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dana offcourse


Well, I suppose it's been awhile since I was made CSO, so noone will think it big headed of me if I put it in the Log title.

It's been quite busy round here lately. Nanoa and I wrapped up Jules Verne. I cant pretend I'm happy Command doesnt want us exploring away from Pinastri Prime, but we will have to adjust. I suppose cartography will keep us quite busy over the next several months.

Science has also been involved in the Kellen affair. My shoulder still feels fairly tender from where I was hit several times by their laser guns. I suppose it's more my pride that's hurting. They jumped on us before we ever knew it. Nanoa and I have been working on the scans I did that day to find as much as we can about these people.

Weather Advisory Reports now cover three topics: sectors 001 and 002, air quality and space weather. The variability of our star virtually quarantees the weather will never be a boring topic.

I heard from my friend Peaches again after a long long time. She is the only person in the Alpha Quadrant I am still in regular touch with. Not being able to talk to her for a long time just helps me realise how far away from home we really are. I dont miss my family. Things were so bad between us when I decided to move Quarters, it was a blessing to put all those light years between us.

I hope our new CO will be able to recruit a new XO soon. I am not sure if PRF is in good shape at the moment, in spite of Andi's best efforts. New blood will help get this place going again.
dana offcourse


Stardate 110707

Yesterday I realised that short of working on the maps of our continent on Pinastri Prime, I neglected all other research projects. I think this is down to two things. First, the amount of time I have to spend on my CTO duties over at the Academy. The number of instructors having simulator training on the schedule is a lot less than the number of CTO's, so the strain is taken up by the rest of us. In addition, I'm the only one teaching at a time easily accessible to Alpha's. Plus, I'm the only one teaching SIM: Science Officer Training.

The second reason, I think, is my continuing annoyance with being limited to Pinastri Prime. Also, I get the feeling that Security is eyeing what we do and is trying to elbow in, and more or less have us assist them in what they do. I am not interested in playing Sherlock Holmes with someone looking over my shoulder. I'm a scientist, an explorer and a resercher, and if I cant be that at PRF, well, I will have to go elsewhere.

There was another investigation related to the Kellen, regarding the dead body of an Orion female. We assisted examining the crime scene, and promised to share our findings. What we will not do, is hand our readings over for someone else to analyse. I will not be the PRF CSO that oversees the Section's downfall.

Finally, I took Nanoa and a midshipman Harry426 on a mission to the tallest mountain on the continent. I decided to suggest we call that "Mountain Tay Tay" to honour our fallen Comrade Taylorholic Durant. I hope Command approves.

That's enough bellyaching for now. I'm off to observe the weather.

dana offcourse


Stardate 110714

[OOC The following is all related to RL. This week has been one of the worst for a long time. Monday morning, a fire broke out in a Naval Base, which resulted in an explosion. In that incident, 12 brave men lost their lives, and many others received injuries of varying seriousness. One of those died last night. The 12 dead include 4 Naval officers (including the Chief of the Navy and the Base Commander), 3 Sailors (young kids 19yo doing their National Service) including the one who died last night, and 6 Firemen. The blast destroyed a large part of the Base, and took out a nearby power station, which provides 50% of our electricity. So we have been faced with power cuts, at least twice a day, lasting approximately 2 hours, and no AC in a 39C heat. One of those powercuts caught me unawares with a partially charged laptop, and prevented me from teaching my class yesterday. The effect of the powercuts on our economy is enormous.

None of it matters compared with the loss of life. Life is precious, and its loss is a deep tragedy, especially the loss of young lives as in this case. There are things in life worth fighting and dying for: liberty, defence of one's country, defence of family and our loved ones, or certain other ideals. I know what I am talikng about. But the incompetence and sheer stupidity of politicians and bureaucrats is not worth dying for. The deaths of these heroes were needless.

As you may appreciate, I am angry and sad and hurting inside, as we all are here in this island. So forgive me if I had not been my usual self these past few days, and have been unable to deal with the UFS-style drama. I have not been able to be as understanding as I might have been of hurt feelings or those quick to take offence over well-intenioned gestures. I was even less than gracious towards top brass who jumped on me with both feet before being in possession of all facts. None of you had any obligation to know what I was labouring under, but maybe this is a good chance for us to be reminded that behind each avatar there is a human being worthy of respect.

UFS is in danger of ceasing to be fun OOC ENDS]

I have heard from Command. The name for the Mountain we discovered has been turned down. That was a week ago, but noone bothered telling me until Tuesday. At that time, I used the name in a PRF Group message, ie a place where it would be read by a total of 24 people, assuming all group members would read it. Well, one of them decided that I was being disrespectful, and before I knew it I was covered from head to toe in menure, thrown from the highest possible place. Why are people so ready to take abuse? Anyway, no more naming mountains, rivers or lakes on Pinastri IV for me.

PRF has been limited to exploring Pinastri Prime. That's what I do, and that's what I will continue to do. Not for all those people, but for myself.
dana offcourse


Stardate 110728 Supplemental

I got promoted to Lieutenant Commander last Sunday, something I'm very pleased about. We have new people joining PRF which is very nice. We continue the survey of Pinastri Prime, and we find more and more about it, and the life it contains. We also find more evidence of the presence of Rajans.

