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A few weeks ago the Land Owners of the Second Life sim asked for feedback (while the form is now closed we wil always welcome constrcutive feedback directly to us). Here is the feedback we recieved and some feedback back from us.




Please tell us why to the above question.

- I love the concept off a futuristic home
- Because i like the ambience and the feel of the quarters
- I love my condo!
- To help support the sim
- I like to be on sim it is so much easier for me to have a condo as a home base
- Because i want to support UFS and support the cost of the sim
- I rent my own land
- The buildings and constructions in the sim seem to perfectly correspond to what I imagine would be a Starflleet HQ in a colony.
- So i don't have to far to go or have to tp out after rp
- I am renting to 1) have a place to call home, 2) rent on a sci-fi community sim, and 3) be close to the action.
- Had the lindens and needed somewhere to spend them as I never go off SIM.
- Easy access to work
- Affordable and an excellent way of supporting UFS

Constructive Feedback

- not enough prims was too cheesy

I am not sure as to what would make it “cheesy” however the prim allowance has to take into account the resources available on the sim itself, if we provided more prims for rentals we run the risk of the sim becoming over crowded, laggy and unable to rez condo’s ships and other areas that people pay for, so this was all about ensuring we are providing as much as we can.

- Too expensive

The cost of the rentals was based on previous rental costs for UFS and how the members can best support the sim as well as have somewhere to call home.


What would make Renting Less or More appealing?

More Appealing
- If you can rezz objects, would be nice (i can not rezz every object)
If you cannot rez objects this could be due to not wearing the correct group tag, I would always say speak to a land owner if you are having issues like this.
- More prims and better graphic detail with animation geared towards the star trek experience
- More people on SIM
- Sim activity
- I myself have a space condo but i think you may need some budget condo's less than 100 linden a week you could put them underwater or something this is just my opinion what i think may make renting more appealing and make roddenberry the budget ones
The problem with this is growth, as we continue to improve the Sim having things dotted around like that would make the sim less appealing
- desk to access the academy lessons would make it even more appealing
I am confused by this feedback, Isil desks have the ability to stream media to them where you can access websites, however with multiple tabs and such required for taking classes at the Academy on Moodle then this would make it even more difficult that jst opening a webpage on your computer
- Houses with privacy maybe.
All Condo’s have privacy, the doors are locked to only the paying resident and the blinds close.
- Make it cheaper
Price has been discussed in a previous question
- What would make renting more appealing is the ability to engage in adult activities while in my rental. I know that this is currently an issue because of the restriction on the sim, but I feel these strictures should only apply to areas deemed public spaces on the sim.
This is a Star Trek sim, not a sex sim, the moderate rating of the sim allows us to invite a younger audience in, if we moved the rating up we would be restricted on who could visit us. There are plenty of areas around Second Life to engage in frivolous activities of the adult nature and it is not welcome in an area that is providing a star trek roleplay and colony experience. Our rules clearly state about adult activities and that is certainly not the impression we want to give about our group and fandom.
- Advertise them more, but they look amazing
This is definitely something to look into, if the person stating this has ideas on how to advertise more please do reach out
- maybe some condo's with two or three beds in so some people can share
This is something that we can look into
- 20 prims are way too less to for an adequate decoration of those huge condos, on top of that, 200 L$ are way too much for 20 prims, 2L$/prim for residential is more appealing.... especially since the sim is far from running out of prims
As stated the Price and Prim allowance has been discussed previously
- More units and a little more pedestrian friendly. Finding my room is a little confusing. Thank the star for “setting home here”
That is why we also have transporters, if we bunch everything together and just put them in boring straight lines we lose the colony feel that we are going for.

Less Appealing
price inflation would probably make it less.

In reference to the design of the Sim, what do you think are the best features?

- Everything is futuristic
- The different things to see. there's a lot of eye-catching sites and places to relax.
- The realistic details of the sim, the variety of areas to enjoy, low cost to rent condo
- I love it when it turns to midnight, the stars are sooo bright
- Easily the obvious directions and noticeboard, also Bruce the whale
- Cyril’s build
- The starscape surround! But I like how elements of classic Pinastri were integrated throughout the SIM.
- Operations centre, Space Condo's, HQ Layout and the Beach this could be utilised more
access to uniforms being near entrance, and place to sit near entrance to talk to visitors
each branch has its own areas and they are nicely grouped
- The integration of the (absolutely awesome) Isil design items into the builds. That being said, the buildings as well as the sim design are simply great!
- Clean, colorful, represents each branch well.
- The memorial area will always be my favorite, but I like the overall build of the sim. The stars surround is unique and I think that the layout is one of the best in SL for a Star Trek Colony.
- Having somewhere to sit and chat about being in starfleet with others
- The beach
- I love that scenes are controlled using auto-rezzers. This makes it easier to clean up, streamlines set up, and adds to the allure of the futuristic theme of the sim.
- The WC is so much more easier to look at and more pleasing to the eyes.
- Good builds, very Trek-ish. Not hard to navigate.
- It's all good
- The lake and welcome centre and the operation centre
- Operation Center, (but needs chairs )
- The outer sim decoration
- Architecture

