Pathfinder Research Station missions (side)

Starbase Pathfinder is one of UFS’s longest existing commands. It was originally a ground-based command on the surface of Pinastri IV. Starbase Pathfinder is currently under the command of Captain Andromeda St. John who is served onboard Pathfinder since graduating from the Academy on stardate 090516.
If you’re interested in joining the crew Pathfinder or Academy student in which to observe her role play, please contact Commodore Andromeda St. John.

Roleplay Times: Saturdays 9am to 11am SLT
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Engineering - Commander
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Ship/Station Posted:


An Investigation of strange readings from a structure two sectors away from stations position.
[08:41] RuaelleLionheart: hop on the driver seat now
[08:42] VardaVarda (vardasilver.spearsong) "looks over to Lt Cmndr, "Let's see what this academy student can do"
[08:43] Hal Jordan: It handles like a sports car
[08:46] VardaVarda (vardasilver.spearsong) "it seems the humans navigation skills need improvement"
[08:48] RuaelleLionheart: what branch did you choose?
[08:49] Hal Jordan: Intelligence
[08:50] VardaVarda (vardasilver.spearsong) "scanning the area"
[08:52] VardaVarda (vardasilver.spearsong) "I detect a distress signal coming from a distant object, possibly a ship Lt Cmdr"
[08:54] RuaelleLionheartRuaelleLionheart , "take us closer Cadet, get a lock on that vessel... bring us 10,000 km of object bearing"
[08:54] Hal Jordan: "Aye, sir, we're on our way"
[08:56] Hal Jordan: "I believe we're within visual range now"
[08:56] Varda: "I detect the vessel nearby"
[08:57] Varda: "It appears to be a sort of station Lt Cmndr"
[08:58] Varda: "I do detect an increasing number of life forms present as well"
[08:58] Hal Jordan: "I hope they're friendly"
[08:58] RuaelleLionheart: "Get a full sensor scan of the station... looks derelict"
[08:59] Varda: "My scans are picking up life forms, but not discernible, possibly an alien race, my recommendation is we should approach this as a hostile situation, fully armed"
[09:01] RuaelleLionheartRuaelleLionheart looks at the incoming data thru her console, "The life scans read all over the station, but can't find people?"
[09:01] Varda: "I do not pick up any human or humanoid life forms present, or living for that matter"
[09:02] Hal Jordan: "The outer hull looks like it has hundreds of years of meteorite damage"
[09:02] RuaelleLionheartRuaelleLionheart wonders, "Run a check on any missing vessels or Bases thru federation data bases"
[09:03] Hal Jordan: "We are drifting a little, attempting to compensate"
[09:05] Varda: "according to the records this station does not appear on any list of active stations, judging by the design of the build I would say that it is an old federation science station
[09:06] RuaelleLionheartRuaelleLionheart smiles, "Then a salvage ops... let's see what's in there, but let's take precautions.. "
[09:07] Varda: "Agreed Lt Cmandr, according to the plans the opening is at the very top of this structure"
[09:07] RuaelleLionheartRuaelleLionheart , "Cadet takes us in "
[09:07] Hal Jordan: "Aye sir"
[09:07] Varda: higher cadet atop the structure
[09:08] Varda: holds on while the cadet makes a bumpy landing
[09:08] Hal Jordan: "There we are, ready to disembark"
[09:09] Hal Jordan: Landing gear deployed, engines secured"
[09:11] Varda: eyes the cadet, "as a human would say, please watch your six, if my readings are correct we may have more than a few samples to take back with us, if they do not exterminate us first"
[09:14] RuaelleLionheart: "Great pilot!"
[09:14] Varda: looks at the lining of the hatch to the stations. "nice landing cadet"
[09:14] Hal Jordan: "Thanks very much"
[09:19] VardaVarda (vardasilver.spearsong) "ready cadet?"
[09:20] Hal Jordan: "I believe so sir"
[09:20] RuaelleLionheart: let's go!
[09:21] Aliens mini-game shouts: NEW MARINE: RuaelleLionheart Resident
[09:21] Aliens mini-game shouts: Level 1... a new wave of aliens are coming...
[09:21] Aliens mini-game shouts: Radar indicates 3 healthy eggs.
[09:21] Aliens mini-game shouts: MISSION: -= ALIEN DESTRUCTION =- has started (Difficulty: NORMAL)
[09:21] Aliens mini-game shouts: NEW MARINE: VardaSilver Spearsong
[09:21] Aliens mini-game shouts: NEW MARINE: GreenLantern Excelsior
[09:21] facehugger: Oh noes!
[09:21] Alien Egg shouts: GURRGHH!
[09:21] facehugger: Oh noes!
[09:21] Aliens mini-game shouts: RuaelleLionheart Resident is down!!!
[09:22] RuaelleLionheart: XP
[09:22] facehugger: Oh noes!
[09:22] facehugger: Oh noes!
[09:22] RuaelleLionheart: i'm the red shirt))
[09:23] Aliens mini-game shouts: GreenLantern Excelsior is down!!!
[09:24] Aliens mini-game shouts: VardaSilver Spearsong is down!!!
[09:24] Aliens mini-game shouts: Level 1... a new wave of aliens are coming...
[09:24] Aliens mini-game shouts: Radar indicates 3 healthy eggs.
[09:24] Aliens mini-game shouts: MISSION: -= ALIEN DESTRUCTION =- has started (Difficulty: NORMAL)
[09:24] Varda: did you collect some samples?
[09:25] Varda: "where is the cadet?'
[09:27] VardaVarda (vardasilver.spearsong) "I was able to collect enough samples for processing"
[09:28] Hal Jordan: "Sorry I wasn't much use out there. My gun jammed on me."
[09:29] Varda: "your gun not functioning is not hardly your fault"
[09:30] RuaelleLionheartRuaelleLionheart comes up wit a solution, "we go to a safe distance lock on to this place n' shoot a salvo of torpedoes till it's completely gone"
[09:30] Varda: "It was old equipment, we did the best we could, with what we were equipped with"
[09:30] Hal Jordan: "That sounds like a good idea. We would never be able to kill all of these creatures."
[09:31] RuaelleLionheartRuaelleLionheart , before that happens download whatever you can from it's core"
[09:31] Varda: "Lt Cmdr, might i suggest we also pull the computer's files?"
[09:32] RuaelleLionheart: yup exactly ... download the computer core
[09:33] Varda: "accessing files" scans through the mainframe and begins extraction"
[09:33] Varda: "extraction completed"
[09:34] RuaelleLionheart: "when ready let's board n' get to our stations"
[09:35] Hal Jordan: "Aye sir"
[09:36] Hal Jordan: "Engines idling, ship ready for departure"
[09:36] RuaelleLionheartRuaelleLionheart , "fly us 5,000 km target this station get a firing solution when locked on fire torpedoes"
[09:36] Hal Jordan: "Understood, moving away now"
[09:37] Hal Jordan: "Photon torpedoes locked, firing now"
[09:37] RuaelleLionheartRuaelleLionheart checks in, "do you got all the data?"
