Approved Promotions and Awards - August 2021

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Kermie Mistwallow
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Command - Vice Admiral
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Greetings All,

Please join us on Saturday August 28th at 12:00 SLt on the p&A platform in Second Life at UFS HQ Sim or in the Promotions and Awards Channel on Discord to celebrate and congratulate this months recipients.


Basic Branch Certification Program
ErikaLancetti Resident - Operations Certification
Jewlyia Prather - Medical Certification
Storm Jervil - Science Certification
Andrew Kerr - Science Certification
ErikaLancetti Resident - Helm Certification
Shane Tenenbaum - Helm Certification

Starfleet Branch Introduction Diploma
Victoria Paolino

Kalliebirdsong Resident

Midshipman Diploma
Ann Danick - Metaverse

New Member Entrance Exam
Byron Flippo
KalosProkopa Resident
Mikile Vinciolo
Victoria Paolino
MarenMayer Resident

Order Awards
Ash Fitzhugh - Order of Demeter (20 Classes Taken)
Scottland78 Resident - Order of Poseidon (100 Classes Taken)
Andrew Kerr - Order of Poseidon (100 Classes Taken)


Cheyl Skinstad - Citation for Loyalty
Danhunsaker - Citation for Loyalty
Evelyn Rieko - Citation for Excellence in Duty
Greenlantern Excelsior - Citation for Exemplary Service
Leninah - Citation for Creativty
NarayanSivananda - Citation for Loyalty
Poison Toocool - Citation for Excellence in Duty
Rain Torvalar - Citation for Creatvity
T'Pris - Citation for Loyalty

Honor Guard Ribbon
Leighann Mantis


Promoted to Lieutenant Commander

Congratulations to All
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Command - Captain
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Congratulations everyone!
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Evelyn Rieko
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Command - Captain
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Congratulations to all!
Captain Evelyn Rieko
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