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The UFS Promotions and Awards department is responsible for any and all Promotion & Award Requests.

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As many of you are quite well aware of by now Promotions are given for contributions to UF Starfleet.

When a Promotion recommendaton is submitted it is this information that the promotions board researches and makes a decision.

The Promotions Board will ALWAYS inform the nominator why a promotion has been denied.

Some of the reasons (but not all) a Promotion will be denied are:
  • Time in Grade Not met
  • Not enough contributions
  • Recommendation does not give enough information
  • Reprimands on Record
  • Higher Level promotions require contributions at fleet level (not just on ship/station)
  • CGSD requirements not met
The above list comprises of the most frequent reasons why a promotion has been denied.

If you know that you have been put in for a Promotion and are told why it was denied and feel that this is unjust you are more than welcome to find out more information by emailing and we will endeavour to give you reasons and how you can earn your next promotion.

Promotions are NOT denied due to where someone is stationed, who they know, or due to bias behaviour.

The Promotions Board are always unbiased and multiple comments are made by the different members before a decision is made.

Please do not hesitate to contact the above email if you have any questions, concerns or would like further information.

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