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PCS Order - Coordinator R&R

Posted: 220726.1048
by Luciano Skar-Machado
United Federation Starfleet
Office of the UFS Chief of Staff
PCS Orders - 220726

Member's Name: Lan Nakajima.

Effective this date and time, you are hereby assigned to the position of - Coordinator of Recruitment & Retention.

You are now authorized to use the title - "Coordinator of Recruitment & Retention".

Upon arrival at your new duty station, you are to take charge of any of the duties performed in that position.

In Service of the Fleet,

Authorized Signature: Commodore Luciano Skar-Machado
Title of Authorized Person: UF Starfleet Chief of Staff

Re: PCS Order - Coordinator R&R

Posted: 220726.1538
by Benjamin Brougham