In Praise of Comms Staff

Chief of UFS Communications oversees publications for the group as well as social media and helps shape the group's image to the public.

Moderators: Evelyn Rieko, Poison Toocool

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Poison Toocool
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Sometimes people work away at things behind the scenes, and although they may get an award now and then, or perhaps a promotion when TiG is up... I'm not sure that members see what actually goes on behind the scenes.

Evelyn Rieko is Vice JC Comms and Director of Social Events. She's my right hand, she and I talk every day, she's been training on the JC side but she has the events down pat after holding this role for some years. She's inevitably cheerful and helpful. She likes to talk to people. She's thoughtful when issues come up and we work to find a resolution. Any Social Event you attend, even if she isn't there, she's had a hand in talking to the planner, making sure the location is set-up and decorated, she's posted to Social Media and sent out notices, made sure the event is on the UFS calendar & listed in our monthly events post, and a few other things that go into making sure an event is well-run and everyone has a good time. Greg Esharham is Vice Director of Social Events, besides assisting Evelyn in her duties (and decorating/building fab sets for events), he also runs a monthly Watch Party on Discord.

Then we have Selina Otsuka, who is helping a great deal in her role as Social Media Coordinator. She's posting to SL-related blogs, to Flickr, to our Social Media Accounts, as well as taking terrific photos that showcase UFS in SL and 3rd Rock Grid. She's thoughtful and organized, creative and thorough.

And Hal Jordan, who researches and writes Trek-related news for us each week. He's easy to get along with, a fine writer, meets his deadlines, and is a good photographer as well. He's also our Chief DJ and typically will be seen spinning his tunes for a variety of social events.

Sadly, Bodan Landar had to step down as Comms Graphic Designer but he did a wonderful job creating eye-catching posters and social media memes for us over the past year. Excellent work. He will be missed.

Comms Astraios Liasion Ellemir Maven makes sure we are updated with what's going on at SS Astraios & Astraios Prime, and posts reminders of events & missions so we all don't forget our sister colony outside of Second Life.

Comms 3rd Rock Grid Liason Dolfke Barbosa is a member of the Stichting Cultural Harbour, a not-for-profit organisation that runs the grid. She is always helpful in keeping us informed about concerns and issues with the grid and also lets us know about promotional opportunities. She provides many photos of Astraios missions and events, and hosts the long-running 'Starfleet Boogie' every Tuesday.

We have our Social Event planners, Zania Turner (Pinastri), and newly aboard Siobhan Crystal (Pinastri). They come up with neat ideas for cool social activities, discuss them with us, and host their events each month. They are there to make sure you feel welcome. They volunteer to plan and host events for your benefit, so drop in if you can to say hello and let them know their efforts are appreciated.

We have some great Staff Photographers who attend events and missions, uploading their shots to Flickr to help with the promotion of UFS to the world at large. Besides Selina and Dolfke, mentioned above, Erika Lancetti and Elsa Mitchell (Scottland78) are social butterflies who hang out & shoot photos at a variety of activities.

We also have the Honor Guard who stand each month at ceremonies, change of command, ship/station launches, etc. Besides myself and Evelyn, HG members include Genny7 Markus, Silvio Rosca, Harry Heath, Scottland78 Resident. Morath Landfall remains an Honorary Member as he was Commander of the HG for a long time.

Not to forget our Relay for Life Team Co-Captains, Lizzie Gracemount and Kermie Mistwallow, who help plan the UFS involvement in the RFL for Second Life season.

Last but certainly not least, is our Chief of Staff/Yeoman, Oola Quan, who has been helping with a variety of tasks since she joined the team. She's been learning her way around google docs, as well as updating our Comms Tracking & Task doc, pouring over our Manual to recommend updates, writing job descriptions, penning blog posts, and all sorts of other things. She's helpful and thorough (and reminds me of my appointments each week :D).

I would like to thank all Comms staff for the hours they gift to UF Starfleet and UF Communications, without them, long range comms would fall silent. Your energy and enthusiasm uplifts others. The time you give to us is valued and meaningful.

In service,
VAdm Toocool
Chief, UF Starfleet Communications
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Braxx Juventa
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Hear hear!
Greg Esharham
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It is all about the leadership and being given permission to think for ourselves when it comes to events, locations, themes and what fun we can organize for people to have.

Some may think " Events why do we need events" but crews need downtime and social interaction as well. Don't forget Riker's regular Card game, Ten Forward, the Mess hall on Voyager with it's parties and atmosphere, their forays into the Holodeck or the worlds they created there.

Lets not forget the DS9 crew being able to wander around the promenade and visit its various establishments for recreation. Even in the newest addition to the Trek universe SNW Pikes quarters is becoming a social hub for senior staff and those in the crew he wants to get to know better.

The Admiral has named some wonderful people in this Msg and I have to express my admiration for each end every one of them in the spectacular work they do week after week, month after month to give the members of the UFS an array of events and activities to attend.

The skill they show, from the DJ's to the event runners to the photographers, set dressers and those who do the posters and all the other little things that when brought together make an awesome team effort.

To sum up I have to say thank you to all of you as well. I have only been in events for around 12 months but its been the most fun and joyous 12 months I have spent with the UFS in many years. So thank you :)

In Service Cmdr Greg Esharham Vice Director of Events.
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“There are people who make things happen, there are people who watch things happen, and there are people who wonder what happened. To be successful, you need to be a person who makes things happen..” James A. Lovell US Astronaut, Gemini 7, Gemini 12, Apollo 8, Apollo 13
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