[09:38] Varda: yes Lt Cmdr
[09:38] RuaelleLionheart: "Fire!"
[09:38] Hal Jordan: "Torpedoes away, impact in 10 seconds"
[09:39] RuaelleLionheart: get a lil' closer to derez station))
[09:40] Varda: /"all signs of life forms have ceased Lt Cmdr"
[09:40] Hal Jordan: "Station has been vaporized."
[09:40] RuaelleLionheartRuaelleLionheart "Yay! good for lil' buggers"
[09:41] Hal Jordan: "Creepy crawlers eliminated"
[09:42] Hal Jordan: "Shall we head for home?:
[09:43] RuaelleLionheartRuaelleLionheart thinks 'bout the station, "Hmm this has clearly federation build materials.. n' tech, but no record on file... we stumbled into a dirty federation black ops thingie!"
[09:44] Hal Jordan: "I hope we downloaded enough information to send several people to a penal colony."
[09:46] RuaelleLionheartRuaelleLionheart , "okies this is what we will do... 1 inform the Captain. Then we'll see what to do next" raises two fingers, smiles, "2 No reportin' to Starfleet till then"
[09:48] Hal Jordan: "We may not know who to trust. Although...could it be that the Federation building materials and technology were stolen or diverted by persons unknown?"
[09:49] Hal Jordan: "Pirates, for want of a better word?"
[09:52] RuaelleLionheartRuaelleLionheart , "could be or... or.. like i said this has Starfleet deep cover stink all over it.... deep intel work!"
[09:52] Varda: "I do not recall Starfleet having any particular smell Lt Cmndr"
[09:53] RuaelleLionheart: "I bet they wish they covered this one up", giggles.
[09:53] Hal Jordan: "Well I hope that is not the case. On an unrelated note, this runabout is in need of a Level 1 Diagnostic to discover why it keeps drifting all over the place."
[09:55] Varda: "If your referring to an intrigue Lt Cmnd., I would have to agree, this does seem odd, however the stations records do indicate that is was a science vessel as I have presumed"
[09:55] RuaelleLionheartRuaelleLionheart , "That's true Cadet.. Level 1 will take hours , the techs will take this baby apart"
[09:56] RuaelleLionheartRuaelleLionheart , "Set course back home"
[09:56] Hal Jordan: "Aye, sir, we're on our way"
[09:57] RuaelleLionheart: "n' Engage warp3"
[09:58] Hal Jordan: "And here we are, all safe and sound. Hope no creepies hitched a ride on the outer hull."
[09:59] Varda: "I would like to investigate this further with the science team, to find out the biology of these creature form the samples obtained"
[10:01] RuaelleLionheart: "well seeing they don't exist anymore they may have something in the data collected"
[10:01] Varda: I have samples Lt Cmdr"
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RuaelleLionheart Resident
Engineering - Commander
Engineering - Commander
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Duty Post: Engineer | PRF
Ship/Station Posted:



Name: Ruaelle Lionheart
Position: Chief Engineer of PRS
Stardate: 170923
Mission Team or teams:Lt. Cmdr Ruaelle Lionheart, Lt Cmndr Jackray, Ensign Hal Jordan
Commanding Officer: Lt. Cmdr Ruaelle Lionheart
Tactical/ security/ Helmsman : Ensign Hal Jordan
Engineering : Lt. Cmdr Jackray
Location: unexplored Sectors
Mission Objectives: Exploration of new system Sectors

1) The mapping of new system sectors
2) preliminary survey of the sector areas
(for possible dangers for Starships vessel travels)

[09:32] RuaelleLionheart: your pilotin' Hal, n' Jacks Engineering
[09:33] Hal Jordan: Okay
[09:33] jackray Toocool: ok by me
[09:33] RuaelleLionheart: that would be nice
[09:34] jackray Toocool: so road trip
[09:34] jackray Toocool: ya
[09:34] jackray Toocool: hay there a cool nova not to far from here
[09:35] RuaelleLionheart: yup it's call checking sectors
[09:35] jackray Toocool: so ru you can give the report to the co
[09:36] jackray Toocooljackray Toocool cleans his monico
[09:36] jackray Toocool: o a checklist
[09:37] Hal Jordan: There should be a preflight list I suppose
[09:37] jackray Toocool: on all grids are green for take off
[09:37] jackray Toocool: yes
[09:37] jackray Toocool: check all works
[09:38] RuaelleLionheart: alright!
[09:38] jackray Toocool: and let the base know we going
[09:38] Hal Jordan: The autodock pad seems to be offline
[09:39] jackray Toocool: will we have put all the works in
[09:39] RuaelleLionheartRuaelleLionheart signals dockmaster, "This is shuttle <fill in a name of shuttle later> ready for departure" the dockmaster responds... Your cleared for departure.
[09:39] jackray Toocool: sweet
[09:40] RuaelleLionheartRuaelleLionheart gives the order, "Ensign takes us out"
[09:40] Hal Jordan: Aye sir
[09:41] Hal Jordan: It's a tight squeeze
[09:41] RuaelleLionheart: ((yeah XD))
[09:41] jackray Toocool: will we near a dwarf star
[09:42] Hal Jordan: We are slightly above and to the west of the station
[09:42] Hal Jordan: Adjusting view angle for better navigation
[09:43] jackray Toocool: o ya
[09:43] Hal Jordan: Hovering directly above the station now
[09:44] jackray Toocool: scanning for space dusts
[09:44] jackray Toocool: aye
[09:45] jackray Toocool: we head for the spring dry area
[09:46] jackray Toocool: works for me
[09:46] jackray Toocool: gravity here is a odd wave flow
[09:47] jackray Toocool: I track it from away as build was going on
[09:47] Hal Jordan: ((yeah this thing is still drifty as hell, keeps moving forward or back))
[09:47] jackray Toocool: hope this is aggon space
[09:48] jackray Toocool: hell club is near here
[09:49] jackray Toocool: or what they changed the name to end of days
[09:49] RuaelleLionheartRuaelleLionheart begins routine checks, "Helmsmen take us to sector two n' begin scans"
[09:49] jackray Toocool: ya a club full of space vampires is good
[09:49] Hal Jordan: Sector two, aye sir, on our way
[09:50] jackray Toocool: they let me in because I am odd with tusks
[09:51] jackray Toocool: sector has a nice green planet
[09:51] Hal Jordan: Arriving in sector two now
[09:51] jackray Toocool: sweet
[09:52] jackray Toocool: there a green planet with ring like saturn
[09:52] jackray Toocool: plus a big red gant
[09:52] RuaelleLionheartRuaelleLionheart nods , "okies begin full scans of this sector the Captain is going to want full details... Engineer how's the shuttle holding up!?"
