nods continues to eat the fruits n' veggies...
Xen Enyo, "How is the food Viper?"
Ruaelle Lionheart still munchin' on food looks up, "very good!" as she grabs another fruit. Looks up n' unknown even to her telepathically scans the area to notice there is no one there except Xen, "Where... where are other?"
Xen Enyo, "Others… you mean Aus and Z?"
Ruaelle Lionheart nods, "Ha"
Xen Enyo, “there out on a scouting trip so they are not here". Xen is still taping on the device, trying to make it work.
Ruaelle Lionheart looks to Xen, "Are you still playin' wit that junk?" wonder why he’s still playin’wit junk.
Xen Enyo, "Yes I’m still playing with this junk, it most hold some value too it as well, as that item I got from you the other day"
Ruaelle Lionheart replies, " I don't think it will it will work like that bird without wings out there"
Xen Enyo, “What do you know of the bird Viper?"
Ruaelle Lionheart seems to have her answer but slips away can't rememberin' anything till meetin' Zab n' Aus, "It has a hard skin n' it's dead".
Xen Enyo, "Let’s go visit it, maybe by looking at it you can help me"
Ruaelle Lionheart nods, "okies but, it's a dead bird… wit no feathers"
That afternoon we journey to where they found me n’ the metal bird with no feathers. soon as we get to the crash site, there are many people there. More than I ever seen that’s bird must be very important to them, which only makes me more curious. A female comes up to Xen, Teela, “greetings Xen”.
I see n’ here the people in the background all circling the dead metal bird. One stands out… Tempest Homewood glares at the machine "please, take this thing away"
Morwen Blaisdale answers Tempest, “That's what we're here for… Cleanup There’s a body over there it looks like”
Xen Enyo, "Greetings teela"
Tempest Homewood turns to greet Xen, "Hallo Raider Lord!"
Teela looks to Ru and tells Xen, “seems you've found to a strange person was this one a friend of yours?”
Xen Enyo, "Hello Savage Leader"
Ruaelle Lionheart looks to see people at the dead bird, but greets 'em, "Sacha"
Tempest Homewood goes to Xen to speak privately, “Kat is possessed. I hear that you fought one demon and beat it..."
Xen Enyo whispering too Tempest, "where did hear that from?"
Tempest Homewood answers Xen, "From the Amazons. Help my friend and your band will never be troubled by savages"
Tempest Homewood looks over the woman with Xen, approvingly, “who is this friend of yours?"
Xen Enyo introduces Ruaelle to her, "This is Viper Tempest"
Tempest Homewood looks at Viper "yes, that name is apt for a secretive woman"
Ruaelle Lionheart greets the woman, "Sacha Tempest"
At the crash site after Ruaelle known as Viper, glances over and watches the people around the metal bird, still unable to recognize she thinks them strange! Ruaelleattention is at the people talkin’ about.
Morwen Blaisdale nods to the approaching commander, and looks to find, “who is the dead person supposed to be over here?”
Quron, “Ma’am... Are you suggesting me using my magic to cast this ship away?”
Xen Enyo decides to leave, “We will talk later about the chieftain, but right now you have a strange looking bird in your forest"

Tempest Homewood tests the greeting "Sacha, Viper… "
Dreamer Emery kneels over the body examining it closely, “It’s not Ru, Captain” Emmy looks for any clues as to what happened here after the crash
Tempest Homewood says, “Maybe the sky-ship brought the demons!"
Xen Enyo thinking too himself, “Yes that does match up when the demons appear isn’t it"
Ruaelle Lionheart smiles but looks on to the people at t'dead bird, "who are they Xen?"
Xen Enyo looking over at Viper, “I think there just another tribe looking at the bird"
As Ru listens away she can still hear the newcomers talkin’ and becomes more curious.
Chakat Northspring looks closely all over the thing in the grass in front of her.