- no real concept visible
The only feedback I can give this is that the person who wrote this was either “trolling” or simply has not given the time to actually explore the Sim itself. As above mentioned there are many positives to the sim and there is clearly a concept visible, whether you get that concept or need to explore more is entirely not our fault.

In reference to the design of the Sim, what do you think are the worst features?

- The lack of branch representation. There's an entire marine wing on the main building but not much else.
All Branches are represented, whether this is with a Branch Commanders office, or an area built into the Pinastri HQ assignment areas.
- The stairs keep breaking to my office! Lol
Unfortunately we do not offer a class on “How to use stairs” (in honesty this can be a design flaw and can be looked into if we know what stairs)
- I don't really have a complaint
This is nice to see
- No barracks for ensigns (or maybe I haven't found them lol)
There are Barracks in the Academy part of the build, however these are usually used to house those taking part in the Academy Experience for roleplay purposes, the condo’s are available to rent
- A lot of open space in the middle
That is called a Lake and is supposed to give the uncluttered open feel for marine wildlife, you want to take away Commodore Bruce’s home (that’s the whale)
- It changes too often
This is due to advances in design and to keep you on your toes, we are meant to be explorers right?
- Honestly? It feels like most of it was pre-built. It's a sleeker look, but it feels very generic and not nearly as unique as it had been in the previous version.
We do always try to work with the materials we have available and we are always trying to improve
- I do not see any worse features the rebuild in my opinion is awesome
Thank You
- The crowded sky
I can only assume you mean the different things above at different levels, but this adds to the activities that people desire from the HQ sim
- Too Compartmentalized, new players seem to be unaware of many of the skybox builds / opportunities
Could always ask for a tour, one of the things we do provide is an open door policy and anyone not able to find something or is looking for an opportunity need only ask
- I can't decide... though sometimes I do get lost, but that's probably because I don't go there as often as I should.
Visit More :)
- Access to ships,the previous version of starfleet had walkway to each ship and you could easily find where to go to go to your ship,now,it no longer looks like we have ships to roleplay on in comparison
This is something we are looking at bringing back, however all ships of the line are available to be accessed via the transporter in the Welcome Centre
- The moon. (Is Earth's moon)
Is it? Or are there just similarities to that of Luna? In all honesty this is part of the sim stars feature, it could be turned off and not show the moon but we feel this would lose some of the star ambiance
- I think that there should be more activities available and some of the furniture can be streamlined.
Activities are always being looked at to entice people to visit and take aprt, however one of the problems we face is that people just don’t want to take part, we can build it but can we lead the horse to the water and make it drink?
- None that I think of
- There can be a bit of sim lag with all of the scripts but not horrible.
We are looking into reducing any lag that people may face but sometimes this is out of our control and is down to personal computer capabilities.
- I don't think there is a bad feature
- No chairs in the operations centre
What do you need chairs for to do your job? So lazy *winks*
- No chairs in the new ops center :D
More about chairs? Do avatars get tired?
- The red trees at the beach
What red trees? If you mean the ones that where there for ½ a day then that was for testing purposes
- Navigability. The main building is a maze
Would you like a map? There are also lines on the floor that can be clicked to find areas. But exploration is key, soon you will know the buildings like the back of your hand *hits head on low beam*