[09:53] jackray Toocooljackray Toocool all systems are green we have full power
[09:54] RuaelleLionheartRuaelleLionheart smiles, "That's good to hear"
[09:54] jackray Toocooljackray Toocool shields are good and warp power is good
[09:54] Hal Jordan: Helm is still responding although I detected some anomalous behavior with the controls, reason unknown.
[09:55] jackray Toocooljackray Toocool checking shuttle hull for any whopping
[09:56] jackray Toocooljackray Toocool hull is warm but ok
[09:56] RuaelleLionheartRuaelleLionheart looks at the data being collected, then listens to the helmsmen, "Oh? Jack what do you know about that? check on it"
[09:56] jackray Toocool: aye
[09:57] jackray Toocooljackray Toocool runs engineering scans on hull temp and any odd gravity in or around shuttle
[09:58] jackray Toocool: hull temp is normal but warm and gravity is high but working so we ok
[09:59] jackray Toocool: gravity is at 78% in this area
[10:00] jackray Toocooljackray Toocool there is a strong tug of war with two planets
[10:00] jackray Toocool: both gravity's are they to pull on each other
[10:01] jackray Toocool: like 500 ks from here
[10:01] Hal Jordan: That could be what's affecting the helm controls. I should be able to compensate for gravity fluctuations now that I know what to look for, thanks.
[10:02] jackray Toocool: aye
[10:02] jackray Toocooljackray Toocool I also run the science scanners
[10:03] RuaelleLionheart: "helmsmen... Can you compensate for distortions?"
[10:03] jackray Toocool: the first planet the green one is a class o planet and the other two plants are class y planets
[10:04] Hal Jordan: "Yes sir, I had to adjust the trim settings to keep us flying straight, but we are fully under control now. I apologize for the earlier problems."
[10:04] jackray Toocool: it ok
[10:04] jackray Toocool: gravity is an odd lady
[10:04] jackray Toocool: or an odd fellow
[10:05] Hal Jordan: Gravity can be a cruel master. Right now it is our obedient servant.
[10:06] RuaelleLionheartRuaelleLionheart checks the console, "Scans almost complete"
[10:06] jackray Toocool: yes that true
[10:08] jackray Toocooljackray Toocool run checks on power levels
[10:09] RuaelleLionheartRuaelleLionheart takes a looks at the console that just beeped the sign of scans, "Scans completed the next sector helmsmen 3rd sector."
[10:09] jackray Toocooljackray Toocool runs more scans on space dust and odd things
[10:10] Hal Jordan: Course laid in, enroute at warp 3
[10:11] RuaelleLionheartRuaelleLionheart hears jack, "Commander did you find something?"
[10:11] Hal Jordan whispers: "Arrived at sector 3, assuming stationary position."
[10:11] jackray Toocool: no jest some odd spots of gravity shears
[10:12] jackray Toocool: there like iron and other parts in the space dust
[10:12] Hal Jordan whispers: "It might be a little bumpy for a bit. With all these different gravity vectors it's difficult to compensate.
[10:12] jackray Toocool: to normal gravity here
[10:13] RuaelleLionheartRuaelleLionheart nods, "all this information on these sectors of space unexplored is important for future vessels that cross these sectors"
[10:14] Hal Jordan: Some of these conditions could be a nasty surprise for a ship that's not expecting trouble.
[10:15] jackray Toocool: like there is good area too marking of buoys in parts of this space to let ships know of the graity flows
[10:15] RuaelleLionheart: "and that's why we're here, someone's gotta do it... also fun to explore"
[10:16] jackray Toocool: ya I have fun
[10:16] jackray Toocool: I like roller coasters
[10:16] Hal Jordan: "Maybe if things work out right, we could make some new friends."
[10:16] RuaelleLionheartRuaelleLionheart presses the panel on her console, "Beginning scans of this sector"
[10:17] jackray Toocool: humm there not much as far as aliens here
[10:17] jackray Toocooljackray Toocool scans for life sighs
[10:18] jackray Toocool: there where a battle was over 100 years ago not to far from here
[10:19] jackray Toocooljackray Toocool the ships of starfleet and borg are all over there
[10:19] Hal Jordan: "I wonder if we could salvage some useful technology from the debris field."
[10:20] jackray Toocool: the old ncc 1789 h of the shogun
[10:20] jackray Toocool: shogun
[10:20] jackray Toocool: ncc 1809 of the yorktown
[10:20] RuaelleLionheartRuaelleLionheart looks surprised at the finds, "Starfleet n' borg debris? here?"
[10:20] jackray Toocool: and 19001 ye
[10:21] jackray Toocool: 2378
[10:21] jackray Toocool: they battle to stop the borg from taking gamma five
[10:22] jackray Toocool: gamma five is seven light years away
[10:22] RuaelleLionheartRuaelleLionheart is curious and wonders, "Helm bring us closer... let's get a more detailed scan... we're suppose to be in unknown space."
[10:23] Hal Jordan: "Aye sir, approaching what appears to be the debris field."
[10:24] jackray Toocool: but halalgo told the admirals that an attack as the borg were traveling though would stop the bog in the tracks
[10:24] Hal Jordan: "Engines stopped, objects detected dead ahead."
[10:24] jackray Toocooljackray Toocool I remember read the old logs in the vulcan hall of records
[10:25] jackray Toocool: ya sector 3
[10:25] Hal Jordan: "Deflector shields just snapped on. It appears that something ahead is large enough that it could cause damage to our hull."
[10:25] jackray Toocool: the fleet lost five of 30 ships
[10:26] RuaelleLionheart: "Thanks, now let's see what we got"
[10:26] jackray Toocool: the borg lost fifty of their ships or cubs
[10:27] jackray Toocool: aye mam
[10:28] RuaelleLionheart: "Something here is still active... get full scans of whatever it is"
[10:28] jackray Toocool: odd ya
[10:29] jackray Toocooljackray Toocool scans for any ships with the science scanners
[10:29] jackray Toocool: borg parts bring a high price on the market
[10:29] Hal Jordan: "There's a big chunk of something drifting toward us. I can't get a good reading on it from the helm scanner but I'm going to back us away a little.
[10:30] jackray Toocool: good hal
[10:30] RuaelleLionheartRuaelleLionheart continues to look thru the scans, "Good idea back us off"
[10:30] Hal Jordan: "There, out of possible danger for the moment."
