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As you've probably noticed, this morning there were some errors received when trying to connect to the website, forums and wiki. Some people received a 503 error, while others received a 501 error message. Still others reported receiving an AJAX error. All of these errors are server side errors that we cannot address first hand. These errors can only be handled by server personnel with the hosting company. We also cannot say for certain what caused the errors. Whether it was something on our end or if it was someone else on the same server as our systems are located.

Some of the most common server side errors you may receive are:

500 Internal Server Error: This is a catchall error where the reason for an server error is unknown. You can hit refresh and try again or wait awhile and try again.

503 Service Unavailable: This error means the server is unavailable at the time you are trying to connect. There are many different reasons you can reach this error, but you (the user) doesn't know what that is causing the error. One of the reasons could be the server has restarted and is in the middle of initializing. Another reason it could be returning this error is the server is overloaded and needs to settle down before it can be used again… i.e. too many connections at once… whether it's from one source or from multiple sources… It could also be the server is going into maintenance and will be back when it is finished updating and initializing.

504 Gateway Timeout: This just means that the server has timed out connecting. It could be a DNS problem, a network device has gone down, or the machine the server is located on is overly busy and unable to connect in a timely fashion. This error only happens in a setup where caching or proxy server is directly serving the webpage and the webserver behind it is unreachable.

With all 500 server errors, you can try refreshing for a new connection or you can wait awhile before trying again to let the server catch up. A few other errors you might run into is 404 Not Found Error and 403 Forbidden errors. These are client side errors and usually found when a page or item has been removed from the server and DNS hasn't caught up to flush it from the system or the redirects haven't been updated yet. The Forbidden errors happen when a machine isn't on a whitelist for the server. It can also happen when the sites certificate isn't up to date. Another reason you could receive a forbidden error is if the files on the site aren't set to the right permissions. Most of the time, this is unfixable. Try accessing the site from a different machine. Most of the time these 500 errors correct themselves within a few hours. If you face them, please wait a bit and then try again.

Have a great day!

Fleet Captain Lizzy Gracemount
Vice Chief Computer Operations
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