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As announced at the Banquet, USS Milo is open to the entire Fleet. If you are interested in participating, please fill out the attached notecard and return either to me or Jayce Rebel.

A notice was sent in Second Life (where the USS Milo build stands) with an attached notecard. The text of the notecard is reproduced below. You can copy/paste this into a notecard in SL to fill it out, or you can reply to this post, or send me an email at

If sending an email or making a notecard, please title it as "USS Milo Character [your UFS name here]".

Here's what was in the notecard:

USS Milo Character Sheet

As a tug/salvage ship, the vast majority of crew on USS Milo are enlisted. We have very few officers, and not many NCOs. Most are ratings, but we have Crewmen and Crewman Apprentices as well. You are free to request whatever rank you like that fits your character concept, but the rank has to be in keeping with what would be on a tug, and it must be lower than your character's actual rank. Your rank is not guaranteed! We can't have a ship full of Master Chiefs, for instance.

Remember that we are still Starfleet, so your character should have a degree of competence, certainly for any rank above E-1. We may be a ship of fools, and we may well have plenty of technical difficulties, but we're not a bunch of nincompoops. We may have a couple of nincompoops in our midst, of course.

Think hard about your character's story, both in terms of their job and in terms of their personal life. Think about their flaws! Well-chosen, well-written flaws can really bring a character to life. Folks aboard the Milo definitely are not perfect. The CO just went through a divorce after stalking her soon-to-be-ex husband at a conference. We had a doctor who was a washout from a larger starship. Having a messy history can be fun and rewarding (but please keep it realistic -- we're still in Starfleet).

Please put your official member name (it appears on your service jacket in this list: ... ice_Jacket ) in the title of the notecard where indicated,

Once you have completed the sections below, please give the notecard to me or Jayce Rebel, and we will discuss the concept with you. We look forward to seeing you on USS Milo! And if you have any questions, please ask! We love talking about the Milo.

Rear Admiral Nora Gerhadsen (on Milo, Lt. Kaydee Gow)
Chief, UF Starfleet Operations (NPC CO, USS Milo)
Character Name:

Your SL Name: SL Calling Card/SLURL:

Character's species:


Desired Rank:

Background information/backstory:
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Character Name: Catherine

Your SL Name: SL Calling Card/SLURL: Nintendoswitch Resident

Character's species: Hologram

Specialty/Branch: Transporter Operator, Operations

Desired Rank: Petty Officer 3rd Class

Background information/backstory:

After Dr Zimmerman attempted to create a holographic EMH, Starfleet’s minds started looking at other avenues for holographic augmentation. This was considered especially urgent as the dominion war was taking a significant toll on personnel numbers. Thus, the TOH Programme was designed with the stated intent to produce a holographic transporter operator/ engineer that could take on the rigours of running and maintaining transporter systems in less significant installations.

Catherine’s programme, officially titled TOH MK 0.51, was created on March 27th 2374, by Lieutenant Commander Kristine Bates in her lab on Starbase 214. Her programme was never designed to be in operation throughout the fleet. Still, when the Dominion Attacked Starbase 214 in late June of 2374, her programme was pressed into service, manning the station’s emergency transporter and allowing the crew to evacuate but leaving Catherine alone and online in the wreckage of the Starbase.

Catherine was left adrift in a small, barely powered section of the wreckage for a year. The remaining power was not enough to fully maintain the computer within her wreckage, leading to significant degradation of her programme. It was only when the U.S.S. Augustus found Catherine in the wreckage that she was finally shut down and sent to Earth for processing.

Upon being reactivated and examined on Earth, it was discovered that Catherine had indeed gained sentience during her isolation, although the degradation had left her with only half the ability of a regular hologram, in effect, giving her the cognizant abilities of the average human. Catherine, who took the name Catherine in honour of the historical figure Catherine the Great, was given a choice. Be allowed to serve as a transporter operator on minor vessels or be shut down. Her knowledge of Starfleet transporter procedures was deemed to be classified to let her roam free.

She accepted the offer to remain in Starfleet and upon a short stint at the academy, was assigned the rate of Petty Officer and sent to be a transporter operator on the Erti Class Tugs.
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Penney Lancaster
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Being a tug salvage ship in space you might want a few Marines depending on the size of this tug in order to combat any hostile situations that can come up in salvage operations. Just an idea.
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I would agree with Gen Lancaster on that it would make rp fun for all
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Scottland78 Resident wrote:
I would agree with Gen Lancaster on that it would make rp fun for all
so pitch a marine character?
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