New UFS Marine Corps. SGT. Major

Oversees day to day operations of UF Starfleet Marine Corps, leader and supervisor of all functions of the Corps, including TRACOM, FORCECOM and more.

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Penney Lancaster
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UFSMC - Brigadier General
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To: United Federation Starfleet
From: UF Starfleet Command
UF Starfleet Marine Corp Sgt Major

Effective stardate 210613 - PFC JP Brice is hereby appointed to the posit of UF Starfleet Marine Corps. SGT. MAJOR. with all the rights and privileges thereto. He is also appointed to the Brevet Rank of Sgt Major as long as he serves in this capacity.

Brig. General Penney 'Fireball' Lancaster
Commandant, UFSMC
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John Brice Jr
UFSMC - Private First Class
UFSMC - Private First Class
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Thank you sir. I won't let you down :)
JP Brice | SSC 2567
Sergeant Major | UFS Marines
Sergeant Major of the UFSMC
Marine Exobiologist, SS Nimbus
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Harryheath Resident
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Security - Lieutenant JG
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Lt. JG. Harry Heath
Security Officer - Vice Chief
USS Thor NCC-122355

Chief of Staff to the Chief of UF Starfleet Communications

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