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Island: Rowan - Klingon Empire Sim
Island Owner: Moonlight Ristow (USS Nimoy)
Island Rating: Mature
Tech Rating: Contemporary with Starfleet
Describe the Island: Following a transporter failure, I found myself in a large stone hall with flagstone flooring. I could faintly here flowing water and.... what sounded like music. I decided to investigate further.

The hallway lead to a wide corridor, with small rooms off to either side, and a passageway to the outside. There was also a set of stairs leading up somewhere...

The stairs lead to what looked like cloisters. The music could be heard more clearly, seemingly coming from a nearby temple.

An arched rampway lead up to the second level. As I walked along, I discovered more ramps, leading up and up. It finally lead to the outside, where I discovered that I was in fact investigating what looked like a ziggurat or pyramid, Klingon in style... I had landed on Quo'nos!

Returning to the mainhall, I decided to investigate another room which had fires burning as lamps, each side featuring stairs. One side lead out to a quadrangle, where a couple of Klingon Birds of Prey were docked. There was a cellar underneath one, with its own winding passageways. Some pottery and other items were lodged in the sand underneath the ground. Continuing my investigation, I discovered a passageway under what sounded like a busy shopping precinct, finally happening upon some stairs.

The stairs led up into a shop, owned by a familiar name... a Klingon I knew... sadly, he was nowhere to be seen...

Wandering onward, through a fabric screen, I headed down a corridor. I could see the other Bird of Prey docked above, and a ghostly Klingon floated past... clearly not done with its time on this world...

In another passageway, leading to the outside, there was tablet up on the wall, written in a strange script...

Returning through the shop, I came to another area with stairs and flags proclaiming Klingon Imperalism. Some of the flags contained a similar script to that on the tablet on the wall. Climbing the stairs, I came to another hallway, which housed flags and what looked like a throne.

A set of stairs lead under the throne room, and to what seemed like a maze. From a balcony, I could see a chamber lit by a green lamp. It looked rather like a council room... or ampitheatre.

As I looked around one of the corridors, I fell... There was a growling sound and snarling. There were little creatures roaming the area... I got rather nervous, and began to look around for a way out.

My investigation confirmed my suspicions: I had fallen into a dungeon of some sort! And finding a way out was proving difficult.

I eventually found a doorway. With my tricorder, I scanned the doorway and tried to figure out the passcode to open it. At last, it opened, and not a moment too soon! I escaped the critters and hurried onward, eager to leave this area behind.

Breathing in the sweet air of the outside world, I returned to the surface, grateful for my life and liberty....

Recommendation: Yes, definitely yes. Would be GREAT for RP, or just general fun. Also has shops for obtaining skins and clothing for those who need/wish it.
Officer/Cadet: Lt. Summoner Castaignede
Kevin Fremont
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UFS Civilian


Great Mission Summ  ;)
Tedra Llewellyn
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UFS Civilian


it is a good sim, always go there to the monastry to meditade ;)
Angena Ryba
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UFS Civilian


Great idea for a Mission there. Sounds interesting to visit too.
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