[10:31] jackray Toocooljackray Toocool ya if we act like a ship that has no life sigh we get by
[10:32] jackray Toocooljackray Toocool I can lower the power to the engines to make us look like a ship out of power
[10:33] RuaelleLionheartRuaelleLionheart looks at the scans, "It stopped whatever it was... could've been some sort of security we stumbled unto"
[10:33] jackray Toocool: may be they could me warrier scotts
[10:33] Hal Jordan: "It could be that backing off took us out of its sensor range."
[10:34] jackray Toocool: they use drones to keep other out of area
[10:35] Hal Jordan: "Are there any life forms detected in the area, or only machinery?"
[10:36] jackray Toocooljackray Toocool runs a science scan on life sighs and wilds space life around the area
[10:36] RuaelleLionheart: "it could be still active, send out a com relay to all ships to avoid this area till a proper science/security team gets out here"
[10:36] jackray Toocool: space wales some and some globing space life
[10:37] Hal Jordan: "I will take care not to collide with any spacefaring life forms then."
[10:37] jackray Toocooljackray Toocool should be moble hugams
[10:38] jackray Toocool: we 700 ticks from any
[10:39] jackray Toocooljackray Toocool any space life out here would be feeding on space gems in space dust
[10:39] Hal Jordan: "Maybe a detailed scan could add to the Starfleet Intelligence database of life forms. Could be an species unknown to us."
[10:39] jackray Toocool: good ya make it so
[10:41] RuaelleLionheart: "that's what we're here for to collect data..."
[10:42] Hal Jordan: "We can still seek out new life forms, or maybe the life forms can seek US out."
[10:42] jackray Toocooljackray Toocool which all scans of the area and beyond
[10:42] jackray Toocool: yes or aye
[10:43] jackray Toocooljackray Toocool clean his monocle and look more
[10:44] RuaelleLionheartRuaelleLionheart helps 'em remember, "This isn't a Starship just a shuttle"
[10:44] jackray Toocool: there could me foise life here too
[10:45] Hal Jordan: "We are drifting in various directions as the objects around us exert their gravitational pull. But I can compensate and keep us in the same general area."
[10:45] jackray Toocool: old fossil life could be here too
[10:45] Hal Jordan: "Well I may be old, but I'm not quite a fossil yet."
[10:46] jackray Toocool: if we had a science teleporter we could pick up some
[10:47] RuaelleLionheartRuaelleLionheart checks the data collected, "we drifted to a large asteroid field... Helm plot a course out of here but maintain scans going"
[10:47] jackray Toocool: the fossil could have dna
[10:48] Hal Jordan: "Course plotted, ready to move out. We could grab one of the more interesting specimens with a tractor beam and take it with us."
[10:48] jackray Toocool: ya in near asteroid there good fossils
[10:48] RuaelleLionheart: "I don't wanna end on one of these rocks in a few decades as a fossil too"
[10:48] jackray Toocool: ok grabs some
[10:49] jackray Toocool: jest small fossils there hundreds of them
[10:49] jackray Toocool: like small rocks
[10:50] Hal Jordan: "If we keep them close to the hull with the tractor beam, they should be inside our warp field on the way home."
[10:50] jackray Toocool: say a foot or so
[10:52] RuaelleLionheart: "Okies scans of space is complete but needs further investigations, Helm plot us a course back to the station"
[10:52] jackray Toocool: sweet
[10:52] jackray Toocooljackray Toocool we like going home ya
[10:53] jackray Toocooljackray Toocool we have a nuff stuff to keep the science group working for two years
[10:53] Hal Jordan: "Tractor beam is stable, engaging warp drive."
[10:54] jackray Toocool: sweet
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Engineering - Commander
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Duty Post: Engineer | PRF
Ship/Station Posted:


Name: Ruaelle Lionheart
Position: Chief Engineer of PRS
Stardate: 171026
Mission Team or teams: Lt. Cmdr Ruaelle Lionheart, Lt Varda Silver, Ensign Hal Jordan
Commanding Officer: Lt. Cmdr Ruaelle Lionheart
Chief Medical Officer: Lt. Varda Silver
Intel/Tactical/ security/ Helmsman : Ensign Hal Jordan
Engineering : Lt. Cmdr Ruaelle Lionheart
Location: unexplored Sectors/ Sector 4
Mission Objectives: Exploration of new system Sectors

1) The mapping of new system sectors
2) preliminary survey of the sector areas
(for possible dangers for Starships vessel travels)

[10:04] RuaelleLionheart logsa starting report, "Acting CO, our mission to explore more of the of the unexplored sectors will begin"
[10:04] Varda (vardasilver.spearsong): looks onto the navigation screen, where are we headed to Lt Commander Ruaelle?
[10:07] Varda (vardasilver.spearsong): ready her station and begins to process past info to the database to mark their current status to tag it to the latter
[10:07] RuaelleLionheart checks charts, "make a headin' to sector 4... warp 5"
[10:08] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Impulse engine and thrusters tested and ready to go. Warp drive standing by. Course laid in for sector 4, engaging warp.
[10:09] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Having a little difficulty maintaining control. Something is interfering with navigational inputs.
[10:10] Varda (vardasilver.spearsong): -tps on her screen and begins a scan of the surrounding territory to try to pinpoint the intereferance-
[10:10] Varda (vardasilver.spearsong): -grabs on to the sides of he console and they are being thrown for a loop-
[10:11] Varda (vardasilver.spearsong): I am having interferance on my end as well Commander
[10:11] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Okay it looks like things have smoothed out now, not sure where the problem was.
[10:11] RuaelleLionheart checks engineering console re aligning navigation gyro's, "there i did some re adjusting it should work"
[10:13] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Arrival in sector 4 in two minutes
[10:13] Varda (vardasilver.spearsong): -taps on her console some more- "I am picking up a faint reading from deeper inside the sector, it could possibly be the source of our interference, some sort of magnetic field"
[10:13] RuaelleLionheart: "let me know the ETA n' when we get there Helmsmen"
[10:14] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Understood, coming up to the sector boundary now
[10:15] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Arrived in sector 4, dropping to sublight speed.
[10:16] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Here we are
[10:17] Varda (vardasilver.spearsong): "that signal i had earlier is much stronger now, I am getting some static, something is not reading quite right, it seems to be interfering with the the sensors, do you see anything ahead Ensign?"
[10:18] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Nothing out of the ordinary on visual in any direction.
[10:19] Varda (vardasilver.spearsong): "let me try to find another way to read these measurements then" begins to try to configure her console
[10:20] RuaelleLionheart looks at the scans of this sector, "Hmmm take a heading of 298, mark 05"
[10:20] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Course laid in, what speed would you like?
[10:21] RuaelleLionheart: "take us in easy toward the distortion 1/4 impulse power... run full scans. "
[10:22] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Engaging one quarter impulse.
[10:22] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Still nothing on visual scans
[10:25] RuaelleLionheart wonders, "The scans pickup nothing?"
