Speech for the 2023 Admiral's Banquet

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We never close.


Now you might be thinking -- What did she just say? What does that even mean? What is this, the Old Home Fill 'er Up and Keep on A-Truckin' Cafe? (and yes, that's an old CW McCall reference)

No, it's United Federation Starfleet. But you heard me right: we never close. We are always open for our members, always there for our members. All of what we do is for our members. We are all members, and we all want to see UFS succeed. UFS is our community, and we want that community to thrive.

So we never close.

That's really what the Office of UF Starfleet Operations is all about. We are the keepers of the UFS story and of canon, and we are ultimately responsible for the roleplay that happens in the Fleet. For this reason, we organize Fleet-wide events, and are responsible for the Branches. We're the folks who keep the light on, at least from the roleplay point of view.

So what's been going on over the last year? It turns out -- quite a bit! We've had changes to our Branch management, but the biggest change has been the addition of a new Branch -- the UFS Marine Corps. The very first Marine Branch Commander was named -- Colonel Kyle Asbrink. And he has been doing a brilliant job with the Marines, encouraging participation and organizing Branch activities. Kyle has been running a regular series of training events, and introduced the Marine Reservist Program. That's right, you can participate in Marine activities and not be an actual full-time Marine.

What is the purpose of the Marine Corps in UFS? Simply put, it is a home for those interested in 'military science fiction' stories. Remember that Starfleet is not truly a military organization. Its story is not truly military in nature either. Sure, we get into plenty of scrapes and we do fight fleet battles. But our true purpose is exploration and discovery.

The Marines are inherently military -- their whole purpose is to undertake and train for hazardous military duties such as raids and defense of ships and positions. If you want to get involved in something like that, ask yourself a question: do you want to live forever? No? Then drop Kyle a line. I'm sure he'll fix you right up, maggot.

The Science Branch, under the capable direction of Branch Commander T'Lara (MelodyParis Resident) and Vice Branch Commander Ady Vaar (Adaminia Resident), has also been really active of late. They have been holding regular Thursday science discussions in the public Science area in the UFS Discord! They are led by Lt. Commander Candi Quick and can be a lot of fun, so definitely check that out. But they're also setting up a new Science activity: USS Petrichor, an Equinox-class (Nova variant) starship specializing in... Science, of course! Anyone interested in science Branch activities should get in touch with either T'Lara or Ady.

Science and Marines are only two examples of what the Branches are doing. If you'd like to see more Branch activities, then get involved! Talk to your Branch Commander -- you can find out who that is by looking in your Branch group. Or talk to me or Aryela, the Vice Chief of UF Starfleet Operations. We are all members of UFS, and we all get to contribute.

There are other Fleet-wide RP opportunities -- for example, recently USS Milo did a couple of missions. USS Milo is an Erti-class deep space tug. Like USS Petrichor, she's not a ship of the line. Rather, she is an "NPC" ship, crewed entirely by folks taking on NPC roles. Come talk to me if you'd like to get involved. I would like to restart Milo missions in the coming weeks.

UFS has a wide array of activities for its members. If you're interested, get involved! If you want to see something that we're not doing, come talk to me or Aryela or to your Branch Commander! It's been a while now since we have done a big Task Force. I'd like to see one get done in the coming year! Who will be the story-teller? Will that be you? If you'd like to run a Task Force, then please -- talk to me or Aryela! UFS is what you make of it, first and foremost.

We all want to see our community succeed. We all want to see more opportunities for our members. Because we are all members, and we all would like more opportunities to do what it is UFS was founded to do: to tell stories in the Star Trek universe, looking forward to a bright future. We're UFS. And we never close. We are, and will always be, here for our members. Here for you.

We never close.

AN ADDENDUM: Task Force Delphi

Something very important got left out of the speech, and it's all my responsibility: I completely forgot to acknowledge and recognize Task Force Delphi, which took place this year. This Task Force was run by Captain Ulrich Bechir, and was a tremendous success. It was even more of a success because Ulrich did the Task Force with not a whole lot of notice. He had been working on a story idea, and when he and I were talking about it, one of us said "hey, let's make that a Task Force!" Ulrich brought it off with aplomb, and deserves serious recognition for his efforts.

My sincere and heartfelt thanks to Ulrich for his efforts, and my sincere and heartfelt apologies for this shocking omission.
Rear Admiral Nora Gerhadsen
Chief of UF Starfleet Operations
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