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Response from CompOps regarding the results of the UFS Poll

The Office of Computer Operations (CompOps in abbreviated form) is the coordinating authority for all UFS online representations, as well as the external communities. CompOps coordinates and structures all the information online and manages the (regular) updates to these communities. Hide the bacon.
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This post is in response to the UFS Poll from the CompOps Team maintaining the UFSWeb Systems (All websites that is fully maintained/supported by CompOps)

There are many reasons why predecessors and the current generation of the CompOps Team have restricted access to join the team, including and not limited to the following:
  1. Track Record
  2. Amount of job posts being held (CompOps is a stressful job so we put people who are in other non-rp posts at the bottom of the list)
  3. Attitude to other Members (UFS/Non-UFS)
  4. Reprimands
  5. High Turnover of Members (Members dropping or just disappearing from existence after a few days/weeks on the post)
  6. Data Protection
  7. Security
Our team maintain high standards in safeguarding the data and to prevent your data that you have provided to us from being accessed. Granted maybe some previous CompOps teams have lacked maintenance schedules (which we have in place frequently now), we also have to pitch in ideas on improving the QoL (quality of life) for members using our systems. This is a voluntary role and members that do join the team put in at least 3-4 hours daily thoroughly going through each system (It's not just forums/database/wiki we look at) and ensuring that they remain stable before we actually get to relax from our RL jobs, sometimes this post takes up a majority of our time!

It's also the reason why you rarely see myself anywhere since we have many systems to check and maintain on a daily basis. Not to mention, I'm saying this from my opinion and not of Mike/Miles, that it is hard to find someone who can be the "guardian"/"watchers" since we hold the "keys" to the gates. (Known by its phrase "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?")

That is not to say we do not appreciate anyone wanting to help out on the forums, wiki, database. But if there is no need of it or comes to the time a certain demand, rest assured, we will reach out to you directly. We have our methods of choosing the right person, hence not a need to reach out to us when we are already choosing from the hundreds of members we have here.

If anyone does have issues that they wish for CompOps to follow up on, an email was set up which routes to the correct team responsible. This email also serves the functionality of analysing for us, where our resources should be focusing on, should any problems arise. It is also the reason why I, myself, have reiterated many times to not contact/email the CompOps members directly and to email the team as every issue counts in our resource checks. So please, email us and not contact a member directly. This counts for Forums/Database/Wiki Requests.

We may be spread out over the information we have, manuals, regulations, awards, how tos, but this is something I will take on working to get this consolidated onto one site, maybe a reference site where all documents will be consolidated. Ideas like these are worthwhile to investigate so don't hesitate to speak out to CompOps if you do have an idea. We don't bite (unlike the previous generations ;) ).

So now you have a chance to look behind the curtains/scenes of what CompOps does and why we have to respond to the polls. It's not all green back here, we do have a lot of work we do!
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