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CMDR Finistair-Mission Log

Posted: 200719.2010
by Phoenix Finistair
*Uploads file from subspace to her condo Padd on Pinastri. The computer deciphers her special code and plays the recording.*

A large shaky gasp can be heard as Phoenix removes her ventilator mask. She takes a moment to quiet her breathing, while looking around her. "By the Gods" she whispers. Her hand moves to her ribs and she winces. "It was too close. My mission was almost compromised. When this is over, I'm going to be going on vacation!" She starts to softly laugh, but winces and curses quietly. After a few seconds of regaining her composure, she leans her head on the wall and continues.

"Tannuk led us to the base and we 'cleansed' the rabble there. I felt no guilt cutting those lives down to rescue Starfleet Officers." She takes a quick sip of water. "I have to hurry before the other pirates know I've gone missing. We managed to convince the Sheppard crew to follow us back to the ship. I thought for sure they would put up a fight and we'd have to send them to Pinastri in a coffin."

Her breath starts to shake with excitement as she rechecks her padd coordinates. "I face a brutal death if this gets caught wind of by the cult leader. I sent a distress message to the Sheppard giving away the hidden base. Then I was able to weaken our pirate vessel without suspicion, and adjusted the shields so the crew could be beamed to safety. I altered the weapon output to attack another of the pirate ships instead of the Sheppard."

Phoenix jumps at a beep on her pirate communicator, shakes her head and responds. "Yes, Missionary Tannuk?" Pause as she listens to the jumble of angry curses from the other voice. "Can we find how they got to the base? What is our next move?" A brief pause. "I will report for my punishment immediately, Enlightened One." She cuts communication from the communicator, and resumes her mission log.

"I will get 20 lashes for this failure. Luckily, it's my first. Some of the other pirates have been beaten to death. I'll be fine." She groans and finishes her log. "I was able to transfer the rendezvous point with Tannuk's ship to Commodore Lombardia. Luckily his XO is still alive. For now. I was able to wipe any trace of my interactions with the Sheppard and Pinastri so I'm not suspected." She finishes her water, wipes her mouth with her leather jacket, and grimaces. "What a rookie mistake. Drinking water before a lashing." She shakes her head and boots up her encryption to send her log home. "End and encrypt log. And pray I get home alive."

Re: CMDR Finistair-Mission Log

Posted: 200726.2139
by Phoenix Finistair
*Faint shuffling noises and a soft groan of pain can be heard in the beginning of log.*

"Computer. Start log. Authorization code *redacted.*"

Phoenix takes a long ragged breath and slowly exhales. She rubs her forehead and tries to clear the ringing in her head before speaking softly. "I'm... somewhere. The Sheppard I think? It's been so long since I've seen anyone else from Starfleet. It's a little overwhelming. They all feel... on edge." She starts to get up, winces and sits back down as she holds her ribs.

"Today was tricky. It could have all gone wrong. I wonder if praying to that zealot's God to cleanse that filth was my saving grace." She idly plays with the PADD in front of her before clearing her throat, squinting and continuing her log. "I told Tannuk that I had system updates to install, that would make his base of operations harder to detect. He all too quickly agreed. He never suspected me." Phoenix's voice trails sleepily. " I was working as an agent for Starfleet though, and alerted the Sheppard that the base would be defenseless. No shields, no stationary weapons of any sort. Just crazed religious cult members. I also alerted Captain Lombardia, that his XO was being held in the bunker there. He sent word on when to lower the bases defenses so he could rescue his second in command."

She pauses, looking out the window of the quarters she was in. She whispers. "They almost caught me. I was the only one with access codes for the XO, so for that reason alone.. thank the Divines that I wasn't." She fidgets as she continues. " I was sabotaging the reactors. All that time in engineering paid off." A slight smile crosses her grim features, her eyes still blood red and yellow. "Tannuk came in while I was tampering. Luckily the marines were causing quite the ruckus and he was too preoccupied. I had a phaser hidden in the prayer room. A room full of seats that no one sat in."

Her head feels heavy and she slouches forward, ignorant to the searing pain in her torso. "I downloaded quite a few files. I sent copies to Rich, who mentioned forwarding them to someone named Nora. I... have been out of the loop too long it seems. That's not important. Computer, set a reminder for my medical eval tomorrow." Computer beeps and chirps, alerting her that it has recorded her reminder. "We saved the XO, it was a hell of a fight. I think I need to do some training exercises to get back into shape. It's been a while since I shot a phaser." There's an incoming message on her display that she checks quickly, smiling as she sends a quick response.

