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After looking over the information received from the UFS Survey we have found some very valuable information, and while we will not censor any of the feedback given we may not be able to attain all goals that have been suggested, but we will aim to improve the areas that we can.

Question 1
If you partake in Roleplay, how easy is it to get started?

This was Scaled 1-5 (1 - Really difficult, 5 - Really Easy)

Out of 60 responses

1 - 1.7%
2 - 5%
3 - 13.3%
4 - 28.3%
5 - 51.7%

This shows us that with our current programs people generally find it easy to dive into roleplay, and while we will continue to work with the Academy to improve Roleplay and getting involved we seem to be going in the right direction.

Question 2
When choosing your character and species what resources do you use to find information?

A lot of people have stated in this that they use Memory Alpha, Memory Beta and other outside sources for this information.

However did you know that while some people stated this in their answer that UFS has its own Intelligent Species Index with approved species and restrictions on some species to assist in the creation of your character? This can be found here - ... cies_Index

Question 3
Out of the following, what is the best UFS resource to find Character Information?

- UFS Forums - 5.1%
- UFS Wiki - 52.5%
- Outside Source - 33.9%

Other - 8.5%
- Canon and non-canon resources
- Google species, and check with species index if allowed or not.
- I think the Wiki and Google are good sources for Character Information. However I think we need to have the playable races more brought to the forefront for when someone is considering joining UFS. (I know we are not OTHER sims, but some other sims have panels stating which are restricted. I guess some people need to see it because they are too stubborn to read it.))
- Question unclear. Which Character? Mine? Someone else? Someone in the Trek Universe?
- combination of forums, wiki and memory alpha fandom

So with this question it was trying to find out what resources people were using and why they were not using the UFS resources that have been set up. In conjunction with question 2 it was to find out if people knew about our own database.

To answer one of these comments, about bringing the species to the forefront, the homepage of the wiki has the link to the page. However what we will try to do is work with the offices of the Chief of Staff and Academy Superintendent to see if we can make this information more prominent in the welcome pack information so people are directed to the correct areas.

Question 4
Do you have any suggestions on how to improve roleplay in UFS?

While all 36 responses won’t be listed (some are multiples of the same thing reworded) I will comment on as many as I can.

- More people on Sim
- Create a clear divide between In Character and Out of Character to assist with immersion.
- More story-driven IC events! I'd like to see a 24/7 option for roleplay in UFS.

As many may already have seen, we have been redesigning HQ to give it that immersive 24/7 experience and even made it an active Ship of the Line that people can be assigned to. Hopefully this will address the concerns people have with seeing more people on the HQ of SL sim, even now as of writing this at the start of Feb we have seen an influx of visitors, even so much so that all the (at the time) condo’s are rented. So it seems we are going in the right direction.

The 24/7 option is also there now, whereby as soon as you leave the space dock landing area you are in a fully immersive RP zone. These things were put into practice when the feedback from the survey started coming in, we are actively trying to make the Roleplay and In Character experience as immersive as we can.

Question 5
Do you participate in UFS Task Forces?

Yes - 71.7%
No - 28.3%

Question 6
Please state why you do/do not participate in Task Forces

These are the most common reasons

Do not Participate
Not had the Chance
No-one told me
Occur when at work
Because chosen Civilian
Real Life
Do not like the Style or it is centered around one person

Do Participate
Great to take part in
Interactions with others outside of ship
Brings fleet together
To support UFS as a whole
They are Fun
Good opportunity to meet other people
They help sustain a Healthy Fleet
Greater community and immersion

Question 7
Do you understand what a Task Force is?

Yes - 83.3%
No - 16.7%

For those that do not know what a Task Force is, it is a way for UFS to come together and create one story arc across all of it’s ships and stations. To work together to reach a goal and have fun in our greater community outside our own ships and station bubbles.

Question 8
What would you like to see in Future Task Forces?

More exploration
To last 6-8 weeks
More in week actions rather than just weekends
More specifics for branches
Moral Dilemmas
Less “Pew Pew”
A specific area to go Roleplay at any time during the Task Force
Use of other areas outside of Second Life, e.g Discord
Something more light hearted

We are seriously looking at this feedback and the Next task force is not going to be combat focused at all, it will bring into question the Directives and such of Starfleet and have more interactions with specific branches and ships. So look out for that. What we may also look into is a feedback document after the next task force, sort of like an exit survey to see if we are going in the right direction. At the end fo teh day the office of the Chief of UF Starfleet Operations wants everyone to have fun in these longer fleet wide story arcs and to build and make UFs history.

Question 9
What Branch are you in?

Command - 21.3%
Engineering - 9.8%
Intelligence - 4.9%
Marines - 4.9%
Medical - 11.5%
Operations - 4.9%
Science - 18%
Security - 11.5%
Undecided - 3.3%
Civilian - 9.8%

Question 10
Why did you choose that Branch?

These are the common answers on why somebody chooses their branch. It should also be noted that the Command Branch is restricted to those as a CO or XO, or being a Joint Chief. You can also change your branch at any time should you find your current branch too taxing or just want a change.

Served in other branches and wanted a change of pace
RL experience that could benefit Roleplay (Security)
Don’t like uniforms (Civilian)
Love helping people (Medical)
Have degrees in the subject (Science)
Enjoyed what was presented in TV shows and Movies
By suggestion of another member
Material is more interesting
To fill a gap in a crew
Was invited to start a crew (Command)
The scope of the Branch
More flexible options
The right fit for Roleplay Character

Question 11
What activities would you like to see for your specific branch?

These are all piled together and not separated so that we can have any ideas and thought rolled out acors the board.

More participation as a Branch
More Forum discussions
Brainstorming sessions for Missions
Cross Branch engagements
More specific Branch Roleplay Training
Branch Meetings
More Roleplays outside of Ships/Station assignment
Q&A sessions from members
Cross communications between ships on branch related discoveries
More interaction and Communication from Branch Commander
Topic of the week “for discussions)
Branch Symposiums to share ideas


This survey has been a great way for me as the Chief of Ops to really establish a direction we need to be heading in, and I feel that we are starting to do just that. I continue to welcome feedback from the members, do not ever feel like you are “botheirng me” or that your idea “is dumb” at the end f the day it is my job to improve the activities that we provide, to work with the Branch Commanders and the members to improve the quality of life for all UF Starfleet Members.

Keep looking forward, keep presenting ideas, and watch out for upcoming activities.
Deputy Commander in Chief
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