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Kermie Mistwallow
Command - Admiral
Command - Admiral
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Greetings All,

As of Stardate 220320 I, Kermie Mistwallow hereby stand down as Chief of UF Starfleet Operations effective immediatly.

The reasons for this are not going to be sugar coated, or brushed under the carpet, or polished so it looks good.

I think everyone deserves to know the reason and i am going to be blunt about it.

I'm Tired, I have made a discord post about how tired i am, but mostly i am tired of being the target of everyone's attacks. You don't agree with something in UFS and you come attack me.

The past week i have been called "trumplike" and "hitler" this is not the kind of abuse i expected to recieve when i put on my uniform and try to steer the group in the diretion of unity.

All the hours I have put in to give you the members a place to call home, an experince, policies in roleplay, a way for us to be unified and i feel like that has just been shown with disrespect and contempt.

The past few weeks have been very troublesome for me.However .. I am not leaving UFS altogether, i am still going to be holding a few positions, just none in command until i can find my joy again. There are members that have made me lose the joy i once had, and i need the time for me.

To those that have supported me over the past 3 years, thank you it has been a huge appreciateion.

To those that have wanted me gone .... i'll just say you only half won, i'm out of office but not out of membership.

In Service to the loyalty of UF Starfleet
Vice Admiral Kermie Mistwallow
Deputy Commander in Chief
Draco Dimanovic
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Medical - Fleet Captain
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with you bro
Fleet Captain Draco Dimanovic
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Erikalancetti Resident
Intelligence - Lt Commander
Intelligence - Lt Commander
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You have all my solidarity and my understanding, I am very sorry for what happened, and I would like to thank you for the passion, dedication and work you have made available to everyone during your role in UFS.
Medical - Captain
Medical - Captain
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Thank you for being there for us.
CMO USS Veracruz
Senior Medical Advisor, UFS
Keitha02 Resident
Sciences - Commander
Sciences - Commander
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thank you Kermie for being there I am sorry to see you go. I pray you get your joy back very soon
Chief Science Officer Pinastri HQ
Oola Quan
Operations - Lt Commander
Operations - Lt Commander
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You have all my support Kermie, whoever called you those names is heartless. You've done such great things and I hope that you find joy again soon. Meanwhile, just know that there are people that love you for who you are and all you have done.
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Drewski Northman
Command - Captain
Command - Captain
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You have my full support, my friend. You are a builder, and people have tried to tear you down because they aren’t building the group themselves. I’m thankful for all of the projects we’ve worked on together as you have been Chief of Ops. Get back to having fun and take care of yourself.

To those that have been a grief, ask yourself: are you serving yourself or the group as a whole? If you’re just in it for you and your agenda, perhaps its time to rethink what you’re doing.
In Service,

Captain Drewski Northman
CO, USS Atlas NCC 74138
Branch Commander: UFS Science
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Greenlantern Excelsior
Command - Fleet Captain
Command - Fleet Captain
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Thank you for all you've done for UFS, Kermie. I'm sorry you were treated this way.
Captain Hal Jordan (GreenLantern Excelsior)

Service Jacket

Executive Officer, USS Durant
UFS Blog Coordinator
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Evelyn Rieko
Command - Commodore
Command - Commodore
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Kermie, thank you for all you have done for UFS. Personally, I thank you for helping me at times with Events. You are one of the few members that have joined me on my Fun Field Trip, you also attended dances, and stepped in at the last minute to DJ for the James Bond Event! That was a "My hero!" type moment. Thanks again. I'm sorry you feel tired, attacked and so stressed that you have to stand down as Chief of Ops, but you must do what is best for you. Best wishes.
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Kem Vala
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian
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VAdm Mistwallow,
I was completely taken aback by your news, but I can securely say that I understand your situation. It reminded me immediately of Trajan's Column in Rome. Though visited often, I'm sure the spectators esteemed Trajan's position at the top of the column, but at the same time, felt he was out of reach. Therefore, they were influenced by his appearance and not so much by his accomplishments. Well, the column still stands, as do your achievements.

Most often, when people embrace the UFS, they make it their own. Too often, I'm afraid, they do not take it into account that what they embraced is not their own. It is they who accepted the organization, and what it had, does now, and will support in the future. And of course, the leadership at the top of that organization will receive the accolades or lack of recognition because their final word determines the direction of the organization... regardless if it is the result of tireless consensus of the Joint Chiefs.

Not an easy task, being at the top of Trajan's Column!

I wish you the very best in your future accomplishments.

Cpt. Kem Vala
CO Astraios Colony, SS Astraios, USS Armstrong
Those who know a principle and do not do it, they are slaves by nature -- Aristotle
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Selina Otsuka
Operations - Lt Commander
Operations - Lt Commander
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I stand with you Kermie. Always.

I've known you since 2009. We all know that you are the complete opposite of the names Trump and Hitler. I am sorry to know of the abuse you've received from such people.

As a person, a friend, you've been a rock for me. And I am sure for many others too. I pray you'll find your center again Kermie.

Lt Cmdr Selina Otsuka
Operations Officer, USS Taylorholic Durant
Chief Photographer, Social Media Coordinator - UFS Communications

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Siobhan Crystal
Command - Commander
Command - Commander
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I am so terribly sorry to hear this. You have been the firm foundation upon which UFS has existed and endured over the years. Your support and encouragement have always been a blessing to us all. It is a shame that someone who is either ignorant, jealous, resentful, or any combination of those has to resort to name-calling and hate. It is what drives good people away and kills great ideas and communities.

I am so happy this is not a good-bye, but a re-charge. Take care.

"Outside a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside a dog, it's too dark to read." --- Groucho Marx

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Amcruising Resident
Operations - Ensign
Operations - Ensign
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Thank you, Sir, for all your service. To be frank, I have always found you to be a leader-by-example and very easy to work with, excellent at RP and, with a nice "vibe" and fun side too :) back in the days of the Shogun and the old Pinastri. Looking forward to you regaining your happiness and direction.
Ensign Amanda Cruisier
Operations Officer
UFSA Mentor, Starfleet Academy
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AuroraRoseAndromeda Resident
Single Cell Lifeform
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I am new but feel I have found an amazing family. We need you Sir, to stand tall and push forward in what you love and desire. The UFS needs you, the crew needs you and your leadership. Ignore those who think differently, and prove them wrong by being the best leader, role-model you can be for crew and more. Thank you Sir for showing me a new world a world I've come to love and learn. I wouldn't be here without you and others who support you always. Ensign Aurora Philbin.
SirenaWaterdottir Resident
UFSMC - Major
UFSMC - Major
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Vice Admiral Mistwallow,

You have been a rock to the entirety of UFS for a number of years, I am saddened by your decision to step down. I am saddened that people feel the need to degrade you in such a manner for the decisions you made to steer this community. I really wish people could overcome and adapt to the changes and accept that they are for the best of the UFS as a whole.

No one deserves to suffer abuse in any shape and form. I really wish you would reconsider and instead of stepping down, remove the issues. You are a valued and respected member and a friend to many within UFS. I highly respect you and I know we had an indifference a while back due to my own issues but I respect what you did and how you handled it.

I hope soon that you will return to your much earned and well deserved post.

Major Sirena Wood
Sirena Wood
16th Detachment, Officer in Charge
USS Thor
Academy Yeoman
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