My simulator classes attract between 5 and 8 people each time. It is hard work trying to keep tracks of what everyone does. Unfortunately, some people have to leave halfway through, due to rl or because they crash. This can complicate things, as key personnel that you planned would have a role, simply disappear. It is a coincidence, that quite often it's the engineer that leaves. That is a problem, because most often mishaps need an engineer to fix, such as engines or trasnporters out.

People keep complaining in the Forums that there are only 2 simulator classes on the Schedule. We are 12 CTO's, what are the rest doing? I know it takes a long time to qualify, but still that's no excuse. I've been teaching simulator classes since February, and in that time only 1 new person qualified, and thats the one teaching the other class. Come on guys, it's hard work teaching sim, but it's fun also.
dana offcourse


Stardate 110808

I was so looking forward to the mission on SD110806. To say I hold a grudge against the Kellen is an understatement. You should always beware of Greeks whether they bear gifts or not. My shoulder still smarts from where those thugs shot me. Twice. My pride hurts more, and I want revenge. I replicated my clothes to match the primitive culture we were going to visit and also several low-tech weapons to use. I even practiced with the bow and the sword. However, it wasnt to be. Saturday morning I woke up with a splitting headache, and an upset stomach. By the time of the pre-mission briefing I was weak as a puppy. I put my tail between my hind legs and I sent my apologies to the XO. I missed out on the mission. Reading the reports about it, it didnt go very well. There were a couple of injuries, and no Kellen were detected. One of the crew may well had been guilty of violating the Prime Directive.

I keep reminding myself I´m an old style country Meteorologist, not a gunslinger. So I will drown my sorrows by exploring a nice looking lake to the east of Sector 001, beyond the mountains (M3) just visible from the Welcome Centre on a clear day. That will be a continuation of Project Darwin. I am also pursuing Project Ulysses. I have almost charted the second continent C2 and will put up a report. Just in case any of the brass are reading this: These are not names, they are just my way of identifying geographic features, are in no way meant to be used by others, do not refer to anyone and are not showing disrespect to anyone. I must be the only explorer in the history of Homo Sapiens who is not allowed to name her finds. I will soon run out of places to visit on Pinastri Prime. You know what they say about idle hands.

This reminds me. I will soon need to issue a new Weather Advisory Report. I feel a nice storm brewing somewhere in the vicinity of the WC in Sector 001.
dana offcourse


Well, yet again someone from outside PRF took offence over one of my missions. There is too much "you cant do this" or "you cant do that" and political correctness imposed left right and centre. I'm fed up with it. So, this is how it's going to be: No more exploration of Pinastri Prime, as I'm shutting Project Darwin down. No more mid-week missions ran by me. If anyone else wants to do it, go ahead. I will continue performing my duties as PRF Chief of Science, but that is it. Project Ulysses will continue, and I will continue to issue Weather Advisories. PRF has always had a very active Science Deck, and it always attracted rl scientists to it. We try to make this world we all inhabit and play in, in the delta quadrant, a more believable and exciting one. If we are allowed, we will continue to do so.
dana offcourse


Today a new crew member joined us on the Science Deck, LT jg Zyke Dragoone. His arrival is most welcome, as the other two crew, are on LOA. I am glad of our XO's involvement in our projects. She is an accomplished biologist, and an expert on Delta quadrant flora and fauna.

Our lab investigation went very well last week. As a result we'´ll be visiting the Humboldt Belt to gather more data. It will be a chance to take my shuttle out of the mothballs it´s been in, since I suspended Project Darwin. I have completed my survey of continent C2 (again to all those poor sensitive touchy little souls out there, that is not a name, simply a label for my own use and amusement), and will be in a position, soon, to publish it.

For the moment, I keep my mouth shut, my ears open, my belt tightened, and patience on full. People should still beware of greeks whether we bear gifts or not!
dana offcourse


Stardate 111023 Supplemental

It's been a busy month since my last log. We've had a number of science missions and I also took part in PRF Command-ran missions. We were finally left off our leash temporarily and were allowed off the planet. We visited both the Humboldt belt, and were allowed to go again, as well as a visit to a Red giant about to release a rare helium flash.

CDR has asked me to lead the early efforts to establish an underwater outpost northeast of 001 and 002 which will allow us to innestaigate the oceans of our home better. I am looking forward to comparing these results with those we obtained on Pinastri V. Come to think of it, there arent that many planetary systems with two planets able to sustain life, so Pinastri allows an oportunity to do comparative studies of evolution on two neighbouring planets. This is not comparable to the Earth-Mars couple, as Mars never developed life beyond the unicellular level (so far as it is known). Here, both Pinastri IV and V have trees, land animals, fish etc.

Oh, I have completed the survey of continent C3 (please gentle sensitive touchy souls out there that's a label for my use, not a name, all is well and as it should be). I will soon be able to collate a Magna Mappa Pinastralis.

