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You have that person on your ship or station, or in your branch, or instructing in the Academy and they either do their job REALLY well and are critical to keeping things running smoothly.

Or there is that person who has gone above and beyond and done things to help everyone around them in some way shape or form.

Or you have that person who does kind of fade into the shadows in some things, but you know they’re creating, building, maybe helping with storylines behind the scenes or with other people quietly out of the limelight.

You go and check their Time in Grade and they are months, maybe even a year, away from their next promotion time.

Why not consider giving them an CITATION, COMMENDATION, or AWARD?

I mean these things are a great way to say ‘thank you’ to those individuals. Thank you for your hard work, thank you for always being there when I need you, thank you for all you do.

Current citations, commendations, and awards since their last promotion are also are one of the FIRST THINGS that gets looked at when their Time in Grade does roll around and someone puts them up for promotion.

Now, I get your hesitation, there are A LOT of Awards, but it still isn’t as complicated as it seems.

CITATIONS: I know, there is no direct definition for this in the Manual, but a citation is a a mention of a praiseworthy act or achievement in an official report.

Citations don’t need to be big things, but you can give a citation for ‘playing a meaningful role in our weekly missions’ or one for, ‘helping new crew who just joined our ship’ or one for ‘spending time helping with planning’. These are the pats on the back for people who do their jobs and do them well month by month. They don’t have to be huge, but they should stand out a little bit.

These don’t get ribbons but do get recorded on their Service Jackets and show P&A that the person is a steady positive influence in UFS.

COMMENDATIONS: Again, this is not really explained in the manual or on LCARs, but a Commendation is an award that gives special praise. So this is one step up from the Citation.

This person not only regularly helps, but does an excellent job doing it. They bring things that are slightly above and beyond the call of regular duty. So maybe they created that doodad you needed for a great mission arc that month. Or maybe they not only were especially active on your mission but managed to help a whole bunch of people get into it and get on page. Or maybe this person not only helped the new person in your Branch but was instrumental in getting them to join your branch in the first place.

Again, no ribbons, but this gets recorded and says a lot when P&A are going through Service Jackets at promotion time.

Finally, we have AWARDS.

AWARDS are kind of a big deal, but the one that I get the most people saying, “I can’t make heads or tails out of the awards available.” Yeah, I get that. There are A LOT of awards and what seems to be an imbalance of them.

All the Awards easily available monthly are listed in SECTION ONE of the manual: https://docs.google.com/document/u/2/d/ ... KSGCac/pub

You decide on the class when you nominate:

3rd Class: The noteworthy event(s) took place on a ship or station and affected the ship or station primarily.

2nd Class: The noteworthy event(s) took place in their sector and affected that sector primarily.

1st Class: The noteworthy events(s) took place in all of UFS and affected everyone positively.

So, I have ENS Mary, and she made the whole RP on the USS Maraschino possible. She wanted to take the reigns for two weeks to plan a kick behind RP, and with her CO’s guidance she pulled it off and it was amazing! You might want to nominate her for the Order of Risa, Third Class.

LTjg Landon has brought several new members into UFS and they have great things to say about his patience, kindness and how he promotes UFS to people in 3rd Rock. You know that a number of people probably joined UFS beccause of LTjg Landon. You might nominate him for the Order of Remus, Second Class. He did benefit the whole Sector after all.

SGTMAJ Everett has worked tirelessly to create fun things that bring together the members of all the Sectors on Discord. You can see great activities that are building relationships between Second Life, 3rd Rock, and Sectors 002 through 0020. This has fostered a lot of goodwill and warmth between everyone in the group. You might nominate them for the Order of El-Auria, 1st Class.

There really is something for everyone, be they just regularly kind, helpful, and upbeat or they something that is amazing and outstanding and we really should be celebrating these members more often.

I hope to see more awards come forward this month, you can nominate someone for an award here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIp ... A/viewform

And as always, if you need help or want to discuss which award, or level, is appropriate for a person, I can be contacted on Discord, in Second Life or at promotions@ufstarfleet.org
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