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After looking over the information received from the UFS Survey we have found some very valuable information, and will keep an eye on it all and try to improve as much as we can all over, though I can not promise we will be able to get it done right away but all in due time.

Question 1
Are you active outside your regular ship/station?

90% says they are active.
10% says they are not active outside their ship/station due to not having any positions or time.

Feel free to email if you got any questions and need help.

Email with your general application and the office of Recruitment & Retention will work with you finding a job that might work well for you in either Fleet or Sector level.

Question 2
Is there anything you think a CO should be doing to help activity for the ship/station?

More or less everyone in their own way mentioned this.
1. That the Command staff of the ship/station needs to be much more active outside the set RP time they have, and be more social with all crew regardless of ranks and positions onboard.
Answer: This I will inform all the Commanding Officers and their Executive Officers about during the next meeting we will hold so it can be discussed for everyone to hear. COs and XOs should not just be active during mission time but all over.

2. Delegate work
Answer: I totally agree. Of course there are some of the duties as a CO/XO that can not be shared. But they should be fully able to give the "key" over to their Department Chief to run a mission in their department whenever they wish to. And to also let the crew come up with RP ideas as well.

Question 3
Does UFS keep an archive of the SJs list? I have had several cadets tell me they were in UFS 5 years ago, but their data is not in the SJs.
Answer: Yes now we do save all the data we have, and not remove them. Information from 5 years ago might be gone now yes, anyone applying to join UFS will need to restart from scratch. Can always email me at if you got questions about it and I'll answer you.

Question 4
Lack of interaction from the Joint Chiefs.
Answer: Yes, that is always an issue that is being brought up. Many if not most of us JCs are active on Discord at all hours through the days. And you can very easily email up as well with any questions, concerns, suggestions you might have. We love hearing what you all say so we can look over, and discuss it to see how we can get more improved over time.

To end,
Thank you all for the great inputs, suggestions, ideas and even critics. Never be afraid to contact us with any problems you might have, our doors are always open.

Keep looking forward, and keep doing a great job!
In Service,
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