Project Magellan. Mission 29: Fatimas World

Gijsjan Broek
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UFS Civilian
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Project "Magellan"
Mission 29: Fatimas World

On Stardate 080724 i discovered a Victorian theme. The place have 22 sims and its truely beautyfull. Landscapes, castles, villages, islands etc. The tech. level is lower than Starfleet Standard so all missions are covert.

Science Expedition Team:
1. LT. Gijsjan Broek
2. -
3. -
4. -
Captain Gijsjan Broek.
Science Officer of U.S.S. Monarch :enterprised:

"Astronomy compel the soul to look upwards, and leads us from this world to another" Plato

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Shae Roux
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UFS Civilian


I'm in.

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