Award of the Chief of UF Starfleet Operations Challenge Coin

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Nora Gerhadsen
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The Chief of UF Starfleet Operations Challenge Coin is hereby awarded to Vice Admiral Kermie Mistwallow for his incomparable service as Chief of UF Starfleet Operations, and his history of service to United Federation Starfleet. Admiral Mistwallow stepped down as Chief of UF Starfleet Operations last month. This has been a major change for the Fleet, and particularly for all members in virtual worlds.

The whole Fleet owes Admiral Mistwallow thanks for his tremendous exertions on our behalf for all the years he held the position of Chief of UF Starfleet Operations, and also for his leadership with Pinastri, with the Promotions and Awards Board itself, and with all the other things he did and continues to do.

Everyone please join me in thanking Vice Admiral Kermie Mistwallow for his service and contributions, and congratulating him on this accomplishment.
Rear Admiral Nora Gerhadsen
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Evelyn Rieko
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Thank you for your service as Chief of Operations Kermie, and Congratulations on receiving the UF Starfleet Operations Challenge Coin!
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Poison Toocool
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Congratulations, Kermie!
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congratulations Kermie and thank you for all you do and have done you are missed terribly by most of us
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Siobhan Crystal
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Congratulations and Thank You for all you have done for UFS and for me.

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