Dreamscape World - Magellan - 080827

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Dale Hirano
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


=/\= Explorer Log, Stardate 080827 =/\=

Tech Level: Low
Contacts: None
Coordinates: 196, 116, 415
Environment: Pirate ships, fortresses
Culture:  Carribean pirate mixed with vampire/gothic themes
Combat:  DCS-Enabled RP Sim

Dreamscape is not a world planet I would normally go to.  The region is tropic, plenty of beach area, 2 wooden sail ships docked in its harbor.  One enters a rugged castle called "Club Sanctus Immortalis," where the front is decorated with a few human heads on pikes and a water fountain flowing freely with blood.

I erked, but continued through from the Southmost end towards the northeast with a rifle visibly strapped to my back and a tricorder under my coat.  The building style was Earth-America-colonial with a few working cannons that shot cannon balls.  Quite fascinating.   :D


I finally found what I was looking for in this remote place.  The tomb of my dear friend and her final resting place in SL, Azalia Cazalet.  Her tomb laid next to a castle, which I presume was her last point of residence.  Many roses laid at the doorstep of the castle.  Many residences missed her here as did back at Pinastri.

Many feline motifs decorated it, from the 2 cat chairs in the home, to the pirate cat flag waving in the breeze.  I came back out to her tomb, shared with her the new things happening in the fleet and the state of her dear Marine friends. 


I left to start my way back home, remembering the good times we had together and continuing to take in the other sites of this planet.  I could see how it attracted her, a primal kind of survival was required here, a fearless spirit, one she certainly possessed.

1st Lt. D. Hirano
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Varon Vandeperck
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Semper Fi Azalia, you won't be forgetten.
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