Upcoming Event: Easter Tribble Hunt! 230409

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Greg Esharham
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Hello UFS

We have an upcoming event for Easter Starting Easter Sunday 9th of April 2023 and running until we eradicate the pests from Pinastri.

You have all seen them, You have all seen what they can do, You all know how they can multiply faster and eat quicker than any other pest in the quadrant.

Yes folks!!! TRIBBLES, they might be cute but they are definitely a pest.

Stand by for further instructions and orders and save Pinastri.

EVENT: Easter Tribble hunt, Sunday 9 April Start time TBA

Host: Jacob Fear

Dress code: Camo, Uniform, Flannel shirts, and Biker jackets, So basically whatever you like

Bring your butterfly nets, pool leaf scoops, Possum traps, crossbows..................OPPPS no no killing the tribbles, Anything to grab them with. There will be prizes for the successful hunters
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Who's ready for tribbles?

(If you are a store creator who wants to donate a prize item to the hunt, please contact me via discord or email nolanperryllc@gmail.com or inworld npllc resident. )

(If you want to donate old gacha you have but don't want to the hunt, send them to npllc resident and it'll auto accept them!)
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