Commissioning of Denkiri CC

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Luciano Skar-Machado
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Command - Commodore
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Effective this stardate 220512 I as UFS Chief of Staff hereby commission Denkiri CC into Ship of The Line Program Level 1 (SOTL Level 1).

You CO, Poison Toocool, you are hereby granted with all the rights and privileges upon authorization of this Commissioned Status.

Congratulations on successful completion and I wish you and your crew the best of luck in your future travels within UF Starfleet and at 3rd Rock Grid. Their official launch date is not set yet and will be announced.

Warp Speed Ahead, Vice Admiral Toocool.
In Service,
Commodore Luciano Skar-Machado
UFS Chief of Staff
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Poison Toocool
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Command - Vice Admiral
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Thank you very much, Commodore. I appreciate the assistance of the Chief of Staff and Fleet Operations in making this vision possible. I am honoured to be in command of a UFS ship of the line once again.

In service,
VAdm Poison Toocool
Commanding Officer
Denkiri Centre for Creativity
UF Starfleet Astraios
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