Andromeda StJohn, “Greetings”
Teela, “greetings”
Andromeda StJohn puts her bow away.
Tempest Homewood, "Machines come before the tree-cutters and the burners. I tried to destroy it but the skin is harder than any steel"
Morwen Blaisdale, “They don't burn anyone for witchcraft here. It's celebrated in fact”
Andromeda StJohn, “Then, it is a good thing we came along.” Tells the crowd, “We are here for this machine”
Morwen Blaisdale looks puzzled. "Another tribe"
Ruaelle Lionheart greets t'newcomers, "Sacha to you all"
Morwen Blaisdale offers Ruaelle a bow
Teela, “I know”
Kondrad Hyland, “we are in Amazon country”
Tempest Homewood answers to correct everyone, "Nay. You WERE. This is the land of savages"
Andromeda StJohn, “Ah!”
Tempest Homewood pints to the dead metal bird, "and we hate machines. Make it go away"
Teela says, “Indeed, this is Sunhaven, the Amazones live in Starhaven”
Andromeda StJohn, “ We had made friends with the Amazons during our travels”
RuaelleLionheart accepts her gift, "Leset.."
Quron: I am working on it, ma'am
Tempest Homewood points eastward, “Beyond the trees is the dry place where the Raiders hunt."
Kondrad Hyland: must be one of the better tribes
[11:23] Andromeda StJohn, “If you will give us time to examine the machine, we will use our powers and make it go always forever.”
Teela: good, and take that dead demon with you too
Andromeda StJohn, “Radiers?”
Tempest Homewood: "Very well, woman. You were the one who flew in the other machine! I know your smell"
Kondrad Hyland, “it’s better than having my tail in a sling”
Ruaelle Lionheart whispers to Xen, "They want that dead bird?"
Andromeda StJohn: And I know yours.
Xen Enyo, "Let us be off Viper, we can come back later"
Kondrad Hyland, “we don’t know that person”.
Andromeda StJohn picks u a familiar scent...
Tempest Homewood smiles at Xen "Safe Paths!"
Andromeda StJohn, “Who was that?”
Morwen Blaisdale waves to Xen
Tempest Homewood tells Andromeda, "A warrior of the civilized land"
Teela says, “The charming one? That was Xen, the leader of the black raiders”
Andromeda StJohn, “Is he our male?”
Tempest Homewood, "Xen is direct. That has its own charm"
Andromeda StJohn Thinks, "Where have I heard the name 'Black Raiders'?”
Ruaelle Lionheart saids her goodbyes, "rom- halan"
Andromeda StJohn turns to her crew, “Q, and North, do we have everything we need for now?”
Xen Enyo: "You must be hungry Viper"
RuaelleLionheart nods, "yes"
Xen Enyo notices, "And your wounds have healed quite nicely"
Ruaelle Lionheart nods as she looks to her wounds, "mhmm" as she continues to eat.
Xen Enyo letting out high pitch whistle calling for his falcon which lands on his arm feeding him a little piece of meat before sending him off
RuaelleLionheart still wonderin' who those people were, "Xen do you who those people were at the dead bird, why they want a bird that can't fly?"
Xen Enyo responds, "I don’t know, but if they want that dead bird they can have it, after I still this device that say Ruaelle and this thing that came off your person"
Xen Enyo taking the device off his and placing it in his hands, “this is device I got from you...” as it continues makes a beeping sound placing it back behind cloak
Ruaelle Lionheart hears the beepin' also, "maybe dead birds brain?"
Xen Enyo shrugs, “it showed something on its face that looked eyes… "Did you hear that?"
Xen Enyo signals, "Viper come here, and tells me if you hear anything"
Ruaelle Lionheart gets up n’ listens
Xen Enyo waits,"Anything?"
Ruaelle Lionheart listens but does more than that she senses the presence of others nearby, “there is someone nearby"
Xen Enyo, "show me where they are at Viper"
Ruaelle Lionheart points behind, "There"
Xen Enyo looks towards where she points, "the tree?" Seeing his falcon land in the tree above, he shouts, “come out from behind that tree!"
