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Ulrich Bechir
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Hello everyone:

One of the most confusing systems in terms of P&A are the Order Awards, and while the whole Awards system is currently being looked at for some clarification, these ones are amongst the hardest to navigate.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, have a look here: https://lcars.ufstarfleet.org/index.php ... ent_Awards

These Personal Achievement awards end up being the most oft refused monthlies, not necessarily because the recipient shouldn't get something for their hard work, but because they are generally miscategorized or misunderstood.

For example, in recent months I had someone try to give the wrong award for the right reasons several times. I have also had people not understand the 1st Class through 3rd Class ranking system. This had lead to an additional paragraph in the Award Receipt Letter, just in case it is a Personal Achievement Award being attempted.

So in short:

3rd Class Awards: Are given to people who perform at a Duty Station Level (Ship/Station/Colony)

2nd Class Awards: Are given to people who perform at a Branch Level (Science, Operations, Security, etc.)

1st Class Awards: Are given to those who perform at the Group Level. (this means it benefits the entire group)

The Order Awards also require SEVERAL examples of excellence, otherwise they are basically a citation or commendation in scope. So for example, the Order of Ferenginar would be given to someone who has volunteer in several instances as such:

Durra likes to volunteer outside of UFS but everyone knows Durra is a member and they often come in uniform to events. They have helped out for the Relay for Hope, the SciFi Convention, and they have worked with the organizating committee for to raise money for Sick Kids Hospitals, as well as the Heart and Stroke Foundation. This has led to these organizations reaching out to UFS and thanking them personally, as Durra often brings friends from the UFS with her to work as well. This has led, in turn, to a better reputation for the group as well as people jolining UFS as they see other things they can do and achieve through the group.

This would be something that qualifies for a First Class Order nomination.

I want to give out awards (quite a bit actually) but they always have to be the correct ones. Please ensure you read through award descriptions carefully and ask for help in creating your award nomination if you are not sure how the system works or what the classifications are. The most common individual awards are citations and commendations for individual events. Remember, all award and promotion nominations can be altered as long as the notice of intent (explaning what you want to change it to and why) is emailed to me at promotions@ufstarfleet by the 15th Deadline.
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Thanks for the clarification Ulrich
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