Experience DOES Count (with personal log)

Oversees day to day operations of UF Starfleet Marine Corps, leader and supervisor of all functions of the Corps, including TRACOM, FORCECOM and more.

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Cipher Rhode
UFSMC - LT. Colonel
UFSMC - LT. Colonel
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Personal Log: Lt. Colonel Christopher Rhode
Stardate 220822.20

Finally published another manual for TRACOM, with the special caveat of having it be available for all who may be curious about how we operate with our decentralized command structure. Now I’m being called before the Red Carpet. Let’s see what other new sin that I must atone for being back for only three months. Then again, pissing so many people off in that timeframe is a new record of mine.
LtCol Christopher "Cipher" Rhode, UFSMC

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