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Ulrich Bechir
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Hello Everyone:

There is ongoing confusion between who deals with what in the Promotions & Awards segment of the world and to be honest, you will get faster results if you send things to the proper people. So let’s have a look,

This is an Award Entry in the LCARs system.


You can see from this easily that it is something that is Fleet level, although some information is currently under revision. The red arrow indicates that it is UF Starfleet and not the Academy, for example. This puts it under the control of Promotions and Awards. The orange arrow indicates that it is active and it can be given out.

This is another Award Entry in the LCARs system:


These are clearly tagged as Academy awards if you look to the bottom of the page. These, plus anything that is vaguely educational or that you earned through the Academy (Diploma, Degrees, Midshipman Programmes, etc.) are issued by the Academy.
Basically throughout the month I receive a spreadsheet from them and if it is on the spreadsheet, I copy it over to the official register and the post in the forums, there is no judgement on my part. I cannot add them either as the only thing I change on the Academy spreadsheet of awards each month is to highlight the ones I have entered so we don’t get screwed up. If your Academy Award, diploma, degree, whatever is not on the monthly post you should contact the Academy. Once they rectify the issue, they will post the item in the proper place for me to joyfully transfer over.


One final note… deportment. There is an old saying in English, it is easier to catch flies with honey than with vinegar. While the vast majority of you are extremely polite and respectful when dealing with me (as I believe I am with you), some of you have become increasingly abrupt, insistent, entitled, and let's be honest just plain rude when dealing with me. Firstly, we are all part of the same team and are supposed to work as a team. When you are disrespectful it invites disrespect in return. Secondly, it does not exactly inspire me to help fix whatever issue you’re having.

Again, the vast majority of my interactions with members are wonderful and the less than pleasant micro-amount of interactions generally seem to be the same people, however remember as well that deportment is a regular thing that is looked at for almost every award, promotion, and position in UFS.

Thank you for your attention,

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Hello, Academy Commandant and ADP director here. I would like to clarify some things which were mentioned in the above post which I hope will clear up any confusion. Particularly around how ADP awards make it onto the monthly P&A list.

As those who have participated in the ADP will know, for the Associates level, the participant completes a final class (similar to the final class on the Midshipman program) and get a certificate issued to them. This certificate is automatically generated on the moodle and the class completion is recorded on the academy class record. This is the same system that records all the classes everyone takes. This entry is then transferred onto the Awards list alluded to above with all the other class based awards. There is also an email from myself confirming completion of the degree. This email is sent to the participant, copied to their ADP advisor, the Academy, and P&A. There is also a forum post made. So, three routes for the Associates award to get onto the monthly P&A list.

With the other ADP levels (Bachelor, Masters etc), there is no final class, no certificate is issued via the moodle (Before anyone asks, this is for logistical reasons). Therefore, no entry makes its way onto the class record and you can probably see where I’m going with this. The confirmation email is still sent out, copied to the same parties, as well as the forum post being made. Instead of three routes, there are only two. But the routes worked. Degrees were on the monthly list and formally announced at the ceremonies, added to SJs etc.

Now, it appears a slight misunderstanding between the Academy and the Office of P&A in regards to this has occurred this month. As a result, things were missed out of the July P&A list that should have been on it when first published. For anyone who has been affected by this, please accept our apologies. I’m happy to see the omitted items have now been added and will be included with the announcements at this months ceremony.

Academy will be working with the office of P&A to ensure this issue does not reoccur.
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