Chief of UFS Communications oversees publications for the group as well as social media and helps shape the group's image to the public.

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UFS Dept of Communications & Events Presents our Events for FEBRUARY


ROMANCE FEST is our celebration of Love and Romance For those who Love Romance novels, by the Likes of Danielle Steel, Carolyn Brown, Lauren Dane, Lorraine Heath, Alisha Rai & E. L. James or movies Like Gone with the Wind, Titanic & even Pretty Woman, Come and join us in the lead up to Valentine's day..


*BOOK CLUB*: Contact - FCapt Jorden Allen. UFS Discord Server,

*UFS Writer's Group* : Contact - Commander T'Lara and Commander Quertie. Join us on the UFS Writers' Group Discord server via: https://discord.gg/DymV8xFZES every Friday morning



Date will be posted. P & A is Followed by UFS Town Hall meeting

If you are interested in one of the posted events please go to the discord EVENTS channel and push the interested button, this helps us plan. Thank you in advance Capt Greg Esharham

240209 FRI FEBRUARY 9th 1900-2100, Cosmic Rift - " ROMANCE NOVELISTS
Step onto the set of " Gone with the Wind" as we celebrate one of the great romantic novels, Come as Scarlet Ohara or Rhett Butler in one of the greatest love stories ever brought to the Cinema. Join us at " Twelve Oaks " from Margaret Mitchell's Novel

Enjoy an evening with friends, Music, and maybe begin your very own Southern Romance in this beautiful setting, But "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn." Just come and have fun :)

Location: "Twelve Oaks" Event Platform, HQ Pinastri
Host: Evey Reily
DJ: Naida
Dress code: 1860s America, Southern ladies in grand ball gowns and gentlemen in three-piece suits and top hats.

240210 SAT FEB 10th 1200-1400 SLT

Venice is the city of love and for our Saturday fest we invite you to join us at the Piazza San Marco for a romantic afternoon with DJ Hal Jordan, Situated on the Grand Canals of Venice the Piazza San Marco is located near the Doge's Palace and from you can take a trip on a Gondola and see the Bridge of Sighs

"The enclosed passageway was named for the “sighs” of the prisoners who passed over it. Tradition holds that if a couple kisses while passing underneath the bridge in a gondola, they will enjoy eternal love." Do you dare tempt fate and LOVE :)

LOCATION: Piazza San Marco, Venice HQ Pinastri, Down by the river
Host: Greg Esharham
DJ: Hal Jordan
Dress code: The Sky is the limit from casual and relaxed to dressed to the nines this is a casual relaxed event PS don't forget if your riding the Gondola you may end up in the water Just saying :) )

240210 SAT FEB 10th 1400-1500 Live! Shantu Selene sings

Ladies and Gentlemen The UFS Dept of Communications & Events Is proud to present one of the most popular live acts we have had the privilege to host Shantu Selene.

Shantu Selene singing Brings about a marriage of poetic lyrics, romantic guitar, backing tracks (he composes, produces, and performs himself), and his hypnotic voice to Second Life, gives Shantu a way to share the joy, sorrow, passion and love that is in his heart with his listeners. And he still loves to sing Elvis.

Shantu has graced our stages many times and is very popular as an Artist in Second Life.

LOCATION: Piazza San Marco, Venice HQ Pinastri, Down by the river
Host: Evelyn Rieko
Dress code: Casual Dress code for this relaxed laid back event.

UF Starfleet Communications is responsible for the promotion of UFS to members & fans, provides social events, and publishes news & information on social media. An event like this is a collaborative effort, with several UFS members volunteering their time, talent, and energy to plan, organize, build, decorate, promote, and host.

Many thanks to Evelyn Rieko, Greg Esharham, Hal Jordan, Evey Riley, Naida Starchild, Saraphinadarksoul, Selina Otsuka, Siobhan Crystal, Zania Turner, Avery May Amore , and Twist Firebeard for their enthusiasm and support for fantasy FEST .

United Federation Starfleet is a lively, active group of Trek fans and science fiction geeks who come together in a spirit of community and fellowship to talk Trek, hang out, play games, and/or roleplay. Engage with us on Discord at: https://discord.ufstarfleet.org/

Watch for our next event - Klingon Fest 8th & 9th of March

Come and join us for the Klingon Day of Honor was a Klingon holiday. On this day, a warrior evaluated his or her deeds for the past year to see whether he had been honorable. It was customary to serve Rokeg blood pie on this day. On Qo'noS, many of the traditional ceremony rituals on the Day of Honor were observed in the Caves of Kahless.

TlhIngan SuvwI' tlhIngan yo' 'ej qeylIS'e'. leSpoH Qapla'

Join us

PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS and check notices / the forum / Discord each week for our UFS Social Events, presented to you and for you, to encourage the development of relationships and a spirit of fun.

For a complete list of upcoming Social Events, Roleplay Missions, Academy Classes, etc., please check out this LCARS: https://www.ufstarfleet.org/whats-on/

UFS events can cater to all your ideas and even assist with your events.

We are always looking for more events so please contact Capt Greg Esharham In World, on Discord or email (dragonrider100@bigpond.com) with your suggestions! WE CAN USE MORE HELP. If you'd like to assist with Hosting or DJing, etc, please contact us in Second Life, or on Discord, or email our office at: chief.communications@ufstarfleet.org


The Office of the Chief of UF Starfleet Communications:
Chief of Comms - Commodore Evelyn Rieko
Social Events Manager - Captain Greg Esharham
Chief of Staff to the Chief of Comms - LTjg Evey Riley

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