Chief of Communications - Admiral's Banquet Speech

Chief of UFS Communications oversees publications for the group as well as social media and helps shape the group's image to the public.

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It is hard to believe another year has passed, and we are here again at the Annual Admiral’s Banquet. To start with I must thank all the Communications staff who made this fabulous week possible. They came up with ideas, they planned an event, they took the time to set things up, be here, host and/or DJ, volunteering their energy and enthusiasm so everyone could enjoy.

Kudos to Evelyn Rieko, Greg Esharham, Siobhan Crystal, Naida Starchild, Evey Riley, Rachel Pfeffri, Hal Jordan, Ginrai Yamabushi, and Dolfke Barbosa, for their contributions to this week of celebration. I would also like to thank Jorden Allen and Evelyn Rieko for this beautiful build for the ceremony, well done to both of you. Thanks Siobhan Crystal for being our host and making the introductions. And thanks to DJ Hal, who will be providing the music for the Formal Dance that follows the presentations.

Our special ‘Admiral’s Banquet Week’ edition of the UF Starfleet e-newsletter was published last Thursday, contributors were: MilesPrower-Dagger, Ishan Broek, MelodyParis, Quertie, Kassi Quandrii, Mad Hammerer. Photographs: Selina Otsuka, Evelyn Rieko, Amanda Cruisier, Erika Lancetti, Kermie Mistwallow, Elsa Mitchell, Kassi Quandrii, Poison Toocool. Favourite Missions: Drewski Northman, Siobhan Crystal, Rich Lombardia, Kinney Randt, Hal Jordan, Evelyn Rieko, Kermie Mistwallow. Cover photo: Selina Otsuka. Editing & Graphic Design: Poison Toocool . Editing & Proofing: Evelyn Rieko.

This issue is chock full of memories from the past year. Find it at -

Communications has worked hard over the past year to improve routines and organization, set deadlines and dates, and manage the duties of our office well. I am fond of saying I could not achieve anything without the efforts of my team, and in this I still believe. I have been helped enormously by talented and resourceful people who do not fail to show up and do the task they have promised to do. I rely on them, and they make the department run smoothly.

In particular I have to thank Evelyn Rieko & Greg Esharham (and more recently Siobhan Crystal) for their work on Events, Selina Otsuka for her fabulous photos and development of our UFS Flickr, and Hal Jorden for his wonderful blogs every Friday - with special mention of Kasumi Quandrii, who has helped with blogs, articles and scripts. Not to mention all the other staff who help out with events (Evey Riley, Naida Starchild, Zania Turner); photography (Elsa Mitchell & Erikia Lancetti); keep us apprised of events at our sister Colony (Ellemir Maven); or help out administratively (Oola Quan). Thanks to Lizzy Gracemount for her continued work for UFS in relation to Relay for Life. Also many thanks to the Honor Guard members who stood for us today, Silvio Rosca and Genny7 Markus.

Coming up in December we will have a few special events for you, as always, check the forum, the Events Calendar, and in-world notices so you are aware, and can come and join us in fellowship and celebration.

It is my firm belief that everyone has something to offer, whether it’s just appearing on a dedicated basis at ship’s roleplay, attending UFS events, or helping out at Fleet, every contribution matters, everyone’s energy and commitment to UFS helps in some way. We would not be here without each and every one of you. And isn’t it wonderful that humankind has progressed to a place where we, folk from all over the world, can come together here, in this environment, to share our Trek fandom and to create relationships with people we would never meet at our local coffee shop.

One day soon, mayhap, I will be able to beam to the States or overseas to meet someone in person. Until then, we have Second Life and 3rd Rock Grid and Discord, as our way of connection and communication.

I was a cadet in UF Starfleet Academy in the fall of 2010. I never dreamed I'd still be here, years later, a 'vice' admiral and a JC. Thank you for those who have trusted me over the years with the jobs I have done.

In service,
Vice Admiral Poison Toocool
Chief, UF Starfleet Communications

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