Starbase Pathfinder is one of UFS’s longest existing commands. It was originally a ground-based command on the surface of Pinastri IV. Starbase Pathfinder is currently under the command of Captain Andromeda St. John who is served onboard Pathfinder since graduating from the Academy on stardate 090516.
If you’re interested in joining the crew Pathfinder or Academy student in which to observe her role play, please contact Commodore Andromeda St. John.

Roleplay Times: Saturdays 9am to 11am SLT
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Name: VardaSilver Spearsong
Stardate: 180224
MISSION: Explore new sector for possible life on X-gamma twelve
Location of Incident: PRS Air Space
Task Force: Two

LT Spearsong, VardaSilver Acting XO Command Vulcan
Lt Cmdr Lionheart, Ruaelle Chief of Engineering Engineering Vulcan-Klingon
Lt Cmdr Toocool, Jackery Vice Chief of Engineering Engineering Hova
LTjg Tentin, Mirona Ops Human

Station log 180224

We set out to explore X-Gamma Twelve, a new sector that had been rumors to have possible life. This intrigues me greatly and I am glad I am on board with my two best officers on this mission to gather data. Lt Commander Jack Ray and Lt commander Ruaelle Lionheart.

Upon leaving towards the destination, I review the notes I have been given before about there being possible life. Did they get a life signal from someplace, or was it all just rumors made up because of the appearance of the planet. Jack checks his grid and makes sure everything has been running optimal on the engineering and ops side, while Ruaelle takes the helm and flies us towards our destination.

Jack is excited at the possibility of seeing some wildlife as well as I am. The thought of finding a new planet, confirmed to have life is a huge accomplishment in my book, so the tension of wanting to find out is there. Rue says we should arrive in 4 hours, I have waited this long, 4 hours is nothing to wait a little longer.

Ruaelle takes a look at the navigation charts while on the way to our destination, and re-plots the course to avoid some asteroids in our path. That would have been very detrimental if we hit that field so I am thankful she was keeping an eye out. She then updates us on our ETA 2 hours, only 2 more hours till we arrive at our course. The excitement is starting to build, since my first love was always Medical and Science, this really makes the trip an adventure like not other for me.

Jack scans the next area of space and finds that there is an M class planet coming up when we arrive, could that be the one? It has a couple of small moons as well, so it is a possibility. After a while Rue comes back and says it is 15 minutes to Gamma sector and would take us an additional 10 to reach the destination.

I little while later Ruaelle, says we have reach Gamma twelve, and now we need to be cautious no one has explore this sector yet so we must take precaution while exploring a new location. Jack chimes in that we are like Columbus arriving first to a new sector. I suppose that is true and intriguing. Jack then wants to start tagging wild animals, but I remind him were not ever sure if we can breath the air much less tag anything. We need to approach everything cautiously. Ruaelle says we have arrived at the planet that was sighted a while back on a scan and we set into orbit. Jack immediately sends a scan for what type of air is on this planet. Jack comes back with his results and says that the air may not be as breathable as it was on earth, so I have the away team suit themselves up just in case.

Once we are in stable orbit Jack starts to scan for any life forms on the planet, it will take approximately 3 hours to do a scan of the entire planet. I let Jack know there is no rush and to just do his best. Ruaelle says that were maintaining good distance and no trouble ahead in our orbit, that is really great news, because it gives us time to do our scans on the planet.

Jack scans for metals, then water and tries to figure out how much of it is on the planet and what the PH in the water is. He comes back with a PH of 13, that's a very high alkaline content. The south pole is dry like a desert, and the northern pole is big with lots of ice and snow. He says the middle resembles a jungle, which is good news definite signs of life. He scans and finds lifeforms on the planet what kind we don't know yet, we will have to send an away team to find that out. The temperature reads 49 on the area he scanned so we know that it is too terribly cold in some places. He scanned the north pole and found it was 10 degrees Fahrenheit with some variances in different sections. Mirona ((who came in late but still showed up)) scanned for life in the north pole of the planet. She says that the northern region is a bit colder and has temperature variances, but she reads many animal lifeforms on the surface. In the area where is there higher temperature higher lifeforms are present.

Mirona says that in the higher temperature areas there is a variety of trees and flora available with brush land. We stalled here till the next day everyone was excited on what we have found and we all needed a good rest after today.
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