[10:25] Varda (vardasilver.spearsong): "It seems with whatever is causing the break in my sensors has to be some kind of energy field, I am rendered useless as i try to probe further. Perhaps we should be careful advancing, it could be invisible"
[10:27] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): I am now seeing a faint distortion ahead, like a shimmering effect of the star field.
[10:27] RuaelleLionheart: "hmm maybe generating an anti proton beam... short burst"
[10:28] Varda (vardasilver.spearsong): "that should be it," I replied a little elated in my voice that I was not imagining things.
[10:30] RuaelleLionheart: "anything on the scanners?"
[10:31] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): The distortion ahead is becoming more apparent, as though we are approaching something invisible or cloaked.
[10:31] Varda (vardasilver.spearsong): "whatever that thing is, it is still jamming my scans attempts, I would adivse caution in all aspects, it could be a trap"
[10:33] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): We are still moving forward at one quarter impulse
[10:34] Varda (vardasilver.spearsong): "perhaps we should sent out a probe ahead of us to see the interaction between the field and the probe before heading forward." Looks at the scanners still trying to find a way to get a more positive reading on whatever lies ahead
[10:34] RuaelleLionheart checks scanned charts, "Helmsmen plot a reverse course then make a heading of 085, mark -10. take us to the asteroid feild"
[10:35] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): One minute to the asteroid field
[10:36] RuaelleLionheart looks at scans, "Thanks helmsmen, Is there anything happening out there?"
[10:36] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): We have arrived at the asteroid field
[10:37] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): No unusual activity detected on visual scans, just rotating rocks joined in a gravitational ballet
[10:38] Varda (vardasilver.spearsong): you make that sound so endearing ensign -smiles a bit to herself-
[10:38] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Our shuttle is just the new ballerina in the troupe
[10:39] RuaelleLionheart: "The scans show this asteroid field is full of various ores it can hide us if necessary if it's a cloaked ship"
[10:39] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): That shimmering effect is still slightly visible on our aft scanner
[10:40] Varda (vardasilver.spearsong): "I am getting a reading now I am picking up a large band of energy but thats about all I can read, I had to make some adjustments to my console, but at least I can read the energy, it appears to be a solid long banner of it, sort of like a blockade."
[10:40] RuaelleLionheart checks scans, "It's not Romulan or klingon design, but it is using a klingon style cloaking device"
[10:41] Varda (vardasilver.spearsong): Looks to the commander, "Klingons? out here? why would they be so far out?
[10:41] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Shutting down some nonessential systems. Maybe they haven't detected us yet.
[10:43] RuaelleLionheart: "Area of space, asteroids, and ores are masking or shuttle... making us blind to their sensors, we're blendin' in"
[10:43] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): I could take us around behind that larger asteroid there. It could shield us from their scanners.
[10:45] RuaelleLionheart: "make a course to it helmsmen"
[10:46] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): There, a graceful pirouette and we are now just another rock in the pile
[10:47] Varda (vardasilver.spearsong): "I do love it when you talk that way ensign, makes me have idealizations of fancy asteroids in a cascade of frivolities"
[10:50] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): I'm just trying to make us "be the boulder" rather than testing out the Dying Swan move
[10:50] RuaelleLionheart checks scans, "hmm it seems they can't see us but we can't see 'em either"
[10:51] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): I've been tracking the shimmering effect on the visual scanners. It appears to be moving slightly from starboard to port. Maybe whatever it is, is moving past us, or in a search pattern looking for us.
[10:52] Varda (vardasilver.spearsong): "Oh I see, I can understand, and am not making light of the gravity of the situation." keeps configuring her scanners and looks out the window into the
[10:52] Varda (vardasilver.spearsong): "I have noticed that as well, but maybe it its an anomaly?"
[10:54] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): It's hard to tell. The stars should shine with a steady light out here, with no atmospheric distortion. There is no quantitative measurement for shimmering, so we have to judge it with our eyes.
[10:55] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Could we send a probe around the other side of the asteroid, and sneak up on whatever this thing is from behind?
[10:57] Varda (vardasilver.spearsong): "that sounds like a good idea to me, Lt commander? I advise this procedure as well, it would save us some time hiding behind here indefinitely"
[10:57] RuaelleLionheart thinks, "if this cloak has a distortion then it might be an old cloaking device newer ones have perfect those imperfections... which means they have a defect"
[10:59] RuaelleLionheart reminds everyone, "we're a shuttle whatever is out there is a large craft or Ship"
[10:59] Varda (vardasilver.spearsong): "well, Lt commander what is your position?" noticing the commander deep n thought
[10:59] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): I need to move us slightly to starboard to keep the asteroid between us and them
[11:00] RuaelleLionheart keeps trying to scan, "any suggestions?"
[11:00] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): There, now we look just like a piece of this asteroid
[11:00] Varda (vardasilver.spearsong): "Ensign Jordan just suggested sending out a probe Commander"
[11:02] RuaelleLionheart thinks n' slightly modifies probes, "launch 3 probes to these co ordinates"
[11:06] Varda (vardasilver.spearsong): "what co-ordinates Commander?"
[11:08] RuaelleLionheart responds, "2 preprogrammed n' the 3rd to behind the asteroid "
[11:11] Varda (vardasilver.spearsong): presses more keys and then looks to the ensign, "launching probes now"
[11:12] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Okay, guiding the unprogrammed probe around the other side of this asteroid
[11:13] Varda (vardasilver.spearsong): -watches her scanner as the probes move forward-
[11:13] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Approaching the anomaly slowly. The probe is just another piece of space debris. No need for anyone to get worried.
[11:15] Varda (vardasilver.spearsong): "the probe is penetrating the energy field now, standby"
[11:15] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Probe's thruster is shut down. It's just drifting slowly forward like a rock.
[11:16] Varda (vardasilver.spearsong): "we have three out there I wonder what will happen to all three"
[11:17] RuaelleLionheart still keeps alert, "I need you to scan the wreckage we need to know if... just fell off a ship... or did it get damaged or destroyed in this field"
[11:17] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Preprogrammed probes are circling out slowly around the anomaly. We should get an indication of the size of its energy field
[11:17] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Slight reverse thrust on this probe as it enters the field
[11:17] Varda (vardasilver.spearsong): "reading indicate a small explosion it was the probe i lost signal, we lost one!" scans the other two, "This does indicate hostility commander"
[11:18] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Explosion confirmed, seen from the programmed probes
[11:19] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): I'm taking control of the programmed probes and bringing them to a stop
[11:20] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Maybe whatever penetrates the energy field is seen as a threat and attacked
[11:21] RuaelleLionheart activates the 2nd n' 3rd probe, "Prepare to plot course out of this field at my mark, when cleared plot course to UFS Pathfinder space."
[11:21] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Course ready. We will be out of here before they can react.
