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The Events Management Team is looking for Social Event Hosts to help us plan events for as many time zones as possible. The best way to find events that you enjoy is to suggest them, or even better plan and host them! This is an opportunity to have a job in UFS and working in UFS will help you move up in rank, if that is your goal. If it's not your goal, consider becoming a Social Event Host because it's fun. This job is enjoyable and fun for the right person! You will be working with a great team of people with positive attitudes, that will help you and guide you in your position as Social Event Host. Come join the team!

As a Social Event Host you will:
-plan, arrange, and host a minimum of one event per month to start, in either Discord, Second Life, 3rd Rock Grid or Real Life.
-you will present your activity or event ideas to me, the Director of UFS Events, Fleet Captain Evelyn Rieko, along with the date and time for approval. This could be a very rewarding and fun experience for the right people!

-keep a list of all of the upcoming events
-promote the events: go out around the sim and the grid
-get people interested and excited about the events
-make sure as many people as possible know about the events
-encourage people to attend the events
-you are a cheerleader for events

We need Second Life, Real Life, Discord and 3rd Rock Grid Social Event Hosts - Bring your ideas to help us provide as many enjoyable activities as possible for our UFS members.

Do you enjoy chatting?
Do you have good organizational skills?
Is it in your nature to help people feel comfortable, welcomed and appreciated?
Do you work well independently and in a group?
Are you dependable?
Do you have a spirit of fun?

If you answered yes to all or some of these questions, We Want You!

To Apply contact Fleet Captain Evelyn Rieko in-world, in discord, or send an email to:

Include in your email:
UFS Official Name:
Ship of the Line:

Have you ever worked as a Greeter, Host or DJ in SL or 3RG or in a virtual capacity? If you have, where, and which job did you have?

Relevant real life experience?

Why do you want to be a Social Event Host? What could you bring to the job?

Thank you for your time,

Fleet Captain Evelyn Rieko
Director, UF Starfleet Events
Office of the Chief of UFS Communications
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