UFS Social Events - AUGUST 2022

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SEPTEMBER EVENTS ARE LOCATED HERE --- viewtopic.php?f=852&t=33837

UFS Social Events - August 2022

[SLT = Pacific Time]

=BOOK CLUB: Contact - FCapt Jorden Allen. UFS Discord Server, Events and Entertainment

=TREK TALKS: [Contact - Adm MilesPrower Dagger. UFS Discord Server, Events and Entertainment, spoilers-trek-talk

=DISCORD SCI-FI DRIVE IN MOVIE - Held every month in Discord. Sat Aug 6 at 5pm SLT, join Greg Esharham on Discord for a showing of "On the Beach" - a 1959 American post-apocalyptic science fiction drama film from United Artists, produced and directed by Stanley Kramer, that stars Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner, Fred Astaire, and Anthony Perkins.

On the Beach takes place in Melbourne, the southernmost Capital city on the Australian mainland. Principal photography took place from mid-January to March 27, 1959 in Australia. Beach scenes were filmed at the foreshore of Mount Eliza. The film was shot in part in Berwick, then a town outside Melbourne and part in Frankston.
Greg is happy to take requests for SCI-FI Movie Classics ( 40's,50's, 60's & 70's ) Just PM him and he will do his best to find it if he does not have it.
Hosted by Greg Esharham - UFS Discord Server, Streaming Theater, Foyer and Screening Room

=UF Starfleet talkshow "SUBSPACE RELAY" with hosts Rich Lombardia and Emma King ((Njal Edwyn))! The show is produced by James Williams ((Adomsisko)). Broadcasting on UFS Youtube

Tuesdays: "STARFLEET BOOGIE!" - 12 noon - 2:00pm SLT
Host: Dolfke Barbosa

MindMeld Sessions

Tue Aug 2, 16, 30 @ 10:30am Pacific
Fri Aug 5, 19 @ 2200 (10pm) Pacific
"MindMeld is a meeting of minds, a playful tossing out of ideas, silly and serious... the wilder the better... no idea is criticized. We may find that that wild idea and this crazy thought meld together into something really cool, or we may just have collective coffee and rambunctious fellowship. It's all good."
Host: VAdmPoison Toocool
Location: Denkiri Cafe, Starfleet Astraios (3rd Rock Grid)
Dress: Casual
If you don't have a 3rd Rock Grid account yet, be sure to set up a 3rd Rock Grid account a few days before the event.

To get to 3RG - create an avatar here - https://www.3rdrockgrid.com/ then download Firestorm for Open sim - https://www.firestormviewer.org/windows ... simulator/ wait up to 48 hours for your account to be approved. When you receive your approval email it will give you your password, and you will be able to log in to 3RG. There is a sign at 3RG welcome that will transport you to UF Starfleet Astraios. Contact Alia Soulstar, Ellemir Maven, Dolfke Barbosa or Poison Toocool for assistance.


Sundays: "TAI CHI!" - 9am - 10am SLT
Have a Tai Chi Session on the shore (HQ). Hosted by Zania Turner.
Come join us at Tai Chi! Meet other UFS members for a relaxing hour of conversation.
Active wear or exercise clothes recommended.

FANTASTIC FRIDAY - August 5 at 5:30pm/ 1730 hrs. (Different Themes - Held 1st Friday of each month.)

This Fantastic Friday is International Beer Day! Wouldn't you just love to be swimming in beer? Literally! We have a Dunking Booth that is a giant mug of beer! All we need are officers to volunteer to sit on it and wait for someone with a good arm and a sure aim to hit the lever. Everyone is welcome to volunteer, but we especially want the JCs, Command Officers, and high-ranking officers to volunteer. It will be fun! Even if you admire your CO, there is just something fun about dunking them! Just attend and sit in the booth.
Friday Aug 5 is also Water Balloon Day, so we will also have water balloon fights, and music and dancing
DJ: Zania Turner & Host: Evelyn Rieko
Location: Pinastri - by the river
Dress: Casual wear


Sun - ART EXHIBIT opening @ Astraios - Aug 7th @ noon PDT/3RG/SLT
'Butterflies & Roses' - an exhibit of artwork by Lizzy Gracemount, at the Astraios Art Gallery. Opens with a cocktail party and a wonderful 'live' performance by the talented Khiron Ametza. Please join us. Dress is casual. Slurl - hop://grid.3rdrockgrid.com:8002/Astraios%20Colony/411/722/22

Sun "FUN FIELD TRIP!" - Aug 14 @ 4:00pm SLT
Join Fleet Captain Evelyn Rieko for a mystery excursion to an entertaining location somewhere in Second Life! Meet at UFS HQ by 3:45 pm SLT and be prepared for fun! Civilian clothes permitted.

Fri: "Cosmic Rift" - Aug 19 @ 6:00pm SLT
A dance party filled with great music that transcends you, taking you to another place and time. 70's 80's 90's music, and some remixes that keep the feel of the original songs.
Location: The New Club Latinum @ Pinastri HQ
DJ: Naida Zivaz
Host: Evelyn Rieko

Sun: "MASKED BALL!" - Aug 21 - 3:00 PM SLT
A Masked Ball to celebrate the Risa Festival of the Moon (Lohlunat). A yearly festival on Risa!
Hosted by Evelyn Rieko. DJ: Zania Turner
Dress is Fantasy formal.

P & A CEREMONY! SAT Aug 27 - 12 noon SLT

Awards and Promotions are presented.
Location: Pinastri HQ
Dress: Class B Uniforms.

UFS TOWN HALL - Sat Aug 27 - 12:30pm SLT
Your opportunity to speak with the leaders of UF Starfleet, ask questions and give suggestions. Held immediately after the P&A Ceremony and will last about an hour. Afterwards, those interested may stay on for a casual chat.
Host: UFS Joint Chiefs
Location: Pinastri HQ
Dress: Class B Uniforms.

PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS and check notices / the forum / Discord each week for our UFS Social Events, presented to you and for you, to encourage the development of relationships and a spirit of fun.

Please contact Captain Evelyn Rieko with your suggestions. WE CAN USE MORE HELP too, if you'd like to assist with Hosting or DJing, etc, please contact Captain Evelyn Rieko or email our office at: chief.communications@ufstarfleet.org


The Office of the Chief of UF Starfleet Communications
Chief of Comms - Vice Admiral Poison Toocool
Vice Chief of Comms/ Social Events Manager - Fleet Captain Evelyn Rieko
Social Events Assistant Manager - Commander Greg Esharham
Chief of Staff to the Chief of Comms - Lt. Commander Oola Quan
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Poison Toocool
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Astraios Annual Beach Party, Sun Aug 28th at noon Pacific/3RG/Slt. Dress casual. Music TBA. Hosted by the great folks at Astraios Colony (3rd Rock Grid).
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