[11:21] Varda (vardasilver.spearsong): "That would be a good guess, or it could just be the energy field is very dangerous to all craft, I am getting a scan there is something behind this field I can't make it out but there is something lurking, whatever is blocking my sensors is starting to fail"
[11:22] Varda (vardasilver.spearsong): "agreed we should not take the risk, we are a small shuttle and not prepared for battle if it is a Klingon ship"
[11:22] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Even if it's only a Pakled ship we would be hard pressed to defend ourselves
[11:24] RuaelleLionheart presses the console and the probes generate a transponder ship signal, thrusters on full flying at the other direction, "when the distortion folows the probes takes us out, then maximum warp out of here"
[11:27] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Looks like the distortion is moving off after the probes. Engaging warp drive now.
[11:28] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): It appears that we got away
[11:28] Varda (vardasilver.spearsong): "breaths a sigh of relief, not wanting to show she was moved by it"
[11:29] RuaelleLionheart nods with a relief, "Thankies Helmsmen"
[11:29] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Yes ma'am, you're very welcome
[11:29] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): We just rang down the curtain on that performance and the audience apparently did not expect the ending to come at that time.
[11:30] RuaelleLionheart: "with the scans we got, we'll figure out who we're they"
[11:30] Varda (vardasilver.spearsong): "yes indeed, and why they were cloaking in wait"
[11:31] RuaelleLionheart: "they could've have been Pirates we haven't met up yet, this is uncharted space"
[11:33] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): We are now arriving at Pathfinder Station. Looks like home.
[11:33] Varda (vardasilver.spearsong): yelps a sigh of a yipee and processes and closes out her scans for the report
[11:34] RuaelleLionheart signals Pathfinder, "we're clear to dock "
[11:35] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Yee haa
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Engineering - Commander
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Ship/Station Posted:



Name: Ruaelle Lionheart
Position: Chief Engineer of PRS
Rank: Lt. Cmdr
Stardate: 171118
Mission Team or teams: Lt. Jg Varda Silver Spearsong, Lt. Cmdr Ruaelle Lionheart, Cmdr Jackray, Ensign Hal Jordan
Commanding Officer: Lt. Jg Varda Silver Spearsong
Helmsman : Lt. Cmdr Ruaelle Lionheart
Tactical/ security : Ensign Hal Jordan
Engineering : Cmdr Jackray
Location: unexplored Sectors
Mission Objectives: Responding to a distress signal

Report: While on a medical mission to deliver supplies, a distress call came in and we had to divert to answer the distress call. Everyone has cleared all systems as Green; meaning everything was operational. As helmsman and Lt. Jg Varda Silver Spearsong Mission Commander. She ordered to plot course to the point where the Call was coming from. Ensign Hal Jordan initiates a scan, as soon we came into sensors range. Lt. Jg Varda Silver Spearsong, “what are your scan reading Ensign?”. Ensign Hal Jordan responds, “Scans are inconclusive. No threats detected but unknown object at extreme range”. Lt. Jg Varda Silver Spearsong orders the helmsman, "Rue should we pull closer to it, and investigate whats happening?" Ruaelle Lionheart nods and suggests an Idea, "we should try sensors or hack into their systems to check on the stations defenses and security logs". Quickly Varda turns to Hal and askes, “"Hal can you do that?” Hal Jordan checks to verify, “If we get close enough I can give it a try”. Lt. Jg Varda Silver Spearsong orders the helmsman, "That's a good idea, Rue get us within a safe distance from the station."
Ruaelle Lionheart pilots the shuttle to a closer distance, "Aye, coming to a distance of 5,000 meters to get scans." Cmdr Jackray Toocool, “the science sensors are operational” Hal Jordan Initiating scan, “Scan reveals multiple unknown life forms aboard the station.” Hal Jordan reports, “I have encountered interference from the power source on board the station. It is radiating levels of radiation that are interfering with sensors.” Lt. Jg Varda Silver Spearsong order was, "Well everyone make sure your suited up, in case we have to board this thing, We don't want any contamination sneaking inside our suits, Rue tell me when we are close enough". Ruaelle Lionheart the console sends a signal, "we're in position!" Ruaelle in the background can hear everyone preparing. Hal Jordan checks in, “Suited up and ready for EVA”... next Cmdr Jackray checks in, “aye mam same here… like lock and loaded, it an old earth saying” Hal Jordan goes to his console, “Scans are still inconclusive on the life forms but we have a good transporter lock on a target area.” Cmdr Jackray Toocool saids out loud, “Sweet! we can like fry them”. Hal Jordan rechecks his equipment, “My phaser is charged and ready in case we encounter any hostility”, and Cmdr Jackray Toocool, “ ya lock and load we ready to go!” Lt. Jg Varda Silver Spearsong warns the crew, "they could be hostile lifeforms we are going to encounter if we board, Hal, can you read any signs of human life forms aboard that station? rue, do you have visibility?" Ensign Hal Jordan, “Sensors show multiple life forms and several faint human readings.” Varda’s decision is made, "ok, it seems there maybe some distress going on, Rue what's our distance stance?" Ru can hear Cmdr Jackray Toocool in the back excited to enter battle, “ like get the bad guys and save the others!” and Responds to Varda, "the Station is in Visual and transporter range". Varda happen to see the Commander’s excitement to shoot things, "Jack, it could be nothing too, maybe some travelers with pets that have fallen ill". Hal Jordan backs up the Mission Commanders views, “This could be a rescue mission or a pet convention. We just don't know yet.” Cmdr Jackray Toocool, “ya I know… like we have big pets on the menelaus once”. Lt. Jg Varda Silver Spearsong gives a small recap, "Ok, since we are a small crew, I advise everyone boards this vessel, but armed phasers ready just in case". Ru smiles as she is always armed. Cmdr Jackray Toocool saids, “works for me!” EnsignHal Jordan let’s the CO know, “We have limited space available for evacuees” The size was a shuttle but one of the more larger ones… A runabout!
Ruaelle Lionheart Verifies their position "Aye... Bringing us in 1,000 meters". Varda Silver Spearsong askes the Esign, "Hal still have that lock on transporter?"
Hal Jordan confirms, “Maintaining transporter lock on an area free of life forms and Reading a breathable atmosphere inside”. Cmdr Jackray Toocool, “will as long as it not a space squid, the chief engineer had one fifty feet long pet space squid”. Now you’ve got to know this was his former chief engineer Ru doesn’t own one! Varda Silver Spearsong reminds the crew, "Due to the radiation scans from earlier, I advise full suits, and if they are in distress we can bring back as many as we can to the ship while signaling for more help". Then the next was, "Ok, is everyone ready?" Hal Jordan let’s the CO know, “Tricorders may show more specific information once we are inside, and reports readiness!” jackray Toocool reports, “ok aye mam” Last one to report and the CO still waiting on, "Ruaelle? you ready?" Varda, "Ok everyone let's go, remember to go in armed" The Transporter activated beams the crew to the derelict Station, but suddenly! Varda, "What the!" looks around and sees all the goop and slime and the red alert signal going off, "something is definitely amis here". Hal Jordan scans, “Organic semi-solid material hanging from the overhead.” Varda silver spearsong checks everyone status, "Ok everyone proceed with caution." jackray Toocool was the first to find one, “ok there one here mam”. Varda asks for a report, "Any life signs?"
