180720 MISSION: “Thunderbird Docking”

Starbase Pathfinder is one of UFS’s longest existing commands. It was originally a ground-based command on the surface of Pinastri IV. Starbase Pathfinder is currently under the command of Captain Andromeda St. John who is served onboard Pathfinder since graduating from the Academy on stardate 090516.
If you’re interested in joining the crew Pathfinder or Academy student in which to observe her role play, please contact Commodore Andromeda St. John.

Roleplay Times: Saturdays 9am to 11am SLT
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Name: AndromedaStJohn.Aeon
Stardate: 180720
MISSION: “Thunderbird Docking”
Location of Incident: PRS Air Space
Task Force: Two

Commodore St. John, Andromeda (AndromedaStJohn.Aeon) Commanding Officer Command Keylarion-Kiana
Lt Lionheart, Ruaelle (RuaelleLionheart) Chief of Engineering Engineering Vulcan-Klingon

Station log Stardate 180720 1637hrs.

Over the past several days, Pathfinder has been receiving the serviving vessels from the Kaurtak Task force. One of the last expected vessel is the Thunderbird. I am please to see my old friend Azdra. I have a bottle of Keylarion Reserve with her name on it. I also have security standing by for one of her personnel. Rebel is a Cabbit, sort of this bunny rabbit. Well, an insane rabbit. The last time it was here, it seemed to think that every plant on the station required fertilization. It also had this desired to hold my Chief of Security hostage. The other issues it that darn Cabbit think it need to shed its fur in the ventilation system. The last time the Thunderbird was here, we smelled Cabbit for a day I have ordered that Rebel and any other Cabbit be taken to Sickbay and then to the barber and shaved naked. I am not doing that again. Yes, I could just bar then from the station but, everyone knows they will find a way to board PRS.


“USS Thunderbird to Starbase Pathfinder”. A smile slid across Andromeda’s face when she heard the voice from her office. She got up and headed towards C&C. Her combadge chirp as she entered command. ENS Johari looked up and closed her comm line to the Commodore. Being feline herself, she suspected that the Commodore heard the Thunderbird’s hail. Andromeda walked over to her console and tapped a button. Thunderbird, this is PRS. How the hell are you doing”? Azdra’s face appeared on Andromeda’s command console as well as the main view screen. The first thing Andromeda noticed was how tired Captain Portland looked. There was obvious weariness in her eyes. Andromeda had already reviewed the damage reports for the Thunderbird and knew they had taken a beating. “Most of us are fine. We did loose a few crew people. We could ready use your facilities”. “Well Captain, I have a bottle of Keylarion Reserve with your name on it. What is your ETA”? Azdra look towards her helm officer, “I am told that we are ten minutes out from the outer beacon. Oh and… We have a trainee at the helm”. Azdra smiled and almost giggled and cut off the channel. There are few things that scare CO’s of a Starbase. Helm training is one of them. Nothing, and I mean nothing causes not dings, dents, scratches on the hull of a Starbase than new helm personnel.

“USS Thunderbird entering PRS airspace”, a Lt Braxton reported from the Ops console. Andromeda tapped a key and brought up the information on her screen. The Thunderbird limped into the area. The communications chime sounded and then the face of Captain Azdra Fall appeared on the screen, “Starbase Pathfinder, this is the USS Thunderbird. We just dropped out of warp and are two minutes out from the outer marker”. Andromeda responded, “Acknowledged Thunderbird. Please hold at outer mark 17”. “Oh Andi, we are going to leave the comm line open as we are training. I refused to take responsibility for anything that is said”. From over the open communications channel, the voice of Thunderbird’s infamous helms officer could be heard talking to his trainee, “We are about to have some good ole space sex”! Everyone in the PRS C&C tried to suppress the giggles. Andromeda rolled her eyes. Rebel V could be heard speaking to the trainee, "OK, you need to open the comms, and request clearance for docking at the station in a nice... ummm... ‘fleet’ manner”. The trainee spoke up, “Pathfinder, this is the Thunderbird, we have reached outer marker 17 and holding position”. Andromeda spoke up, Acknowledged Thunderbird. We are cleaning out a nest for you. We currently have you slated as ‘high priority’. We also have the Apache and the Valkyrie just ahead of you”. Andromeda turned to the OND (Officer On Deck, “Yellow Alert, Thunderbird has arrived”. “Aye, aye Mama”. The yellow alert sounded, and a warning went out to the crew. On the view screen, the face of the Cabbit looked up while the rest of the bridge crew started laughing, “I heard that”! The trainee flushed.