Oh joy!
dana offcourse


Stardate 111111 Personal Log: Supplemental

I'm at my desk on the Science Deck at PRF, trying to write a new research proposal. However, I cannot help thinking about my friend Harley Quinn and her sudden departure. She is not only a friend, but a valuable colleague, and a regular partner in our various investigations. With luck and technology permitting, we'll be able to keep in touch, but I will still miss our daily contacts. Our CO has asked me to step in as acting XO. I agreed to do this, but hopefully a new XO will be assigned soon. At the moment, I'm the only active officer in Science at PRF, with 2 people on long term LOA and a third away at the moment and unsure when he'll return. At least the Station overall is thriving.

I had a chat the other day with PRF's previous CO CDR Jorden Allen, about a new array he is designing. This gave me an idea which could make possible easier communication with the alpha quadrant. It is still very sketchy in my mind, but I hope I'll be able to present Command with a proposal soon. It will be good to be able to send and receive messages from family and friends. I left Earth after a blazing argument with my family. I'm sure they want to patch things up as much as I do. OK I'm a Meteorologist, not a Diplomat or an Agony Aunt, but I should be able to have a civilised conversation with my parents of more than 5 words long.
dana offcourse


Stardate 111213 Supplemental

I keep promising myself I'll be more diligent with my log writing, but I only seem to manage one a month, at best two. Maybe more frequent entries will have to be my New Year's resolution.

I have been offered the post of SIM Division Director at the Avademy, and I accepted. This means frequent trips to Alexandria. I dont mind that, as it is very welcoming Station. I also get the chance to keep an eye on the probes I still have there monitoring the two gas giants. We went on a field trip last week to help USS Menelaus. That was a nice experience. I hadnt flown a Workbee in a while, so I took the opportunity to practice my piloting skills. I promised myself I wll be taking my shuttle out more often.
dana offcourse


Stardate 111223 Supplemental

With Christmas two days away, this will propably be my last log entry before the New Year. So, all my best wishes for a happy holiday to all my friends in UFS. It has been a busy year full of ups and downs. I made some new friends, mended fences with some others, and saw some friends go away. They may be gone, but not forgotten, and I remain hopeful they will come back.

There have been many changes round here in the recent past, and there will be more. With a bit of luck, however, PRF will still be here in some form or other and some more fun will be had.
dana offcourse


Stardate 120329

It has been an interesting time this past month at Pathfinder, as we have been busy commissionning CORI and using it to investigate the Pinastri oceans. Preliminary scans have indicated that near to the base there are some deep crevasses, while towards the west the ocean becomes very deep. We have also been observing the various lifeforms. We have had a series of encounters with a mysterious shadow, which turned out to be a hitherto unknown lifeform. During the last shift, Q used a tachyon emitter from to CORI to illuminate the whole environment. I was in a pinastrostationary orbit above CORI in the Runabout USS Pericles, observing the tachyon bursts. Something strange happened, as the tachyon burst was absorbed by some lifeform, and sent back towards the Base. The data obtained is still under analysis.

I keep telling my CO I'm a Meteorologist not a deep sea diver. At least we live in interesting times.
dana offcourse


Stardate 120807

Today I filed my latest Weather Advisory Report. I was released from the Tranquility Sickbay on SD 120802 but was told to take it easy for a few days. On SD 120801, the XO CMD Josie Sauber came to visit. She told me that everyone except for myself and LT Zyke Dragoone were quickly located after the destruction of PRF. Apparently, I was the only one in the building at the time. Everyone else was gathering outside for an emergency drill. When she said that, I suddenly remember that I was getting ready to go outside myself, when I was knocked down. She had listed me as missing, until she received the report that I was on Tranquility. As far as she knew, Zyke was still missing. I laughed and told her that I knew exactly where Zyke was: I had sent him that day to Pinastri V to collect data from probes we left there, hoping to find evidence that the underwater civilisation we found there was Arnarnian. He was obviously still there.

We were given permission to set up temporary shop on Tranquility Station. This suits me fine, as I own a Condo here and is virtually my home. I will have to liaise with the Tranquility CSO to see whether we can begin studying the causes for the destruction of PRF in earnest.
dana offcourse


SD 130717

I havent updated mty personal log for a long time, not because there was nothing to write about, but quite the opposite. New developments have been coming in from left right and centre keeping me busy. We are slowly settling in in the new Station, now located in space rather than on a planet. I have been busy surveying our new stellar system, and should be in position soon to publish my results (OOC ie once the UFS Brass decides to approve the location of the system and its structure. And, no, all them sensitive souls out there need not worry, no names given even to a tiny rock).

Some bad news came from the Pinastri System. Some time before PRF was destroyed, I sent LT Zyke Dragoone to Pinastri V to continue the study of some underwater ruins we found there, trying to establish if they were related to our friends the Arnanians. He was in touch with SS Tranquility for about two months after we left the system to establish the name Space Station. Then, about three weeks ago contact was lost. A detachment of Marines was dispatched to find him. They found him, but he was dead. I requested an autopsy to establish the cause of death, as well as a thorough scan of the surroundings. I want to establish whether the Arnarians are behind this, and will act accordingly.
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