Tim Feriszke gets on all fours and starts digging in the sand
RuaelleLionheart senses more, "Xen more nearby"
Tim Feriszke makes some unintelligible noises
Xen Enyo can’t exactly make out who or what is nearby, "must be a wild animal". Xen draws his bow out shooting an arrow in the animal’s direction.
Tim Feriszke digs in the sand some and tosses it out beyond the tree and leaves the tree on all fours and goes from one tree to the other and braces himself behind it, then peaks a little "Heroooo?"
Morwen Blaisdale waits patiently…
Feriszke calls again "heh heroooo?"
Xen Enyo looking over at Viper, "go see what thing wants in the tree will you please"
Morwen Blaisdale draws out her bow and waits
RuaelleLionheart smiles at the funny person n' greets 'em, "Sacha"
Tim Feriszke is a little puzzled "Herrooo Sacha"
Xen Enyo cocking his eyes over at the person on the hill
Morwen Blaisdale could be seen to be a figure with a bow crouching low on the dune, ready to scamper away
RuaelleLionheart walks up to t'stranger hidin', "Sacha...will you not respond, what brings you here?"
Tim Feriszke looks down at his hands and holds them out in a cup form "Heroo?"
Quron, “Greetings”
Morwen Blaisdale greets back, “hail there”. Her bow still ready but point lowered
[11:59] Roxy's Angel AO v1.2: Touched by an angel!
Xen Enyo: "Hello...."keeping his on the women with the bow.
RuaelleLionheart greets more strangers from t'ones who will take t'dead bird with them, "Sacha,”
Morwen Blaisdale glances to Quron to do the talking
Quron: Sir, “might I inquire who you are?”
Tim Feriszke looks back down at his hands, cupping them again and looking at Ru
Dreamer Emery stays back, waiting
Xen Enyo snickers, "I see a bunch of people near my encampment and one that has a weapon drawn..."
Morwen Blaisdale introduces herself, “I am Morwen, niece to the Lady Vor. And who may I have the honor to address?”
Kondrad Hyland, “she’s not one of us she's a local here”.
Quron, “These are dangerous grounds, and we are unsure who is or isn't our enemy. We are new to these parts”
Morwen Blaisdale puts down the bow.
Tim Feriszke scoots a little closer, cupping his hands once more and lifting them to Ru's sight "foo?"
Xen Enyo, "I see... I am Xen, leader of the Black Raider, and this is Viper"
Tim Feriszke notices the dagger on her belt…
Quron, “Greetings to you”
Morwen Blaisdale glances to Quron
Xen Enyo, "And you are?"
Quron,” We are travelers who have come to look at the demonic presence. You could say we investigate these events”
Morwen Blaisdale, “I am the guide to these people who have come from across the void above us”
Ruaelle Lionheart turns n' see's a figure drawin' closer quickly reaches for a dagger but still not drawn...
Quron, “We have heared stories of there being more beings from the demonic machine around, and we would like to investigate these stories”
Tim Feriszke approaches the food that is laid out but doesn't touch it
Xen Enyo, "You mean that metal bird correct?"
Morwen Blaisdale, “That is right, yes”
Quron, “Yes, I said machine, since that is what the locals there called it”
Xen Enyo, "What exactly are you looking for?"
Quron, “I was unsure that you knew more”
Morwen Blaisdale, “a great metal sky ship crashed onto the mountain”
Kondrad Hyland, “a missing friend…”
Morwen Blaisdale nods, “carrying at least two...yes”
Quron, “Any clues object and hopefully even survivors from it, We don't want to destroy it, but examine it”
Xen Enyo, "Sky ship?" looking a bit puzzled.
Morwen Blaisdale nods, “mmhm… There are many worlds out beyond this”
Quron, “We belief these birds did not just sit on the land, but even flown ones...”
