UFS Marine Corps Status and Advancement

Oversees day to day operations of UF Starfleet Marine Corps, leader and supervisor of all functions of the Corps, including TRACOM, FORCECOM and more.
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Penney Lancaster
UFSMC - Colonel
UFSMC - Colonel
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Greetings to everyone & all Marines. For any marine or fleet member that would like to help with the Corp, I would like to remind everyone that while my two Co's are doing a fine job they can't do it all by themselves. For any rp ideas get with Lt. Col. Kyle Asbrink, and any class or curriculum ideas get with Lt. Col. Kiara Noel. Ideas for the manual and policy updates you can always come to me and we can discuss them. The Corp. has had one of it's better years in a long time even though it is 2020 showing that Marines do persevere. Let's keep the momentum going.

Brig. Gen. Penney "Fireball" Lancaster
UFSMC Commandant
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