Hal Jordan reports on the life signs, “He's dead… Corpse reads as human”
This was the crew's more than first glimpse that they entered dangerous territory!
Hal Jordan’s assessment, “Life forms are definitely hostile”. Varda being a medical scientist first decides one thing, "I'm collecting samples”, The green objects Hanging along the whole station. Then out of the darkness where the lights were dim at the end of the corridor, a unknown life forms appears.
Hal Jordan scans and visually seeing, “This human was killed by multiple bites, apparently from those creatures!” Hal Jordan fires off multiple shots, “Phasers are effective on these life forms! They tried to bite me but I was protected by the suit.” Jackray Toocool reports to the CO, “ya they bit me too, ok we have a full lab at the base!” Varda reminds the crew, "Don't worry I bet they didn't get through your suit:"
jackray Toocoolnods,” ya we ok in them”
Hal Jordan begins to try to do detailed scans, “My tricorder is still detecting the faint human life signs nearby” Varda orders, "Let's load up the survivor and get out of here!" finding a few survivors was a blessing looking at all the horrific mess and infestation in the Station.
Varda sets up the patient, "We will question her once she wakes up”
Hal Jordan Scan indicates,” some alien toxins on her clothing”.
Varda "true we will need to stabilize her and make sure this isn't something that spreads"
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Engineering - Commander
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Duty Post: Engineer | PRF
Ship/Station Posted:


Name: Ruaelle Lionheart
Position: Chief Engineer of PRS
Rank: Lt. Cmdr
Stardate: 170113
Mission Team or teams: Lt. Jg Varda Silver Spearsong, Lt. Cmdr Ruaelle Lionheart, Cmdr Jackray, Lt. Jg Hal Jordan
Commanding Officer: XO Varda Silver Spearsong
Helmsman : Cmdr JackrayLt. Cmdr Ruaelle Lionheart
Tactical/ security : Lt. Jg Hal Jordan
Engineering : Lt. Cmdr Ruaelle Lionheart
Location: unexplored Sectors
Mission Objectives: the continuation of exploring uncharted secors
[09:12] Varda: Welcome aboard
[09:12] Varda: who want to take the helm today?
[09:12] jackray Toocool: ok I am here mam
[09:12] Hal Jordan: The Rio Grande!
[09:12] jackray Toocool: I can find my combage
[09:13] Varda: Jack why don't you drive today
[09:13] jackray Toocool: I can mam
[09:13] Hal Jordan: Yay
[09:13] jackray Toocool: ok mam
[09:13] Varda: Rue why dont you take command over the engineering today
[09:13] RuaelleLionheart: got it
[09:13] Varda: Hal as usual Intelligence and tactical
[09:14] Hal Jordan: Maybe this is the right console
[09:14] Hal JordanHal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior) pokes buttons
[09:14] jackray Toocool: yes
[09:14] jackray Toocool: ok I have us going in no yime
[09:14] Varda: ok everyone here is what's shaking, were exploring a new sector, Jack take us out to scetor 14 XY-1Z45-D
[09:15] Varda: We need to check for mining possibilities as well as what else is out there in this sector
[09:15] jackray Toocool: aye mam put in to computer and lad out
[09:15] RuaelleLionheart does a run down check of all systems, "all systems are green n' ready at your command"
[09:15] jackray Toocool: aye mam
[09:15] Varda: Ruaelle, thanks I was just about to ask you that
[09:16] Hal Jordan: Sensors, weapons, and defenses ready
[09:16] Varda: what's our ETA?
[09:16] jackray Toocool: 34 mins
[09:16] Varda: Thanks Hal
[09:17] Varda: ok, we better hang tight then everyone, I hope were stocked up on supplies
[09:17] jackray Toocooljackray Toocool lays out rout and all
[09:17] Hal Jordan: Lots of canned Spam in the cargo hold
[09:17] jackray Toocool: ok they in for it
[09:17] Varda: lol Spam! ugh again? I'll never loose any weight
[09:18] Varda: in for what?
[09:18] jackray Toocool: ok mam we redy tgo
[09:18] jackray Toocool: to go fat
[09:18] Varda: ok, let's rock and roll Jack
[09:18] jackray Toocool: fast
[09:18] RuaelleLionheart checks the EPS taps and power flow conduits...
[09:18] jackray Toocool: aye mam
[09:19] Hal Jordan: The local area is clear of any vessels
[09:20] Varda: oh darn, I was hoiping we could do some salvage, but I guess not, in a ay it is a good thing, I hate finding dead bodies in ships
[09:20] jackray Toocool: or bots
[09:20] Hal Jordan: All I meant was that we can head out without worrying about running into any arriving ships
[09:21] Varda: oh ok, lol I mis-understood you there Hal, well that is a relief
[09:21] Hal Jordan: We are number one in the queue
[09:21] jackray Toocool: like ya
[09:21] RuaelleLionheart smiles, "Yeah it is"
[09:21] jackray Toocool: cray santa zombias
[09:22] Hal Jordan: Huh?
[09:22] Hal Jordan: Is that Latin?
[09:22] jackray Toocool: what if santa was a cray zombia
[09:22] Varda: I am not sure
[09:22] Varda: oh a zombie
[09:22] Varda: well that would be a rather weird thing
[09:22] jackray Toocool: ya
[09:23] Varda: have some Zombie break into your house at night to eat your brains and leave you presents?
[09:23] Hal Jordan: I hold no Santa contacts on my scanner
[09:23] Varda: lol
[09:23] jackray Toocool: lol ok
[09:23] RuaelleLionheart: lol
[09:24] jackray Toocooljackray Toocool ok I put in a rout to the area with no ships too
[09:24] Varda: ok Jack
[09:24] Hal Jordan: Good plan
[09:25] Hal Jordan: We don't want to scratch the paint
[09:25] Varda: exactly, get this pretty ship all dented up!
[09:25] jackray Toocool: I jest wash the shuttle last week
[09:25] Varda: Man I should have ate before we left, I am starving, this diet is killing me
[09:25] Varda: and no I don't want to eat more spam
[09:26] Hal Jordan: It beats starving to death
[09:26] jackray Toocool here is some granola bars I packed
[09:26] Varda: Oh, thank you, your a life saver Jack! I love granola!