Xen Enyo, "So you come from the belly of another Metal bird?"
Morwen Blaisdale, “and these people I am guiding can travel between them with the right magic”
Quron, “We are looking for clues into this…”
Kondrad Hyland looks at morwen and thinks about the PD
Tim Feriszke Bites another mouthful of meat…
Quron, “You where present there earlier, do you happen to know more about it?”
Xen Enyo, "Traveling with magic is nothing new I have seen mages do it all the time"
Ruaelle Lionheart keeps silent as she continues to listen, until she has a flash of memory for a second but leaves as soon as it came... still not remembering anything.
Quron, “You said bird, so we suppose you know more than the other locals”
Morwen Blaisdale, “They carry rune stones -totems that allow them to speak to spirits of the void”
Tim Feriszke attempts to look inside the tent as he sneaks a piece of meat away
Rainavera Ookami looks to Northspring. "Miss Northspring?" She inquires curiosity in her voice.
Rainavera Ookami shuts her mouth, and keeps very quiet.
Quron, “Sir?”
Ruaelle Lionheart keeps an eye on t'tricky n' stealthy one noticing him...
Xen Enyo looks over that party, "Talking with spirits, metal birds, and a demonic presence that happens to appear shortly after the metal birds fall"
Tim Feriszke takes one of the sticks and examines it
Quron, “These things are new in these parts, correct?”
Tim Feriszke takes another stick and examines that one as well
Kondrad Hyland: what does rom- halan mean?
Quron, “We travel long distances to learn more about this... We are from a group called the Pathfinders”
Xen Enyo, "I just find it odd is all… A tribe of Pathfinders then yes?”
Quron, “Yes …It is odd it happened here, usually it never happens here, that is why we traveled here now”
Kondrad Hyland whispers to dreamer that and I needs help
Xen Enyo, "…And you came from another Metal Bird, and took the other Metal Bird away and looking for a demonic presence?"
Tim Feriszke approaches Viper, still on all fours, then stands up to his full stance and shows the sticks crossed to her
Quron points to Kon and Dreamer and signals them to go ahead.
Dreamer Emery nods to konrad and starts to move away
Quron, “Something likes that, we like to learn more about this particular metal bird”
Xen Enyo, "But you should already know about the metal bird since you came from one then yes?"
Tim Feriszke sets the sticks down on the sand and runs away
Morwen Blaisdale being a bit inexperienced and caught between home and the PD, she decides letting Quron do th the talking would be wise
Quron, “There are many different metal birds… That is why we need to know more about them”.
Tim Feriszke hides behind the tree
Morwen Blaisdale nods, watching Tim with a puzzled look
Xen Enyo, "I see, so what is your main goal exactly, the metal, bird, or the demonic presences?"
Tim Feriszke approaches viper and picks up the two sticks
Quron, “This metal bird caused many people to get sick, and we belief anything from it could still cause that. That is why we are here… To make the sickness go away; sometimes it takes some time for the sickness to take effect, by then it's in reversible”
Tim Feriszke approaches the food and campfire with the sticks puts the two sticks back into the campfire
Quron further explains, “That is why we need to find whatever comes from this ship fast… Since you where there, we need to know if you know something, or have something from it”
Tim Feriszke picks up one of the sticks, looks over to the large group and sneaks into the tent
Xen Enyo laughs, "Did you not see the body that was laying next to the metal bird, and why would I take anything from it if that is the outcome?"
Quron, “We did... We have already removed these, the proper and only way it can be done”
Morwen Blaisdale nods to Quron, "He is a priest-sorcerer with power over such things"
Quron questions Xen, “Why… where you there then? What made you think it was a bird?”
Xen Enyo, "Why wouldn’t I, seeing something fall from the sky like that making a loud noise as it crashed, who wouldn’t go look at it?"
Quron, “Well, judging what was there, you did return there later. That makes me think you might have found something and went looking for more”.
