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UFS Promotions - Frequently Asked Questions

The UFS Promotions and Awards department is responsible for any and all Promotion & Award Requests.

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When it comes to Promotions in UF Starfleet there are things that are often asked. This FAQ hopes to highlight some of these questions and alleviate some of the myths that surround a Promotion and the Recommendations that come before them.

This post will be continually updated with questions that come in, so if you do have a question that you wished answered or added to this FAQ please email promotions@ufstarfleet.org

Q - What is a Promotion?

A - A promotion is a way for UFS Command to thank you for the contributions you have made to the group. It is based on a few factors

1 - Your performance in your duties
2 - Your behaviour and conduct in the group
3 - Your contributions for the group as a whole, usually outside of your normal ship/station
4 - Your Time in Grade

Q - What is Time in Grade?

A - Time in Grade is the time spent in your current rank. It serves as an indicator of when someone can put you in for a Promotion to the next Grade.

Time in Grade increases with each rank, the higher you go the longer your time in grade is. A List of these time in grades can be found on the UFS Wiki. - http://wiki.ufstarfleet.org/wiki/index. ... Rank_Chart

Q - Who can submit a promotion recommendation?

A - ANYONE. You do not have to be a CO, XO or department chief to submit a promotion recommendation. Any member of UF Starfleet can recommend another member for a promotion.

WARNING! - It would be unwise to submit a recommendation for someone just because they are your friend.

Q - What needs to be in a recommendation?

A - As much information as possible pertaining to the duties a person has performed. The relevant information is as follows

1 - What have they done since their last promotion?
2 - What positions do they hold at fleet level?
3 - Any positive feedback
4 - Recommendations from multiple people

What does NOT need to be in the recommendation

1 - Personal Feelings
2 - What they have done since they joined UFS
3 - If they are a friend to many people
4 - What someone has done in another group

REMEMBER - A promotion is for contributions to UFS, giving back and a thank you for service

Q - Why was a promotion denied?

A - The most common reasons a promotion is denied are as follows

1 - Not meeting the requirements
2 - Recommendations did not provide enough evidence
3 - Inactivity

NB - A promotion will NOT be given to encourage someone to get active.

Q - Why have I not been promoted?

A - This is probably the most frequently asked question and there could be a few reasons. The first thing that would normally be asked in response to this would be “Why do you think you should be promoted?”. The simple answer is nobody has recommended you for promotion. The solution? Become more active, volunteer to work in the Academy, in a Joint Chief Office, or find an activity you can get more involved in that is not on your normal ship or station.

In conclusion, the best way to be promoted is to be part of the fleet, not just be involved in where you are duty assigned for roleplay. Roleplay is just one activity in UFS and if roleplay is the only thing you are involved in then you are less likely to get promoted on TIG alone. Promotions are (as said multiple times) about interaction, contributions and giving back to the fleet.
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