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Over the last four months, as part of my work as P&A Director, I have taken it upon myself to shore up the number of awards being given out by putting people up for awards. I even toured around at one point to do this, as I do not know everyone. This has meant I DON'T GET TO VOTE on those awards, so they are not automatic as the Board still votes and decides.

I'm not putting people forward for awards as a matter of course anymore, this isn't my role.

It is the job of Commanding Officers, Executive Officers, and Regular Members, EVERYONE REALLY, to put people up for awards. Maybe your ship/station could even designate someone for that job? While I may put the odd person up, I am not scouring and looking for deserving people because... it is not my job, it is all of ours; from the Fleet Admiral to the Crewman Apprentice as well as General to Private.

My hope was that people would see how happy those people winning awards were and how it helped morale, and then decide to act in kind. This hasn't happened.

You need to look critically at the people around you and decide who has done enough. You need to reread the posts when I specifically explain how awards are given and critically decide what level of award makes sense. I have given you the tools, please use them.

I am not angry, I am simply asking you to do what is your privilege to do.

If you want to give awards but are afraid they might be rejected, please contact me in discord or via email ( Every time an award has been rejected, there is a reason and the answer to that usually lies in the emailed explanations I send out. However, I am also happy to explain as well.

Awards will not always pass. Don't get frustrated by that, no one always gets to do exactly what they want to do. That is the nature of any fair system. For some people, they seem to view any setback as proof positive that the system is stacked against them and stop trying instead of examining their own behaviours within it. However, in every instance that an award has been denied, it has been due to not understanding the criteria and explaining how the person fits in it. This is why you get help when needed. One thing I will say for sure though, if you don't shoot, you'll never score.

In Service to the Fleet,

CMDR Ulrich Bechir

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