[09:26] jackray Toocool hand her one bar
[09:27] jackray Toocool: they good I replacated them
[09:27] Varda: -takes the one bar and rips open the package and begins crunching, letting tiny little granola pieces fall on the counsal"
[09:27] Hal Jordan: Don't eat four in a row like I did unless you are near a bathroom
[09:27] Varda: lol Indeed Hal, I wouldn't dream of it
[09:28] Varda: I had some carmel popcorn the other night that sent me over the moon
[09:28] jackray Toocool: they nature valley one
[09:29] Varda: oh, Nature Valley ones are usually some of the best
[09:29] RuaelleLionheartRuaelleLionheart notices a fluctuation in the warp fields and adjust for the area of space, density and gravimetric forces, "adjusting fields for minor problems... all good now"
[09:29] jackray Toocool: commodore ravyn had it on his replacatier
[09:30] jackray Toocool: I like his office
[09:30] jackray Toocool: I also got some beef strips
[09:31] jackray Toocool: call slimgyms
[09:31] Varda: Slim Jims?
[09:31] jackray Toocool: yes
[09:31] Varda: those are pretty good too, but thats ok, one granola bar is enough
[09:31] jackray Toocool: slim jimes
[09:31] Varda: so oyu been in his office, what did you do? lol
[09:31] Varda: you*
[09:32] Hal Jordan: There is a mascot for the runabout to bring us good luck
[09:32] Varda: mascot?
[09:32] jackray Toocool: yes look over his art work and use his replacatier
[09:32] Hal Jordan: I put it on the console between you and Jack
[09:32] Varda: oh i see a big belly Buddah
[09:32] RuaelleLionheart: awesome
[09:32] jackray Toocool: ok thanks hal
[09:33] Hal Jordan: YW
[09:33] Hal Jordan: He will protect us from evil spirits
[09:33] Varda: I believe the old earth legend is your supposed to rub his belly for good luck
[09:33] jackray Toocool hand hal a slim jime
[09:33] Hal Jordan: Heh
[09:33] Hal Jordan: If we get into combat, start rubbing!
[09:34] jackray Toocool: yes his nice looking
[09:34] Hal Jordan: Mesh Chrome Buddha
[09:34] jackray Toocooljackray Toocool ajusting heading some to stay on rout
[09:34] Hal Jordan: Jack, you plotted a good course, there are no ships anywhere near us
[09:35] jackray Toocool: yes and no brog
[09:35] jackray Toocool: no pirates
[09:36] Hal Jordan: No Jem Hadar
[09:36] jackray Toocool: no white cloud ships of the space vampiers fleet
[09:36] Varda: vampiers?
[09:37] jackray Toocool: yes in some areas like 289 A and 297 B there is them
[09:37] Varda: that sounds terrible
[09:37] jackray Toocool: will there home planet is in GH&*(
[09:38] jackray Toocool: 798
[09:38] jackray Toocool: it fifty light years from here
[09:38] Varda: well that is good to know
[09:38] jackray Toocool: they like bees
[09:38] RuaelleLionheart: I'm going to keep that in mind, and keep a distance
[09:39] jackray Toocool: the males work and the females rule
[09:39] Varda: oh I see, well the captain might agree to that haha
[09:39] RuaelleLionheart: lol
[09:39] Hal Jordan: LOL
[09:39] jackray Toocool: lol
[09:40] Hal Jordan: Colin Wilson wrote a novel called The Space Vampires that was made into a movie called Lifeforce. The book was better.
[09:40] Hal Jordan: They sucked your life out like the Wraith in Stargate.
[09:40] Varda: was it scary?
[09:40] jackray Toocool: yes
[09:40] RuaelleLionheart: yeah
[09:40] jackray Toocool: they may be like that book in some way
[09:41] Hal Jordan: The book was very well done, very scary
[09:41] Varda: why am I so hungry for pancakes now with syrup?
[09:41] jackray Toocool: humm
[09:41] Hal Jordan: Maybe that will help to get rid of residual Spam taste
[09:41] Varda: lol I had granola
[09:42] Varda: thankfully no spam yet
[09:42] jackray Toocooljackray Toocool the wolf dog star is near
[09:42] Varda: what is that Jack?
[09:43] jackray Toocool: o one of the area on the way is the wolf dog star
[09:43] Varda: ok so what is it?
[09:43] jackray Toocool: o it a white gaint sun
[09:43] jackray Toocool: it has five planets
[09:43] Varda: well, let's not get to close to it, we don't need to burn up
[09:44] jackray Toocool: aye mam
[09:44] Varda: our own sun is white, it is not yellow as some people believe
[09:44] Hal Jordan: Its designation is "Woof 359" °͜°
[09:44] jackray Toocool: the home of the space wearwolf is there any way
[09:44] jackray Toocool: yes
[09:45] jackray Toocool: there is other stars too like gunna five
[09:46] jackray Toocool: it a dwaf star
[09:46] RuaelleLionheart checks power flows and shield emitters, "Metaphysic shields holding"
[09:46] jackray Toocool: with low gravity center
[09:47] jackray Toocool: an close to our end point is gaddamied
[09:47] Hal Jordan: Ganymede?
[09:48] jackray Toocool: ayes
[09:48] jackray Toocool: yes
[09:48] jackray Toocool: ganymede
[09:48] jackray Toocool: a class five nova
[09:49] jackray Toocool: with rainbow colors in it
[09:49] [SCS] Combat Meter RC1.02 shouts: RuaelleLionheart Resident has removed thier meter.
[09:49] emDash: emDash detached
[09:50] Hal Jordan: Scanners are not picking up any mining opportunities yet
[09:51] jackray Toocool: aye we have come across then
[09:51] jackray Toocool: them
[09:51] Varda: well hopefully we will reach our destination soon
[09:52] jackray Toocool there is some flouting big rocks
[09:52] jackray Toocool: aye mam in eta of five mins
[09:53] jackray Toocool: Look off to the right you see the nova now mam
[09:53] Varda: Oh yes I do see it, quite beautiful
[09:53] jackray Toocool: o yes
[09:54] jackray Toocool: and made of lote of gas
[09:54] Hal Jordan: We are moving through some of the expanding gas clouds from the nova. No danger to the ship.
[09:54] jackray Toocool: the co2 and argon plus X five gas
[09:55] jackray Toocool: no are ship can take it
[09:56] jackray Toocooljackray Toocool some bata gas too it used to keep plama warm in some alien ships
[09:58] jackray Toocool: yellow sulfur gas and blue iron led gas
[09:59] jackray Toocool: gas that look like flowing blue iron
[09:59] Hal Jordan: Azure Ferrum
[09:59] jackray Toocool: it all makes up the big nova
To be continued….
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