Morwen Blaisdale, “You would be well served to listen to him”. indicating Quron, “He is only trying to help”.
Quron, “Now, is there something you taken from the bird or its surrounding? This is very important.”
Xen Enyo looking at the man, "You do realize that Savages horn is very loud, and can be heard from over here"
Quron, “The health of the entire area depends on it I'm not trying to start a fight or even a war!”
Andromeda StJohn Clothes ripped to shreds lay on the ground bleeding unconscious and bleeding with multiple bite marks. Dreamer Emery kneels down by Andromeda trying to bandage her with some cloth scraps and Kondrad Hyland also helps andi…
Xen Enyo looking over at the bleeding women, "You can use my tent too tend to her wounds"
Quron, “It's my duty to fix these problems”
Xen Enyo, "And did you not take the metal bird back like the savage said?"
Quron, “I did, these where causing the illness, like the other parts could, if not treated correctly”
Dreamer Emery, “Does anyone have some clean bandages?”
Xen Enyo turning his back, "Would you please check on the bleeding women Viper"
Quron, “It was too late for the body laying there, but it might not be for other things”
Kondrad Hyland, “we are”
Ruaelle Lionheart looks to the newcomers, "Sacha… I will see to her"
Quron hears Viper speak, “What did she say?”
Dreamer Emery, “Well she’s breathing better at least.”
Kondrad Hyland thinks to himself, “The language is very familiar”
Dreamer Emery dabs at the wounds, bandaging the worst of them with what she has to use
Quron: Sir, please, if you know anything, please tells us?
Kondrad Hyland's ears move back and forth
Dreamer Emery, “She wasn’t attacked by those Lions...”
Xen Enyo, "I think I already told you, i dont know anything excpet what i told you"
Dreamer Emery, “Let’s get her in there; she may have been poisoned... Out here she's getting sand in her wounds.”
Ruaelle Lionheart quickly rushes to the wounded female and easily carries her into the tent trying to tend to her wounds as Zab shown her.
Dreamer Emery some of these wounds came from a blade, and these bites are strange.
iRainavera Ookami approaches and tries to seek the location of the poison's injection point.
Morwen Blaisdale examines Andi's form looking with Dreamer for some idea what caused her to be wounded
Quron: You continue to avoid the issue, answering my questions with more questions. I belief you know more, but yet willing to die a terrible slow death, and for what? A few coins… A shiny piece?”
Xen Enyo placing his hands behind his back, "you can see my tent too tend too yoru females wounds"
Andromeda StJohn Lips start to turn a slight blue and the body starts to shake as the poisons moves in her system...
Kondrad Hyland growls lowly, “how do we know to trust you?”
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Quron in command of away team, “Well people have or haven't you found any parts of this metal bird?” As I've said, it's important that we find and investigate them all. You might get a strange sickness, like the other people that got close to it, have gotten”.
Quron: Or, have you seen some survivors from it?
(Lune McConachie enters as a Black Raider)
Lune McConachie, “I haven't found anybody who came from a bird and, maybe I found parts, and maybe I didn't… Why should I tell you?”
Ruaelle Lionheart tries the best she can to do to help Captain Andromeda by continuing to clean out her wounds with herbs taught to her by Zab... n' still uncertain why these people are here if they picked up there ugly metal bird, without feathers..
Quron, “Many people had gotten sick from being close to it, Very sick… it wasn't after we removed it, that people gotten better!”
Lune McConachie, “Sounds like a good weapon to me.”
Quron, “By the help of the spirit, only this weapon doesn't just attack your enemies. More likely it attacks the people’s carrying it
Lune McConachie, “If you have the parts, you can spread the disease to your enemies. Then how will you protect yourself? Why are you safe?”
Quron, “We don't, we have the Great Spirit destroy it, then the curse goes away.”
Lune McConachie, “Hmmm… That seems to have the aura of non-truth, you are holding something back… I can feel it!”
