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Starbase Pathfinder is one of UFS’s longest existing commands. It was originally a ground-based command on the surface of Pinastri IV. Starbase Pathfinder is currently under the command of Captain Andromeda St. John who is served onboard Pathfinder since graduating from the Academy on stardate 090516.
If you’re interested in joining the crew Pathfinder or Academy student in which to observe her role play, please contact Commodore Andromeda St. John.

Roleplay Times: Saturdays 9am to 11am SLT
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jackray toocool
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


WOW what a day . I am so happy to be chief of engineering and I never would think this could happen to me, I like to congratulate RU who is now an second in
command to the XO she a hard worker and she good with putting missions together plus she can lead in r p s and good at put folks to do things an under her
we come together as a crew on a mission. so I am happy for me too>I will work my best to keep the research station the best in the fleet and try to be on all rps
and work as a member of a team who home is s s pathfinder who history is long an best told plus is part of uf Starfleet and 12th fleet ru now in 12th fleet.
my work on all things pathfinder has help me get to chief of engineering. Hours put in fixing medical beds and medical devices and rebuilding our armory
on the space station. Phasser guns an rifles all my work on shuttles and the short long rage ship with her needs . I like to thank the co for making me chief
commodore Andromeda st john Aeon / any way I had a long day scanning for ships an finding rog ships an get back to base. long day so I end this log here
commander jackray chief of engineering pathfinder
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