After shuffling some of the smaller craft and clearing a path, the thunderbird was contacted. “Thunderbird, Pathfinder, please proceed on course 218 mark 36 at ¼ impulse. Head to inner beacon #3. Standby for shutdown checklist”. “Pathfinder, Thunderbird, we acknowledge”. Said the voice of the trainee. Rebel V could be heard, “This is the part where the Amazon will command us to do things to appease her”. “Amazon” the Trainee asked. “Just wait, you will find out” Azdra giggled. “Now plot the course they gave us”. The Thunderbird began to move towards Beacon #3. Lt Braxton spoke up, “Thunderbird, begin checklist shutdown. Main warp drive to offline and vent plasma. Main deflector dish to passive mode. Long range communication offline. All defensive and offensive systems offline. Long range sensors to offline, short range to passive mode. Transfer ship’s logs and medical records”. A voice came up, “Acknowledged Pathfinder. Warp drive is now offline, and we are venting plasma. Main deflector dish is passive mode. Long range communication is offline. Short range tied in with PRS Communications. Long range sensors are offline with short range to passive mode. Establishing link with PRS. Beginning upload of ship’s logs and medical records”. The checklist continued for a time and finally ended.

“St. John to Captain Fall”. Azdra’s face came up, “What’s up Andi”? “A certain insane fuzzy officer of yours, is ordered to Sickbay for exams, shaving, neutering and tagging. A security team will arrive as soon as you dock”. A scream could be heard over the communications line”. Đreaм βroĸer spoke to Revel V “Rebel, should I tell them about the big scratch on the side of the nacelle from the last docking exercise”? “I do not think that is really necessary at this time” A miffed Rebel stated. The Trainee pointed to something blinking on the console. “Rebel V stood up and screamed, “You activate the self-destruct” as on que, the rest of the bridge crew stood up and screamed, “WE’RE GOING TO ALL DIE”!!!! The Trainee turn completely white.

After a few moments of the bridge crew running around screaming, Azdra said, “Wait, which was it”. The Trainee point to the offending flashy thingy. “Rebel, that is the venting is complete flashy thingy”. Rebel V appeared shocked “OH!!! That is what that is for”. The Trainee gave Rebel V the death stare. On both sides of the screen, everyone burst into laughter. Rebel stood and bowed “Please tip your “Cabbit, I will be here all night”. The trainee sat thinking, “These people are crazy”. Their Part Betazed CO address the Trainee, “Yes, we all are but, we are all professional and know what we are doing. You are going to have to learn how to relax and have fun. If not, the stress of this job will tear you apart”. The Trainee appeared sullen but only looked ahead.

The Thunderbird arrived at Inner beacon #7 and held position. The Trainee stated, “Pathfinder, Thunderbird is holding station at Beacon #3”. “Pathfinder acknowledges. Continue to hold” Lt Braxton replied as she looked at her board. She then contacted the Dock Master for slip assignment. Once she got the dry dock assignment, she contacted the Thunderbird. “Thunderbird Flight control, please proceed to dry dock 12 at 1/8 impulse. Beacon code to follow”. She sent the beacon IDF code. “Thunderbird had received the beacon IDF proceeding on course” said the Trainee.

After a few minutes, the Thunderbird arrived at the drydock and positioned itself for entry into the Drydock. Over the comm channel, the following was heard. “You have to speak nicely to the Dock Master. Treat them with respect. ‘Hello dry dock, are you ready for me? I know it’s our first time. I know I’m are big, but we promise to go slow and easy. I will be gentle”. The Dock Master 7 was quick to reply having heard this nonsense before, “Thunderbird, no need to be gentle we like it rough and we have had much bigger before. Don’t come in too early or it will not be fun for anyone”. For the first time, Rebel V was quiet. Thunderbird slipped into the dry dock without incident. Dock Master had the final says. “Thunderbird Dock Master 7, please let us know when you are in. Oh, wait, you are in. Sorry, we did not feel you in there. Welcome to Dock 7. Attaching umbilical lines now. Gangway extended. Airlock attached soft seal. Magnetic constrictor attached. Now showing hard seal on the airlock. Dock has control of thunderbird. Warp Core in full shutdown mode. You are on our power”. Thunderbird acknowledged and settled to rest.

As predictable, PRS Security teams arrived at the airlock to meet the Thunderbird Security team. Rebel did his best to try and escape. Cabbit screams could be heard as they moved down the hallway. In medical, for some reason, all the hyposprays disappear and were replaced by ancient devices with long needles on them. The Acting CMO had to go and look up how to use them.

On the holodeck, Andromeda, Varda, Azdra, Azdra’s XO, and Ru all sat on a warm beach getting massages. All five ladies relaxed while the rest of the universe continued. Then Andromeda’s combadge chirped. “St. John”. A voice spoke, “Ma’am I wish to report that the Cabbit got loose and bit two of our medical staff and one security officer until her was stunned. We now have him restained in a biofield in sickbay”. “Undeerstood. Shave him now, give him his shots after he wakes up”. A nervous voice replied, “Yes Ma’am”.

END Report
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