Quron, “We ask the spirit in the sky to dematerialize the objects and bodies of the people that died from it. There isn't much else to say. The spirit helps us with this.”
Lune McConachie steps close to Quron and speaks in a conspiratorial voice, “look, between you and me and that tree... this talk about sky spirits is just a way to manipulate ignorant people… It's a way to keep in masses in their place. To make the inferior in awe of the superior. No?
Herbert Glenfadden raises an eyebrow.
Lune McConachie, “It's always the way of it.”
Quron, “Well, between you and me... I can't disclose any more than that. You people know it as the spirit of the sky; I cannot say more myself too.”
Lune McConachie, “Hmmm.”
LoveWitch Silverweb, “I am more afraid of the falling coconuts.”
Quron, “Other than that we mean no harm, we do need to recover these object and any possible survivors.
Lune McConachie, “I will need some sort of act of faith.”
Quron, “And we do take it away, so it doesn't spread any of the sickness. This all is true.”
Lune McConachie: I cannot take your word on the face of it.
Quron, “We already removed the bird of steel you can see that for yourself, the area is already recovering from it.”
Lune McConachie: Then let me put it this way, stranger.
Lune McConachie: I need something in return for helping you.
Ruaelle Lionheart gets a cloth n' soaks it in the bowl that has ingredients in the waters healin' waters, "I pray i'm doing this as they taught me n' works"
Lune McConachie, “Saving people from sickness is one thing. How am I to otherwise profit from this?”
Herbert Glenfadden, “You wish to trade?”
Lune McConachie invites them, “The coin of the realm is power and land. Come... Let us sit down to tea, so that we make more congenially converse.”
Quron agrees, “Tea... hmm, Sure”
Lune McConachie, “Stranger, let me explain how it looks to me.”
Quron, “Well, as I've said, we are sort of monks; we cannot give you something that can be used to harm others.”
Lune McConachie, “You are all strange appearing people, You have an odd way of communicating, You obviously have come from a long way away.”
LoveWitch Silverweb, “freakin' coconuts”
Lune McConachie: You have some connecting to a wingless, featherless bird, something the size of a Rock.
Quron: We can talk to it, and it listens to us
Lune McConachie, “You offer to take something away that, to the eyes of most locals, has "powerful evil magic."
Ruaelle Lionheart still listens to t'conversations outside...
Lune McConachie: “Yet your explanations for all of this seem ... hmmm, what is the word? Disingenuous.”
Quron, “Well, you can put it that way. But keep in mind, this 'magic' as you call it, is not controllable. So, it cannot be seen as magic, more like a curse”
Lune McConachie, “If you have curses, then you have, for lack of a better word, Magic.”
Herbert Glenfadden, “A curse that you people cannot control, even as a weapon.”
Quron: We offer to lift this curse away from you. It would make you stronger, no?
Lune McConachie, “Then give me in return, something I can control.”
LoveWitch Silverweb, “there are a lot of people here in land”
Quron, “Like what?”
Lune McConachie, “That, good sir, is something you'll have to think of… You know what I am… You know what I desire.”
Herbert Glenfadden tries some reverse psychology "Perhaps we could leave the pieces and people here Sir... and return to retrieve them after the sickness has poisoned these people… It shouldn't take long, I imagine she is already feeling weakened”
Lune McConachie smiles.
Quron, “Hmm, that is an option, but we are sworn to protect the people here... Well, if they don't want to be protected, we can go and search for the other leads first and return later, when our need is more required, yes. By then we could over her power, in the form of a returned health... You are right, Herbert. Ma'am, if you so please, we could return in a day and offer to remove the curse again, but you might have gotten sick already, to a point we cannot restore the damage you have taken already.
Lune McConachie: I have studied your kind, good sir. And there's one thing I can tell... your motivation does not allow for intentionally harming one. And, speaking hypothetically...”
Quron, “True...”
