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Greetings all.

It is a very common occurance that UFS and it's members gather together when a member asks for help.

Lizzy woud not do this herself however I post this not as Chief of UF Starfleet Operations, but as a UFS member.

Some background on Lizzy herself. Day after Day i work with Lizzy on raising money for Relay for Life, the American Cancer Society, we do this as a yearly event and plan it as best we can. Lizzy puts many hours in to ensure that people in the world get the help and support they need, that they have the funding to get treatments, research and the fight for cancer continues on.

Unfortunatly, Lizzy lost her Father and needs help, so as a Member I am asking this on her behalf.

Please help, if you can


A few words from Diana aka Lizzy Gracemount from the above gofundme

Hi, my name is Diana. I am writing this with such a heavy heart. My dad, Kenneth Hickman, passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, February 12, 2022, at around 8:31 pm. He was an amazing man with a great story. He saw war three times in his lifetime and served in the military for 26 years in total. He was a feisty, ornery, character with a heart of gold. At the end of his life, he suffered from hypoxia dementia and needed near 24/7 care, so we didn't have time to prepare for the unthinkable. Now we are struggling to make ends meet and figure out how to pay for his cremation.

We did not know when we woke up that morning that it would be the last day we would have with him ever. He was having breathing problems but we thought it was his oxygen tanks so we spent the morning trying to fix those. His pulse ox was around 85 to 80, which was normal for him because of his condition, but that evening at around 7:31, I called 911 because his oxygen had gone down to 77 and then 58 in a matter of minutes. By the time they took him out, his pulse ox was down to 49 and dropping. By the time he reached the hospital, he had no heart rhythm. That night our world fell apart.

**All proceeds will go towards paying the cremation and a few months' rent and utilities.
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I know from the loss of my real life partner in 2017 that the first few months afterwards can be more than difficult. There is the grief that dogs your footsteps and saps your strength, and then, in my case and I am sure in others, there was also the loss of income and the long wait for government benefits or pensions to actually be paid.

For those who can contribute a little for Lizzy and her family, a grateful thanks.
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Bumping this message to help a close friend.

Every little helps to help a member who put so much to UFS and now it's time for us to band together to help her!
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