What, if anything, would you like to see more of on the sim?
- A holodeck.
This is in the works
- I feel it's perfect, but I'm not a builder lol
- Hasperat in the replicator
If you want specific items in the replicator reach out to us we can see what we can do.
- People
We are trying
- More Star Trek
Is that not what we are?
- Better use of space, in my opinion. The lake is lovely, but it all feels SO spread out that it feels underutilized and inefficient.
We can look at redesigning the centre area, but are we going to get feedback on how things have changed “again”
- Maybe some sailing boats to go with the ski boats then having a watersports school
That would defy the objective of being a Starfleet Colony not a sailing club
- Access to the Academy portal from in world maybe a classroom where anyone can go take a class online in Starfleet
This was answered in a previous question, it would be too difficult to take exams
- More underground facilities
We will have a chat with our mole people and see what we can do
- Small events / micro rps
Look out for Lower Decks: HQ
- I'm not sure.
- More tables and chairs in the coffee lounge to sit and talk at
I’ve never seen all of the chairs used at one time, if it comes a time to expand we have the space to do it
- Sandbox
We have had this in the past. It takes too many prims and people being untidy to provide this. Unfortunately people have abused it, however if you have a project you wish to do for UFS a space can be provided on a temp basis
- More places to play
The space is there, go play
- Naked Kermie.
Not very starfleet, and also not within the sim rating, unless you mean the frog, and then we may be able to find one without clothes on sitting on a lilypad somewhere
- People
Working on it
- Off duty activities like a sailing or diving club or a live coffee shop where there are staff to interact with may just be a part time place
Sailing/Diving club is not Starfleet it’s more 20th Century (we are in the year 2419) also the Coffee Shop is there, find me a civilian to man it and it is theirs to do.
- maybe utilize the lake more.
Mentioned previously
- Beach and leisure area
There is a Beach, and leisure area? There is a gym in roddenberry towers, there is a coffee shop, there is a club


What kind of activities would you like to see on the sim that would enhance the star trek experience?

- Reaction drills, investigations, Species from the DQ coming to visit peacefully, branch/command meetings.
Good Ideas, reach out to the Chief of UFS Operations to share more thoughts on this
- One hour roleplays for some of us 2 hours is just too long, more gatherings during the daytime when people are online.
This has been touched on before, we can build everything but we cannot force people to take part, so why not take the initiative and start something? Perhaps look at the Lower Decks:HQ
- More spontaneous opportunities to rp on Pinastri
Every interaction is an opportunity to roleplay, whether it is discussions IC in the coffee shop, greeting or simply doing a patrol of the grounds, HQ sim is a 24/7 Rp environment, so go out there and be the starfleet officer.
- I would like to see live active rp maybe 2 days a week and build from there
As above, it happens everyday, you only have to be the spark that starts it
- Maybe a classroom where people can take academy courses
There is a classroom, and Academy will be looking for more interactive in world classes so that is something to watch out for
- More daily activities to drive members to the SIM
There are loads of activities, you only have to be there to do it. This has been said multiple times, and i’ll repeat it “you get out of UFS what you put into it” you want to see more activity, there builds are there, start it, be the person that draws others in, if we all did it we would all be able to interact at all hours of the day.
- Daily life
- I think an area for "away missions" that have things in a rezzer would help the ships and drive traffic to the sim.
This is being worked on
- The academy experience from what i saw went down really well do it for the european members
European AeXP is the next thing on the agenda for the Academy
- Regular dances where we could be mixing with each other and socialise with each other. We have a dance floor. Let's use it.
Speak with Communications and the Events team if you have ideas for events to be held
- mini RP like tasks to be accomplished by interaction with NPC and objects and maybe reports to be handed in on completion of these tasks. I have the RPCS sets and something similar to this would be good. This would be good for people like me that are not on SL long enough for a 2 hour RP or are outside USA time zones.
Lower Decks:HQ, and this is a good idea that has been done in the past and can be looked into again
- Basically, HQ roleplays.
Again everything is a HQ RP at HQ
- Dances
Contact Events Team
- ?
- An actual library that is filled with the latest information for easier access in world for refreshing knowledge.
- Fleet briefings. Various organizational mini rp's maybe?
Can be looked into
- More role play
Do it
- Maybe some lectures
Working on it
- More social events on main sim
Events Team

If you have any further comments, suggestions or compliments, please place them here.

- Everyone in this group has been incredibly helpful and patient, you're all amazing people
- None
- Despite whatever criticisms I have, I appreciate having a space again that's ours. Ultimately, I think that's the most important thing that was accomplished.
- Just one sir. I am trying real hard to complete the courses to become a branch instructor but I have been waiting over a fortnight for a grading.
Direct this straight with the Academy, this is not something the Land Owners deal with
- When I think of Starfleet San Francisco I picture shuttles flying by, arriving and landing at a place that looks busy.
We are not in San Francisco, but having moving shuttles and the like can add to sim resources and lag, but we can look into it
- Everyone has worked so hard on the sim build, be proud of yourselves. The dedication is evident everywhere you go... Thank you for such hard work and providing a really cool location to rp.
- Make sure the arrival teleport in to starfleet is at the entrance to main building so visitors know where to come
It is, that’s where people land when they teleport in
- I love the beauty of the sim as it invokes relaxation and the feeling of a futuristic community. The staff and various members are all kind as well, so it makes it easier for those that are coming into the UFS. It also makes it more appealing for those that are a part of the community as well.
- Keep up the good work and don't let bad comments come in the way
- Keep up the good work.

The Land Owners would like to thank those that submitted feedback and shou7ld you have more please reach out to one of us

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