Lune McConachie, “
Herbert Glenfadden, “Then you know we must have the pieces and people”
Quron, “Same as we aren't allowed to help aiding you in harming”
Lune McConachie, “Let's say I knew where these parts are… I'm not saying that I do...” by observing and I might discover that the effect of this sickness...taking a note... is proportional to its distance, I only need move it to the desert,Maybe.
Herbert Glenfadden, “To what end? To create a dead zone in your own back yard?”
Quron, “It's true, you might just move it to a barren area, and make that area even more barren. Eventually it will spread, and reach populated areas. By then, it's impossible to remove, even by us”
Lune McConachie, “To the end that you wouldn't have it.”
Quron, “If that's the power you want, rather hold something that harms you, and then have it removed so it wouldn't harm you later, odd strategy?”
Lune McConachie, “Or, instead of moving it to the desert, I could move it into the mine enemy's camp.”
Quron: And make it unusable by anyone, even after your enemy has been defeated?
Lune McConachie, “Tyranny is a harsh enemy, sir. I would do almost anything; sacrifice almost anything, to rid my land of that particular poison.”
Quron, “Well, it looks like you aren't interested in protecting people, even if they are one day your own... What kind of power do you think we can offer you? We don't own lands.”
Lune McConachie: I suspect you can, But I sense we are at a standstill.
Quron: We are... I cannot offer you anything you would like, and you don't want us to do our work.
Lune McConachie, “The sun has set, and the air reflects my cold mood, “We should talk more on the tomorrow… Perhaps, you have my leave.”
Quron, “There is nothing that persuades you to help us do our work? Time is very important to our work”
Lune McConachie, “Yes, there is. ...”
Lune McConachie, “And I have given you as much hint as could convince even the blindest prophet. You seem to be unwilling to cooperate.”
Quron, “I would need to talk to my people about what we might offer you...”
Lune McConachie, “Very good… I look forward to our next tea.”
Ruaelle Lionheart tries to keep her body cool as her temperature still rises...
Quron, “We will return soon”
Lune McConachie, “How is our guest?” examines to prostrate stranger.
Andromeda StJohn Moans and moves a little...
Ruaelle Lionheart, “not good the poisons are strong”
Lune McConachie, “I don't trust these strangers Viper They have dark intent… They aren't telling us everything, Viper.”
Ruaelle Lionheart looks to Lune, "they want something... searching..."
Lune McConachie, “Maybe we should strike camp? If they have the power to control iron birds and cause sickness, I fear for our proximity. Ah! It belongs to the lady Nicki!”
Ruaelle Lionheart, “that dead bird is the one makin' people sick?”
Lune McConachie, “I fear so… I had hoped to gain some power for our struggles, and our fight against tyranny. I think to deal with these strangers is to deal with evil, But I don't feel so good… What is this?” faints from the sickness and passes out.
Ruaelle Lionheart watches Lune fall n' tries to wake her, "Lune... lune!" she has become sick like others... Viper lays her besides the one called andi as she tries to find the strangers who were here earlier she turns to Lune, “I will return… just hold on”
Lune McConachie moans, "I told you they were evil."
Ruaelle Lionheart looks as she awakens, "if they can help... we need them... stay here" Hearin’ the strangers outside not very far she rushes to them…
Quron, “Hi, is it okay we use the fire… Ma'am?”
RuaelleLionheart still a lil distrust, "I need your help, Lune needs your help"
Quron, “With what?”
RuaelleLionheart, "she is sick like the others n' I can't help her"
Quron, “We tried and warn her...”
Lune McConachie sound of retching comes from tent
Herbert Glenfadden enters the tent cautiously, hand on his tactical knife
Quron, “ Ma'am... It looks like I'm going to have to say, I warned you...”
Lune McConachie looks up weakly, "Bastards ..."
Quron: We can help you, but we need to know everything Otherwise, it will only happen again
Lune McConachie tries to pull her sword, but fails.