"The base blew up, XO and agent were saved. Now... I hope to be able to rest for a few hours. That cult was brutal. Hopefully the Doc can patch up these lacerations and fix my ribs...and eyes." She rubs her temples, getting up slowly and making her way towards the bed. "I'm very grateful to the Sheppard and marines for saving me. I'd have been dead in a week. They were on to me, which worked out, with all the reverse intel I managed to nab.' Phoenix slumps down on the bed, not bothering to change out of her pirate outfit. "I think that's where it stops tonight." She yawns deeply, her eyes closing at the same time she mumbles, "Computer.......end...*soft snore* log."

Re: CMDR Finistair-Logs

Posted: 200810.1536
by Phoenix Finistair
Tries to open her eyes but a groan emits from her as she realizes the left one is a bit tender. Right eye gazing up at the plain ceiling above her couch as she gingerly brings her fingertips to "see" how damaged it is. Not feeling any cuts Nix sits up slowly assessing the rest of her body aches.

A long painful stretch and she stands to walk to the replicator. Scrunching up her nose she orders a garlic bone broth and chamomile tea. Ugh what a combination. It'll be good for healing though. Doc's busy enough. Nodding sagely, Nix sips the hot broth, sets it down and walks over to her plants. Each has a medicinal property. One or two might even be poisonous used incorrectly.

Lazily tracing a fingertip over a broad leaf of plantain, Nix carefully plucks it from it's inter-node. Nix starts to play with the leaf between both hands, bruising the delicate leaf to release it's healing goodness. Carefully pressing the leaf to the affected eye, a sigh of relief, and she walks back over to the couch and sits. "Computer begin personal log, Commander Finistair, audio only."

After giving the normal command codes to the computer, Nix begins recounting yesterday's mission. Leaning into the couch cushion, trying to relax with closed eyes, memories of yesterday start flitting into her brain. Her voice is soft when she begins to speak, "I was given orders to beam to Nuratu IV ahead of the Sheppard crew to set up a signal inhibitor. Intel had discovered the Kzem were planning on 'spiritually cleansing the planet.'"

A brief pause as she adjusts the wilting leaf over her eye, the swelling decreasing rapidly. "There were five crates of live nukes. The inhibitor would prevent the Kzem from activating the devices for a brief amount of time. During my scouting, I had placed two dud inhibitors in case I was discovered. I had to dispatch a few Kzem as I was setting up the transporter array for the away team." She rolls her shoulders to crack her back and adjusts her sitting position.

"During the array set up, I was approached by two of the cultists, while I shot the first one the second one rushed me." A slight chuckle and a soft breath. "She clearly left some marks. I left her in a heap behind the building next to one that oddly had his throat cut open. Weird planet." Grinning she hears a beep for an incoming message from Lieutenant Phoenix. "Nixie... " A soft giggle can be heard as she pauses her log to attend to it.

"Computer, resume recording." Nix thinks for a moment on where she left off. "Ah, yes. The team beamed down and as I showed them where the first of the five locations I scouted were, we had a very gassy visitor." Faint giggling can be heard before she resumes. " We were attacked by a grenade throwing Kzem. The Captain and I went after him. We each got a few decent shots in, but we lost site of him for a short while. At this point Commodore Lombardia had two more crews beam in to take care of the fourth and fifth warheads, while...." pauses to think. "I don't remember everyone's names yet. Ensign... Taurog and Kestrel, I think?" Shrugs and continues. "Hopefully their names are correct. They took out the first warhead, I led Kari to the second. She dismantled that one as the Captain beamed back to ship and left me in charge."

Nix shakes her head and goes on. "As I was leading Kestrel to the warehouse, we were ambushed. The Gassy Kzem brought a friend. We abandoned the warehouse warhead and made for the unoccupied nuke at the far end of the graveyard." Grateful to be off camera, feeling like she let the team down, she continues in a slower paced, softer voice. "Major Delgotti and I engaged in fire fight with the enemy. I fell unconscious right before they ended up fleeing. Luckily our third target had been decommissioned by the Sheppard 'bomb squad.'''

Taking a deep breath to mask the agitation in her voice, Nix continues to get this log finished. "When I came to, the first Kzem was standing so close to me, I was sure I was finished. But they disappeared. We called to the Sheppard for extraction with the last of our nukes. That's about it."

Looking around the room and throwing the plantain leaf into the de-materialization bin, she sighs heavily while going to check out her injuries in the mirror. "After I do the rest of my wound care, I'm going to be coming up with call signs for our encrypted channels. Baby bear?" Nixy scoffs and shakes her head. "Computer end log and encrypt."