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The UFS Promotions and Awards department is responsible for any and all Promotion & Award Requests.

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For the full manual, please go here: ... _and_P.26A

The Promotions and Awards department is an evolving one that constantly revisits and revises protocol and rules in accordance with situations occurring within the organization. This post will specifically be for additions to the manual so all members are aware of alterations as they take place. Please note: THESE RULES ARE FOR EVERYBODY.

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Alternative Accounts

While Alternative Accounts (Alts) are allowed in United Federation Starfleet (UFS), they are to be kept from utilizing the same ships and stations as any other alt accounts held by the same individual. In addition they are not eligible to recommend any other of their alternate personas for promotions or awards. Doing so is seen as a breach of ethics and protocol and could result in the loss of those awards, the loss of rank, or potentially the expulsion from UFS.

Added 220728


Ethics and perception of ethics are of the utmost importance. What this means is that you have to be aware of how things appear to others when you do them. For this reason, those who are in relationships with other members of UFS that are romantic or child/parent in nature should avoid putting those individuals in their immediate sphere of influence forward for promotions or awards. This includes instances when the relationship bonds occur OUTSIDE of virtual platforms like Second Life and 3rd Rock, in the real world. If, for some reason, a member feels that the person they are in a relationship with is not receiving their due awards or promotions, they should contact the Director of Promotions and Awards.
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