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Oversees Personnel, Promotions and Awards, charge of fleet of Ships and Stations, all CO's report monthly to CoS.

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Greetings all.

Been very quiet last year. We had a few ships decommission, but also had a few ships start up and grow. With more ships coming in and starting up we also are working on the Ship of the Line Program levels to expand the program more for the entire Fleet.

I have been developing with CompOps a more centralized system for job vacancies and so that we have a place to apply for them. The Office of Recruitment & Retention will be handling vacancies on Fleet and Sector level, also Ships/Stations of The Line can request if it is wanted.
The Office of R&R will also be working on making recruitment materials that people can use in RL and SL if wanted so that we can expand ourselves.

So we are slowly getting there and hope more to come over time as things pop up that needs fixing and handling.

And as always if there is anything, my door is always open on Discord or by email
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