UFS Headquarters and Academy Design Contest 2022

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UFS HQ Design Contest
Duration: 220311-220319
Authorized by: UFS Land Admin Team

Attention all UFS members, yes even you Cadet, and yes you Civilian! Do you like to design things? Are you thrilled by the names Drexler, Okuda, Blass, and Sternbach? Do you think you have what it takes to have your name among theirs? The Land Management team of UFS Pinastri Colony has an opportunity for you!

We are starting a “Design the new HQ and Academy Complex” contest! The contest will last from today until March 19th, when the Land Admin team will examine the entries and pick 3 finalists to proceed. After that, we will work with our finalists’ designs to pick a winner and ultimately the design that will grace our lovely sim. Every person that participates will have their name on the dedication plaque of the new facility, and the finalists will be further involved in the design and building process with our Land Admin team.


Everyone in the main “United Federation Starfleet” group will receive a notice about this contest. Attached will be a notecard containing the rules for the contest and an object that is a mockup of our sim. You will be able to use prims to build a scale version of your concept on that mockup. Please use hovertext to label different design elements.
IMPORTANT STEP: When you are finished with your design, please link your concept build to the mockup and rename the object [Your Name] UFS HQ Design 2022. If it is not properly named, we won’t be able to know who won!
Send the properly renamed object to Drewski Northman, with full permissions, inworld before 220319, and the Land Management team will make their judgements and release the results.

General ethos: UFS has been honored by our friends from the Blushock group building a brand new surface environment for us that captures the alien wonder of Pinastri Prime in ways that we have never seen before. With every build that we put on the surface, our goal is to work with and enhance that vision of alien wonder, melding the natural with the futuristic. When you build, take some time to walk around the sim and envision what a Federation outpost should look like on those cliffs. Remember we are a Star Trek fan group and these designs must reflect that in some form. What this means is, no stargates, no random police call boxes in the corner, no robots flying across the welcome areas screaming “DANGER ENSIGN ROBINSON”

Speaking of those cliffs, here are some specific design guidelines:

The HQ/Academy facility will be on the cliffs at the North end of the sim. The mockup reflects that by the empty space on the cliffs. That is your canvas to work with.

Here are specific areas that need to be considered when building HQ and the Academy facility:
HQ spaces needed:
Welcome center- a central area with a transporter that will be the first stop for new arrivals planetside.
Quartermaster and vendor spaces- place to host all UFS issued equipment as well as vendors for our allies and friends. Can be part of the welcome center.
Floor for Branch offices and meetings.
HQ non RP administrative offices (Personnel, CiC/Deputy CiC office, conference room) one floor.
Club for dances/activities
Coffee shop.

Academy Spaces:
2 classrooms.
Lecture hall

Tip 1: HAVE FUN! This is an opportunity for everyone in UFS to be involved in something new!
Tip 2: Think in proper scale for the space we have. Don’t slap a giant [REDACTED] on the cliffs. Make it pretty.
Tip 3: If you feel inclined, you can do your building in the UFS builder’s sandbox holodeck so you can make friends and learn from others as you build. The slurl for that is here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/U ... 23/56/3502
Last tip: have fun! Repetitive, but hey…everything we do here is ultimately supposed to be good Star Trek fun. We can’t wait to see what you build!
In Service,

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will people be compensated for their builds??
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