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Starbase Pathfinder is one of UFS’s longest existing commands. It was originally a ground-based command on the surface of Pinastri IV. Starbase Pathfinder is currently under the command of Captain Andromeda St. John who is served onboard Pathfinder since graduating from the Academy on stardate 090516.
If you’re interested in joining the crew Pathfinder or Academy student in which to observe her role play, please contact Commodore Andromeda St. John.

Roleplay Times: Saturdays 9am to 11am SLT
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jackray toocool
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


jackray loge , I am happy my horns are not shedding any more, They make my ship room a mess , plus all that skin hair is
hard to blast in to space in trash bags, it take five enlisted person to do it, cadet mirian is a hero she help fix the scanning
array . the hole day working to keep the space station pathfinder from falling in to an other M class planet, getting the power cores to restart and using thrusters on all side of the station to work, the co and the xo plus ru made up a small away team
and head to the planet in a shuttle, ru put me in charge of the place an the cadets help in fit up the place with the enlist crew,
me and crew five replaced an fixed power coils and I scanned the power core for any plasma licks but we lucky out, the gods where with us, I keep the pathfinder in good shape , The winter is coming soon an I be use gloves on my hand to hide the green
slim that on my hands every winter, we 169,0000 feet in orbit around the moon, the away team is back by now, I be end this loge
need sleep to start the next day of work and all , computer end loge here , commander jackray toocool
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