Quron, “You don't need to be hostile to us; we only want to help...”
Ruaelle Lionheart watches n’worries, "will she be cured? Can she be cured?"
Lune McConachie, “This.... is ... what ... you ... call ... helping?”
Quron, “It depends... We need to remove anything she found at the wreckage. Do you know where it is… Ma'am?”
Viper hesitates, rememberin’ what lune told her, not to trust them. Seeing all this sickness n’ death, She wonders if Lune is wrong… Is this all worth for a few pieces of metal? Could the strangers heal her and everyone else? Quickly she tells them where all the pieces of metal is at also the devices. Within a few hours Lune was herself again she stormed out of the tent very angry… Her prize was gone, the evil pieces which caused sickness and death to these lands.
(Lune McConachie leaves as a Black Raider)
Quron begins to ask question to Viper, “Many elves here… Like you?”
Herbert Glenfadden, “There are only a handful of speci... err... Peoples... who would have been immune to the effects of the sickness”
Ruaelle Lionheart "I don't know any; they don't live around these parts”. Points towards the east where the forest is at, "there, that way"
Quron, “Well, I thought the bigger the ears, the more the sickness would affect them... Should be investigate”
Herbert Glenfadden, “She likely hears on a slightly higher frequency range than the rest of us. She can't hear sounds below the range, just as we can't hear sounds from above”
Quron, “Hmm”
Herbert Glenfadden pulls out a tricorder, “I would like to... erm... Take a reading on her”
Quron , “Do so, I find to too convenience that she is unaffected...”
Herbert Glenfadden, “Miss, have you any mirrors or perhaps a metal plate?”
Ruaelle Lionheart looks to the blue skinned with distrust, "what are you doing?"
Herbert Glenfadden, “I... uh... Need to direct the great spirits energy in order to read you correctly”
Quron waits for Herbert’s scans, “Well?”
RuaelleLionheart puts her hand to the blade, "well okay but remember I have a blade ready to strike if there is deception"
Herbert Glenfadden nods "Understood Miss, the reading will be harmless"
Herbert Glenfadden, “In here please Miss; it will only take a moment”
(Lune McConachie enters and appears as LT. McConachie)
Quron, “Ah, welcome”
LT. Lune McConachie reports Captain Quron, “I just thought I'd warn you that I saw very angry Dark Raider gathering forces.”
Quron, “In that case we might need to hurry it up a little”
Herbert Glenfadden, “Anything else we need Sir?”
When scans are complete Herbert relays that Viper was a Vulcan and not just any Vulcan they found Lt. Jg. Ruaelle. Viper still holdin’ on to her dagger on her side, suddenly they knew it’s not goin’ ta be easy. With the raiders comin’ nearer Captain Quron orders everyone into the tent in case any are watchin’… all except Viper she tries to run, but is hypo – sprayed unconscious and dragged back into the tent. For a brief seconds she touches the mind of all around n’ sees herself besides them workin’ n’ laugin’. After a Herbert does a quick scans of the entire area Captain Quron orders an emergency beam out as the Raiders come closer!
Captain Quron signals, “its Ru, and the Captain get Medics ready, teleport us hell out of here!”
LT. Lune McConachie, “Ready to beam out, sir!”
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After the examination of the star-gate and extra hours put in Lt Ruaelle finally makes it to her quarters. Removing uniform and slipping into Vulcan robes she orders a Vulcan mocha and begins her log, “Computer personal log...”
Lt Ruaelle Lionheart
Stardate 140414: It has been awhile since I have logged... so many things has happened since then. Since that incident my return to Vulcan with the help of both my mother and brother I have returned to some normalcy. After a long time I've become LT. Jg, also been promoted to Chief of Engineering.

Ruaelle takes another sip of the Vulcan mocha, “Okie continue...”

up to recent had to examine the device that people had no clue to it but surprise! It opens a wormhole!!
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