UFS Communications - Quarterly Report (2Q)

Chief of UFS Communications oversees publications for the group as well as social media and helps shape the group's image to the public.

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Greetings UFS members. The Office of the Chief of UF Starfleet Communications is pleased to offer the following report for the second quarter of 2022:

UFS Metamorphosis,” our Relay for Life team did some terrific work on the 2022 Relay for Life season. Our build for the Sci-Fi Con in Second Life was designed by Jorden Allen, with grateful thanks to Phoenix Finistair who donated the Lindens for the UFS plot. Our Relay Weekend campsite was designed by Greg Esharham and Poison Toocool. We won a Silver Award for fundraising. Thank you to all the UFS members who participated. And thanks to our team Co-Captains, Lizzy Gracemount and Kermie Mistwallow.

The Spring Issue of the Delta Communicator was published on stardate 220506, our grateful thanks to Jenaea Resident, Bodan Landar, Sestra ((Harlequin Hijinks)), Ellemir Maven, our Ship of the Line COs & XOs, and Candi Quick, for their contributions! A special shout out to Selina Otsuka (Comms Chief Photographer) for her excellent photographs. We also featured some photos from Aryela Dagger, Harry Heath, Drewski Northman, Erika Lancetti and Hal Jordan. Thanks also to Evelyn Rieko for her awesome proofreading! Our next issue will be published in August, deadline for submissions is 220815 and can be forwarded to delta.communicator@ufstarfleet.org

We’ve held a variety of Social Events on Discord, in Second Life and in 3rd Rock Grid over the past three months. Along with fun events such as Fantastic Friday, Tai Chi, and A Beatles Father's Day; 'Boldly Go Trekking,' an open lecture series, launched in May (many thanks to UFS member & real life marine biologist Rachel Pfefferi for her fascinating lecture in June, 'Is there Life among the Stars'). There is currently a showing of member Selina Otsuka's photographs in the Astraios Art Gallery - 'Optimism' will run through to the end of July. Commodore David7 Bravin presents his talk, 'Classic Sci-Fi meets Star Trek' on Sat July 9th at 11am Pacific in the Astraios AstroTheatre.

Selina Otsuka first came to our attention when she applied for the position of Chief Photographer, since then her photos have graced our e-newsletter, the Delta Communicator, the Blog, our Social Media, and our Flickr. In our many discussions we discovered she had a background in marketing and thus we were pleased when she accepted the position of Social Media Coordinator for UFS Communications. Selina is assisting in developing a plan for promoting UFS through the effective use of Social Media. She's already put in some hours researching ways to raise our profile through posting on Second Life forums and increasing our interactivity on Flickr.
https://lcars.ufstarfleet.org/index.php ... ina_Otsuka

We were pleased to hire Hal Jordan, an excellent researcher/writer/editor, to coordinate the UFS Blog for us. Hal has some innovative ideas on how to attract more attention to this aspect of our Social Media offerings. He adds creativity to his approach and humor to his articles. Starting now we are publishing UFS news every Tuesday and general news (Trek, space, technology, innovation) every Friday. Be sure to check it out at https://www.ufstarfleet.org/news/
https://lcars.ufstarfleet.org/index.php ... _Excelsior

I do want to mention someone who has just started working with us and is learning the ways of the department and helping out with all sorts of necessary tasks. Oola Quan is currently acting Chief of Staff for UFS Communications, assisting in the day-to-day minutiae. Although she does not replicate coffee, she does hold the responsibility for reminding the Chief of her scheduled meetings and appointments, assisting to research articles, find information on the wiki or the web, draft documents, and otherwise keep us organized. Thank you Oola, you've been a great help so far!
https://lcars.ufstarfleet.org/index.php ... :Oola_Quan

DID YOU KNOW that the Office of Starfleet Communications is managed through one g-sheet tracking document and a Discord server? Using these tools we assign tasks, brainstorm ideas, report on progress, track action items, keep track of event attendance, and list our staff. We have an Event Planning Calendar, a Social Media Calendar, a UFS Blog Calendar, and a Delta Communicator Planner. Right now July is planned out with posts, blogs, events, articles, and tasks to be done. While we work through our plans for July, we are also looking ahead to August. And we are already talking about the Admiral's Banquet in mid-November, brainstorming activities and events related to this annual ceremony.

WHOis: UFS Communications

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the UFS Communications staff for their time and efforts on behalf of UF Starfleet. Your contributions are noted. Your enthusiasm and dedication is meaningful. Your friendship and outreach is part of the warmth and comradery that many of us appreciate at UFS.

In service,
Vice Admiral Poison Toocool
Chief, UF Starfleet Communications

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