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Approved Promotions and Awards - October 2018

The UFS Promotions and Awards department is responsible for any and all Promotion & Award Requests.

Moderators: Kermie Mistwallow, Draco Dimanovic, Luciano Skar-Machado

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Kermie Mistwallow
Command - Vice Admiral
Command - Vice Admiral
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Duty Post: Chief of UF Starfleet Ops
Ship/Station Posted: Headquarters
Grid: Second Life
Location: England, United Kingdom
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Please join us on Saturday 27th October for the Promotions, Awards and Graduation Ceremony held on Headquarters Events deck.

Join us in congratulating the following


ECTS Ribbon

Samantha Jones
Kesri Hesse
Kes Ellison
Bing Kronos

OCTS Ribbon
Kesri Hesse
Phoenix Finistair
Samantha Jones
John Hardy
Ginrai Yamabushi
scorpio wycliffe
Hanna Kestrel
Dirtydog Bebb

COCTS Ribbon
John Hardy

FOCTS Ribbon
Draco Dimanovic
John Hardy

Order of Gaia - 150 Classes
aadazriamel Resident

ADP Associates Degree
Phillip Ryman
Kes Ellison
Kesri Hesse

ADP Bachelor in Diplomacy
Phillip Ryman

Simulator Aficionado

Best "Alien" Character
Ginrai Yamabushi

UFSA Superintendent's Award
GreenLantern Excelsior
Rich Lombardia

UFSA Excellence Ribbon
Kes Ellison


Ensign Bing Kronos
Ensign Clegayne
Ensign 1amona Resident
Ensign AiriDokeshi Resident
Ensign Draco Dimanovic
Ensign Samantha Jones
Ensign Ginrai Yamabushi
Ensign John Hardy
Commander Phoenix Finistair


Commendation for Creativity
Kalliebirdsong Resident
Miriamnataliakon Resident
Talena Constantine

Harry Kim Award
3249Rowena Resident

The Red Shirt Award
Colin Nemeth

Golden Heart
Emerald Parkin

Order of Romulus, 3rd Class
Kes Ellison

The Prim Award
Lan Nakajima

Exeuctive Action
Lizzy Gracemount
Rich Lombardia


Lieutenant Junior Grade
Conrad Starsider
Kassian001 Resident
Kem Vala
Kes Ellison
Martian Dunner

1st Lieutenant
Cura18 Resident

Fleet Captain
Azdra Resident
Vice Admiral Kermie Mistwallow
Chief of UF Starfleet Operations
Director | Promotions & Awards
Wiki Content Manager
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Poison Toocool
Command - Vice Admiral
Command - Vice Admiral
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Ship/Station Posted: USS Taylorholic Durant
Grid: SL
Location: Delta Quadrant
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Congratulations, all!
VAdm | Command | CO USS Taylorholic Durant

-UFSA Chief Administrator
-UFSA Curriculum Development Director

-Vice Chief UF Starfleet Communications
-UFS Honor Guard Commander

Delta Company Graduate 110104

UFS Service Jacket
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Data Axel
Command - Commodore
Command - Commodore
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Duty Post: Strategic Operations Officer
Ship/Station Posted: USS Taylorholic Durant
Grid: Second Life
Location: Bryne, Norway
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Congratulations everyone!
In Service
Commodore Malrok Marritza (Data Axel)
Strategic Operations Officer
USS Taylorholic Durant
Access Service Jacket
knightspet resident
Security - Lt Commander
Security - Lt Commander
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Duty Post: Vice Chief of Security
Ship/Station Posted: USS Taylorholic Durant
Grid: Second Life
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Congrats All!!!
Vice Chief Security Officer USS Taylorholic Durant
Associates Degree, Bachelor Degrees in Security and Science
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Kressler Constantine
UFSMC - Major General
UFSMC - Major General
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Duty Post: UFS Inspector General
Ship/Station Posted: Unknown
Grid: Unknown
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Congratz all!
Major General Kressler Constantine
UFS Inspector General

Service Jacket: http://www.ufstarfleet.org/wiki/index.p ... onstantine
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Nora Gerhadsen
Command - Rear Admiral
Command - Rear Admiral
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Duty Post: Captain | USS Maxwell
Ship/Station Posted: USS Maxwell
Grid: Second Life
Location: ME
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Congratulations, everyone!
Commodore Nora Gerhadsen
Commanding Officer, USS Maxwell NCC-21873
Vice Chief of UF Starfleet Operations
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