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Oversees the UF Starfleet Academy, cadets and the indoctrination of new members in to UFS.

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Members of UFS,

I am asking for your input regarding what you would like to see the academy do for you! Yes, that is a broad question, so let's focus it on a few areas:

[*]Academy Experience
[*]Simulation classes
[*]Practical Skills classes
[*]General suggestions


This program is designed to occur over four weeks and give the volunteers the opportunity to experience life as a Starfleet cadet. One week simulated a year at Starfleet Academy.

Academy Experience Overview:

Each week there are mandatory Moodle classes (2 of them) and mandatory sim classes. They could do practical skills classes (phaser training, basic flight, space jump etc) and moodle classes for bonus each week.

There was a story event each weekend that would be the highlight of that particular year. Difficult things cadets did earn them points. They needed to collect a minimum number of points to graduate, but could earn distinction or honors if they collected more.

What has prevented another Experience from occurring?

We try and group participants into similar time zones for maximum interaction. It allows for easier scheduling of events. The next experience was supposed to favor European time. We lack enough qualified sim instructors and are in the process of training some, so we have a pool of instructors to teach at different times.

There is also a lack of all the necessary facilities, but that is being worked on.

My question to you all. What would make you want to participate in an academy experience?


These come in two flavors. Branch specific and group. Branch specific is just that. A simulation class that helps acclimated each branch to their respective bridge consoles. Group classes, aka a Bridge simulator, allows the participants to practice working together. These were normally reserved for the Academy Experience, but there is desire to host these outside of the Experience, as this has traditionally been one of the more enjoyable aspect of UFS and allows opportunities for people to try other branches without changing branches. I'd like to also do Beyond the Bridge, which encourages RP scenarios outside the bridge.

My questions to you all are:
[*]Do you want to see more simulation classes open to all?
[*]Are you interested in Beyond the Bridge sim classes?
[*]What other thoughts or ides do you have for simulation classes?


While sim classes are focused primarily on role play, practical skills classes teach skills that train you to interact with things. Flight classes help you learn to fly a shuttle, phaser classes help you learn to shoot, etc. These are not absent any Role play elements, just a focus on how to use these tools and augment it with role play.

We are looking to add new classes. Some of the new classes we have might fall more to the sim side of things, like an EVA class.

My Question to you: What practical skill classes do you want to see offered?


The Academy offers a lot. Before making suggestions, I ask that you are familiar with what we offer and then feel free to suggest things you feel is missing or changes to existing programs that you have personally gone through. For the academy to grow, we need to know the direction the membership would like to see us go.

The Medical Residency program is moving forward and being refined. I look forward to that be available soon.
The Command Training Program has been in blueprint mode and should now move into the next phase. This is a program that will be available for perspective commanding officers that will build on the Command and General Staff Development Program in starship administration. This program will add some more guidance to these COs before we release them into the galaxy.

Looking forward to feedback on the above topics.

In Service,
Rear Admiral Rich Lombardia

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