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Drewski Northman
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To: The Recipients of today’s Promotions and Awards, Commandant Penney Lancaster, and those watching on the official live events channel.

Today, UFS celebrated and honored members for their contributions to the group, something that was an occasion for celebration. Unfortunately, I engaged in behaviors that served to take the attention away from those who earned their honors.

I would like to sincerely apologize for my part in overshadowing that honor with hostile conversation. During the course of the Town Hall post-P&A, I was watching through the UFS live channel and made an unkind comment responding to one of Commandant Lancaster’s responses. While I stand by the opinions I expressed and questions that I asked after that comment, that was not the best way to respond. It was unprofessional and not the way a Commanding Officer representing United Federation Starfleet should act.

Again, I apologize to the Commandant and especially to those whose accomplishments that whole discussion in the live events channel overshadowed. Today was your day, not a day to wade through mudslinging.

Sincerely, Captain Drewski Northman
In Service,

Captain Drewski Northman
CO, USS Atlas NCC 74138
Branch Commander: UFS Science

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